Jessica's Power Panties

Jessica, knowing she was alone in the house, strode naked down the hall and into her bedroom. She turned a few dresses around on the rod in her closet to make a selection. She recalled last night's conversation with Sharon, a friend who had held the internship for which she planned to interview. "I don't think you'll have any trouble landing the position," her friend and told her. "He likes pretty girls, especially leggy girls." "What do you mean?"

"Don't get me wrong. He never made any moves, and was always professional. When he offered me the internship, he told me he knew the pay was low and that my main reward was experience. He told me that from time to time, if my work merited it, he give me small gifts. And he did, without making any demands. He'd give me a gift certificate for lunch, no big deal - only on days I wore a miniskirt, but like every day I wore a miniskirt. Not for tightfitting slacks, not for pencil skirts. Need I say more?"

"No, you sure don't," Jessica said with a smile.

She looked over her minis. The sleeveless black with the scooped back was too formal, the crimson too blatantly sexy, very low cut. The white flowered skirt with a slightly scooped neck and three-quarter length sleeves fit her hips and upper thighs snugly. It was perfect. That decision made, she sat down at her vanity, tweezing an errant couple of eyebrow hairs and did her makeup and lips. Next, she opened her lingerie drawer to select a white lacy bra and matching bikini. She rummaged around a bit, frowning. No white tights. Philosophically flipping her eyebrows, she reached in the back of the drawer and pulled out an unopened package of white thigh highs. Discarding the plastic wrapper, she carefully slipped them up her legs, tugging the elastic lined lace to the tops of her legs.

She stepped into the panties and snapped the waistband around her hips. Bending forward, she adjusted her ample breasts into the cups of her bra and fastened it behind. She partially zipped the dress in the back, slithered into it and contorted herself to finish zipping it up. She stepped into a pair of 3 inch white heels and picked up her purse and portfolio. Her heels clicked as she walked down the parquet floor of the hall and stairs.

Outside, she noticed the garage door was open as she walked toward her blue compact car. The gardener, she remembered. She glanced inside garage door to see a vaguely familiar handsome boy of 18 kneeling by the lawnmower. "Oh, hi," smiled Jessica, her hand flicking a wind-blown strand of black hair from her face.

Startled, the boy stood. "Hi. Y... you must be Jessica. Your parents told me you are back from college."

"Yes, you look familiar but I don't remember your name."

"I'm Charlie Peterson. Your parents hired me to do the yard work for the summer."

"Oh, right. I remember you, from a while ago." She smiled. "You've grown a lot," she said appreciatively. "I haven't seen you in years. Where have you been keeping yourself?" "My parents sent me to a private school and m... most summers I was in summer camps. Haven't been around here except holidays." He twisted his hands nervously.

"Well, I've got to go to a job interview, so I won't be back for a while. See you later."

Charlie rushed to the driver side door and opened it for her. "Here you go."

Noting his eyes followed her legs, Jessica thanked him and carefully kept her knees together and her hem tugged down as she swung her legs into the driver's seat. She smiled to herself. Boys are so obvious. With a wave, she backed out.

Charlie waved back. What a hot babe, he thought. She kept her legs together so I couldn't see anything, but I did see pretty far down her cleavage. She's about the hottest, sexiest girl I've ever seen. I wonder what kind of panties she's wearing. With a sigh, he turned back to the garage. He rummaged around until he found the gas can and filled the tank. He turned the mower over to discover, to his surprise, that the bottom was relatively clean. However, the blade felt dull to his thumb. Taking a crescent wrench from a display of tools on a peg board above the workbench at the back of the garage, he quickly removed the blade and sharpened it on the grinder at one corner of the bench. He replaced the blade, getting his hands dirty in the process. Using a rag, he opened the side door of the garage to wash his hands at the kitchen sink. Shaking his hands dry, he went upstairs, looking for the washroom. A knock on a closed door elicited no response, so he opened to what was obviously Jessica's bedroom. He backed out, closing the door. Across the hall, he found the washroom, with its door ajar.

He relieved himself, and, as he dried his hands again, he drew in his breath sharply. Furtively, he looked about. "Anyone home?" he called.

Silence. He paused a moment, breathing deeply. His penis stirred in his pants. He cupped it with his palm, squeezed. With a deep breath, he took a step and opened Jessica's door. He walked straight to her vanity, much like a desk. Above the opening was a large mirror rimmed with lights. To the left was a narrow bank of drawers, to the right a much wider bank. Trembling a bit, Charlie pulled open the top drawer on the left. Jewelry and other fashion accessories. Carefully closing it, he opened the top drawer on the right. Jackpot! Three compartments contained bras, panties, and nylons.

Charlie stood entranced, enjoying the site for a moment. A beautiful girl's intimate attire. He had no sisters and had only dated a few times. He keenly felt his sexual deprivation and inexperience. Pornography only deepened his longing. Glimpses of lingerie ads had piqued his interest in what a girl wore next to her skin, but he'd only had a few unsatisfactory glimpses up skirts. Now, he knew what the beautiful coed wore on her dates. The sexy garments lay there, in three disorganized jumbles.

