I was raised in a house where two parents always try to teach us to be good people. My Mom always made sure we always wore clean clothes and that we never harmed another person no matter what. I had three sisters and I was the only boy in the family. All of their children went to college and graduated with honors. I told you that to help you see what happened later in my life. I moved about a thousand mikes from our family home. I worked as a Construction Engineer. It was not long after I started with the company I work for and I met a girl that was very good looking and she had a great education so we felt like we were a match. We dated for two long years and never had sex until we were married.

We did get married and had a big wedding in our church. My boss was my best man and things were great, we soon moved into our first home and became the normal owners. We kept our property up and so many things that went with the life of people. I will get to the thing you all are waiting to read. I had a dark side that Darla had not seen. I told her that I had been playing with crossdressing. Darla looked totally surprised and she said go on. I told her that I had been made to be my sisters' maid. I went on to say that my sister had me be their sister but, mother never knew what was going on. I wanted to be my wife's housewife and be dressed and even punished if I did not get things done properly. I did not like all the things they did to me as they figured out that they did not have to do the house chores.

My sisters had done this so long I began to like being the sissy maid and even more. My oldest sister Beth was kind of sadistic she likes to spank me and she did not like to stop spanking me. I like I said got used to having them make me do the chores. I was soon becoming their little sister. Not only did I have to hand wash their panties but they made me go to the local Five and Dime and buy panties and not any other items and we would stand by the hear her say I do hope these fit me properly. The girl at the register would look at me and giggle. If I did not say things, my sisters, when I was checking out would make remarks like 'Oh brother did you get the pink ones as we told you to or they would call me sissy brother.

Our parents had planned to go on a vacation and they thought that my sisters were old enough to watch after our little brother. So it was and they packed and loaded the car for their two-week trip. Mother would tell me to mind my big sisters and if you don't do as you are told you will find out about my hairbrush. I would try to get Mother to let me take care of myself but it never happened. No sooner did they get out of sight they would drag me to their room to make me remove my clothes and they would swoon over the outfits they put on me. It was always a slutty looking outfit. Purple panties and one of their Cheerleader uniforms. I knew I would be in some stuff from their dresser or closet. Often they would get some of their friends to come over and babysit me I would whine and beg them to not do that and they would laugh at the silly baby girl. If it went on too long they would drag me out on the front porch and pull me over one of the girl's lap and the hairbrush would get to swat me no less than twenty swats. Sometimes they would do it till I was crying like a little sister.

At least one night they would have a boy-girl party and I would be the Waitress and be wearing some outfit. The guys would tease me and when my sister would ask one of the guys to spank the baby girl. That was a very painful time. These things would soon be a time for them to make me be their girlfriend and I was treated like a whore. I was a sex slave and I had my butt hole and I would be used by at least five guys. The girls would all call out ride him cowboy or get her as* deep. I also had to help the guys get off, it would be by hand or mouth. One of the guys seemed to like it and the girls asked him if he wanted to be one of the girls and he said yes. So it did take some off of me when he started being a sex slave. Sometimes they would make us perform for their enjoyment. My sisters somehow got a clamp that was locked on our cock and balls. They could not have sex and they had to sit down to pee just like the other girls.

My sisters got married to one of the guys and soon the guys that married them became an addition to the sex slave girls. I have never married but I did have sex with some of the women. Our life is so difficult to keep up when I was a girl or a husband. I long became happy with the lifestyle we live in.

I hope you find this story to your liking and hope that Auntie Helga has put our letters to her monthly stories. I will send you some of the things we do.

Nancy Girl Kisses

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