The Rubberist's Diary

'The School Play. Part Two'

I was to bitterly regret teasing Gunter, as it turned out. To be stood there at our costume fitting for the forthcoming school play. (I just wish I could recall the title of the piece!) And so I was to be presented to school as the Chief Pirate, in a non speaking role.

My older sister, now very much involved.

I was now dressed as previously described, in a vast tightly pinned towel nappy/diaper. This below truly humiliating heavy red rubber baby pants with the very tightest waist and leg elastics. This garment now buttoned most tightly to the uncomfortable waist supporter and held up taut below my armpits. This greatly increased the discomfort of the thigh elastic now pulled punishingly firmly in place. The second pair of red rubbers pulled up over me, causing me to begin to sob with the humiliation of it all. These rubbers duly supported up over me, the large bows tied tight below the frilled knees and reaching almost down to my ankles. The coarse towel nappy, having been boiled in a Carbolic solution, and the stinging pepper ointment now taking full effect within the tight layers of hospital red rubber. My hands placed firmly upon my head as Nanny held up the harem pants, Gunter's Nanny holding up a gleaming pink satin blouse.

The harem pants shaken loudly before me, before my ankles forcibly grasped and forced into the voluminous garment. All three of my tormentors now busying themselves with my dressing. Quickly discovering the smooth rubber lining of this garment as it was pulled up over me, then soon also buttoned on to the ever more uncomfortable waist. The wide rubber straps secured at my ankles, before Gunter and both Nannys step back to survey me with a cruel pleasure.

Then the huge satin blouse forced onto me, the many buttons and bows fussed over endlessly

The choice of headwear now veering away from that worn by a Pirate. But deemed very necessary as a part of my return to infancy. A pink satin bonnet tied below my chin with a huge pink satin bow.

In a state of total humiliation, with Gunter grinning broadly at me, a large rubber bib now tied around my neck. The boy now in such a state of growing satisfaction, his Nanny producing a glass baby bottle and also a large dummy with a rubber teat.

Sat upon the woman's rubber apron clad knee, I was bottle fed until I dribbled and coughed. The dummy then forced into my mouth and tied in place around my neck. Pushed onto my feet in a shivering state, Gunter uttering the words repeatedly. "Who is the big baby now? Who is the big baby now?"

Being presented to the whole school was to soon follow. As was more bottle feeding, so that by the time of the play taking place, I was already in a very wet nappy.

After this, I suppose it was inevitable that I must be 'changed' in front such a delighted audience.

My Nanny produced a red rubber changing mat and I was first stood up with my hands placed firmly on my head. The act of raising my arms up high had immediate effect, the sudden tightening of the rubber layers and stockings beneath causing an instant spasm through me. Exactly what Gunter must have experienced at my own hands.

Many hands set to work removing every layer, until I stood only clad in the towel nappy.

And so, finally returning home and kept dressed until a late bed time. Very much in a rubber induced dream state, I vaguely recall being put to bed still wet from a cold scrubbing. Now dressed only in the rubber lined harem pants, and lying on a rubber bed sheet. Nights were never ever the same again.

Woken at dawn by Nanny and my sister, the day's garments already laid out in readiness for the complete 'petticoating' of a rather submissive boy.

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