He grabbed a handful of panties at random and spread them across the vanity. Thongs, hipsters, all silky smooth nylon in pastel and basic colors. One had the word flirt across the front. Some had floral or abstract patterns. His cock became partially a wrecked and he adjusted himself. He added some bras to his array. With an inquisitive flip of his eyebrows, he looked at the label of one. 34D. I knew she was big, he thought. She is one hot chick. She probably has a boyfriend from college. Besides, she probably still thinks of me as a little kid.

He held up a few of the bras, noting underwires, lacy cups, and a couple of transparent bras one underwire had very low cut lacy cups and no shoulder straps. Hot, he thought, for a hot date. I bet she's been doing it for years. She's gotta be about 20. Laughing, he held one of the bras up to his chest. Swaying back and forth, he said, "Ohh, la la." He replaced the bra and stretched a few of the panties between his forefingers. A light blue pastel hip hugger with an appliquéd yellow flower was pretty, but he wanted to see something sexier. He picked up a dark blue thong. That's more like it, he thought. If she wore this, and her skirt flipped up, I could see her whole ass. Doesn't look like it covers her cunt much either. He rubbed his penis in his pants.

He scanned his display and the drawer, hoping to find some transparent panties. Instead, a pair draped across Jessica's makeup bag drew his eye. He stretched out an all lace black pair that clearly rode low on the girl's hips. Partially see-through, the sight of these panties alone made his cock stir yet again. They were pretty, suggestive and soft to the touch.

He took a deep breath and once again glanced furtively about. He sat in Jessica's chair and quickly untied his boots. Stepping out of them, he whisked his jeans and underwear off. Despite his erotic intent, his penis shriveled. His heart pounding at the forbidden act he was about to perform, he stepped into the black lace panties. He drew them slowly up his legs, his penis filling and rising as the skimpy garment ascended. By the time the waistband settled, fully stretched, around his hips, a raging hard on poked a good 3 inches above the waist of the panties.

Wow, Charlie thought, I don't know that I've ever felt this hot my life. He rolled the tip of his penis between his thumb and two forefingers. "Oh, that feels good!" He wrapped his hand around his shaft, pushing the waistband down to the top of his ballsack. Panting, he stroked himself, knees buckling as pre-come coated the tip of his cock.

Jessica pulled her car into the lot at the stripmall were Mr. Hargreaves, a local stockbroker, had his office. She checked her face with the mirror in the sun visor, picked up her things and headed for the office. As she opened the door, her phone buzzed in her purse. She stepped into a small waiting room. The receptionist, at her desk, was on the phone. She looked up and smiled at Jessica.

"Are you Jessica?" she asked.

"Yes, here for my 10 o'clock with Mr. Hargreaves."

"Well, Jessica, I'm very sorry to have to tell you that Mr. Hargreaves was called away for a family emergency. That's me on the phone, I was hoping to catch you." She touched a button on the phone in her desk and Jessica's phone stopped ringing. "Oh... I'm sorry. I hope everything is okay."

"It should be. He asked if you could come tomorrow at the same time." "Yes, that should be fine. I don't have any other interviews lined up tomorrow morning." "Okay, good. I'm sorry about the postponement. If you'd like to leave your portfolio, Mr. Hargreaves can look it over and the interview can take less time." "Okay," Jessica agreed. She placed her portfolio on the receptionist desk, smiled and bade her goodbye.

Heading back to her car, Jessica took stock. Darn it, all that prep and getting dressed up for nothing. At least it's not a cancellation; I still have a chance. As she settled into her seat, she noted her skirt had ridden above the lace tops of her stockings. She smiled. That gardener Charlie would've loved to see this. The kid grew up to be pretty hunky. Also immature. All those years in school and summer camp. He was so nervous it was comical. Not ready for prime time, poor boy.

Remembering to pick up a prescription for her mom at the pharmacy on the way home, Jessica mused about the summer as she drove. I'll probably get that job. Sharon gave me a good reference. I'll have to find a guy to date. My vibrator was fun this morning, but that won't last all summer. Memories from some of the guys she dated in the last year passed through her head. One guy persuaded her to try the back door, which hurt. Other memories were more pleasant. Long pussy-lickings before fucking... Warm afternoon sex on a blanket in a secluded part of the park... Plus that very hot spanking... .

She'd dated Sean and taken him to bed on their second date. He showed up late for their third without calling. When he finally arrived, Jessica seethed. Only half joking, she suggested she spank him. Definitely half joking, he accepted. Jessica's arousal at the sight of him bent over, buns red and legs kicking, the sounds of smacks and grunts aroused her far beyond expectations. Their wild sex afterwards was memorable for both partners. She sighed. Unfortunately, being late was not the only way Sean was inconsiderate. She dumped him after a couple more dates. That was just before finals, initiating her current drought of lovers.

Finished with her errand, she pulled into the driveway and entered through the front door. She slipped out of her high heels and hooked them on two fingers as she padded up the stairs in stocking feet. She turned the corner at the top of the stairs and headed to her room in the back. Her dark eyes knit together as she saw her door was open. I'm sure I closed the door; I always do. What's up? Cautiously, with one finger, she gently pushed the door open. There stood Charlie, breathing hard, hips and knees bent, hips thrusting, stroking his, protruding from a pair of her panties cock for all he was worth.

Shocked, Jessica drew in a breath, ready to scream at him. She paused, a calculating smile playing across her face. Slowly, silently, she stepped to one side. She had a perfectly good view through the doorjamb if she pressed her eye close. I never saw a guy jerking off all by himself before, she thought. Her breathing deepened as her emotions sorted out. I am massively pissed that he went into my room and my undies, but he sure looks cute, jerking off in my panties. I've got him by the balls. I get him to do whatever I want. A gleam came to her eye and a wicked smile twitched across her face. She stepped into her room.
"What do you think you're doing, panty boy?" Jessica thundered.

"Yeowww!" cried the surprised youth, releasing his erection, bending at the hips to hide his shame, and twisting toward Jessica, a terrified expression on his face. "W... What are you doing here?" He cried, his voice cracking in fear. "Walking into my room, my private, intimate bedroom. What are you doing here? Oh, it's very obvious. Jerking off in my panties. What could be more natural?"

Charlie's eyes darted about, as though seeking an escape. Jessica, hands on her hips, eyes flashing stood in the only door. "I... I... I'm sorry, Jessica, so sorry. Please forgive me. I'll put everything back. Just forget about it, okay? I never did it before and I'll never do it again. Please, please let me go! Don't tell anybody!" His face flushed bright red.

Yup , I got him, Jessica thought. Her expression did not change, however. "I don't see why I shouldn't tell. This is creepy. And besides, my parents pay you by the hour, but not to snoop in my underwear drawer and jerk off in my panties! No, people need to know about someone like you."

"Please, Jessica please, don't tell. I swear I never did anything like this before. I just know so little about girls... And I'm just as fascinated as anyone else. Please, I was just curious... " His voice faltered before her relentless glare. "I... I'll... I'll do anything you say, Jessica, but please don't tell anybody." His eyes filled with tears. The tension that gripped him the moment she'd spoken left him. He stood in front of her bent vanity shoulders sagged, face partially averted, eyeing her piteously. "Please... " He whimpered. "Please."

Jessica strode into the room, closing the door behind her. Besides her genuine anger, his inexperience and frank confession touched her. What made him tick? "I might be persuaded to keep your secret, Charlie, but I'm going to take you very seriously when you say you'll do anything." She eyed him speculatively, one eyebrow arched. "Oh, I will. I'll do whatever you say, just as long as you don't tell anyone. Promise?" "Provided you're good and obedient, and do whatever I say, I won't ever tell anyone. But you have to do exactly as I say without arguing or making excuses. Understood?"

"Yes, yes, of course, Jessica. I'll do everything that you say, no questions asked. Shall I put your things away?" "No, leave my undies and the drawers open just as they are. I want you to be able to see what you've done while I punish you. Because I am going to punish you. I'm going to spank you as long and as hard as I want. And that's not all. I have other things in mind for you, little boy.

"That's how I think of you, as a little boy. Immature. In need of guidance from an experienced woman. Who knows? This punishment might do you good. After all, that's the purpose of punishment, isn't it? To change someone's behavior? After today, I doubt you'll ever snoop into a girl's undies drawer again." "Oh, I know I'll never do that again!" Charlie said, very convincingly.

"Okay, let's get started. Move that chair to the center of the room." "Do you want me to put your underwear away first?" "You're not supposed to ask questions, just obey. Do you want your punishment to be made worse?" Jessica recalled scenes from some female dominant videos she'd watched and stories she'd read after spanking Sean. I'm glad I'm not totally improvising, she told herself. "N... No, Jessica. I'm getting the chair." He scurried across the room and returned quickly, carrying the chair. "Here?"

"About 2 feet closer to the bed," she directed, not because with the position was problematic, but to make him obey. "That's better. Now, in the shower there's a bath brush. Bring it to me. Don't close either of the doors. If you need to tinkle, you may, but do not take off my panties and do not get any of your pee on them. Is that clear?" "Okay. Bath brush?" "Yes, this spanking is going to hurt. I am very angry with you and I'm not going to let this opportunity pass. I think it will be fun... For me. For you? That remains to be seen. Quick!" She snapped her fingers.

Charlie hurried from the room. Jessica cocked an ear, but heard neither tinkle nor flush. She sat on the bed. When Charlie came in, she said, "Put the brush on the chair and come sit next to me on the bed. You're going to answer some questions before your punishment." "Oh," said Charlie nervously. He dropped the brush on the seat of the chair and sidled over to her, sitting as far from her as he could on the bed. Her crossed legs drew his eye. Jessica smiled and laughed. She patted the bed next to her. "Come here. Don't be afraid. I'm only a girl. I don't bite, just spank."

With a deep, ragged breath, Charlie moved next to her, still not touching. "That's better. We can talk better if we're close together. Charlie, I am very angry at you for going into my room and playing around with my undies and I'm still going to punish you. Hard. Don't think you'll get mercy."

To Be continued...
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