I am so ashamed of what I did. My mother is making me write this letter. I was at church and I was sitting where I could look up the skirts of the women in the choir and some of them had their skirt a little high and I could see their underpants. I did have to duck down just a bit. One of the women was looking at me and determined that I was peeking up her skirt. After church, I saw her and my Mom talking and they kept looking my way and went on for a while. I asked Mom if I could go fishing over at the creek, she said no you may not and she pointed for me to get in the car. I sat there watching out the side window and noticed that she was not going home. I asked her where we were going. Mom said you will see. We pulled up in Ms. Carter's drive she was the one at church that I was peeking up her skirt.

Mom walked up to the door and knocked and we heard her say to come in. I walked behind Mom and when we went in Ms. Carter asked me if I enjoyed church today. I answered her by saying it was good. She said I bet it was. I knew she was on to what I was doing in the church. I asked Mom could I go out and walk around. She said you can after you get your punishment. My eye welled up with tears and I knew I was in trouble.

Mom asked me if I was looking up to Ms. Carter's skirt. I shuttered and said no, Mom asked me again what I was doing. I looked at the floor and said I was looking up her skirt. Mom said why were you looking up a woman's skirt. I began to cry and say I was sorry. Mom said to stop the crying. I did but kept whining. Mom said Ms. Carter is due to have whatever she want to do to make her happy. I swallowed and looked at her. She told Mom to go in the bedroom and get him ready as she had set something up.

We went into the room and saw some clothes on the bed. Mom said I was going to be dressed as a girl. I begged her to not do it but she told me to undress and now. I knew she would spank me if I did not do as she said. I undressed and she handed me a pair of Ms. Carter's bloomers and I had to put them on and I had the other things on and Mom took me out to the living room. Mom had him sit in a chair that was sitting across from the couch. Mom and Ms. Carter went into the kitchen and got some Tea. They bought me a drink. I drank it slowly. Mom said now how was Ms. Carter sitting so you could see her panties. I looked her way and she said no adjust your legs so we can see your panties. I spread my legs apart so they could see. Ms. Carter said I am going to spank you, you will lay over my lap and your skirt up and your panties up. Mom motioned for me to come to Ms. Carter I walked to her and she said life your skirt darling. I lifted it and she said over my lap dear. I lay over her lap and she laid her hand on my butt and said you will count after each stroke. I felt her hand meet my butt I yelp one and she lifted her hand again and it went on for ten strikes. I was crying when she was done and my butt was burning but I knew not to rub it. Ms. Carter asked if I thought I could not look up skirts again. I said I won't do it again. She said do you promise. I said yes I promise. She told me to go take off the clothes and put your clothes on.

Did I ever do it again the answer is yes I could not help looking up the skirts? After I married Tina She caught me looking up the skirt of one of her friends. I did not know until we got home. I guess Mom told her about the time I look up Ms. Carter's skirt. She went to the phone and call my Mom and told her what had happened. Tina came back to me and said get undressed I said no way. before I knew what was happening she had me on the floor taking off my clothes I begged her to let me go. That did not work. She got my arm behind me and was breaking it asking me if I was going to mind her every command. I swore I would be good.

She made me take off my clothes. I could not believe she had kicked my ass. She said I never did tell you that I have two Black Belts, did I? She handed me her hot pink panties. She said how many of our friends have you looked up their skirts. I said none and she grabbed my penis and twisted it hard and I said I don't know for sure she said guess. I said ten I think. She said tell me each one's name. Then she wrote them down.

She took me to the bedroom She pushed me over the bed and began to slap me on my ass until I was literally crying like a baby. After that was had hot sex like never before. I was going nuts and she was making sexy noises.

About a month later some of the girls I had looked up their skirts were waiting in our house when I got home. None of them were married. Tina said you know the girls don't you sissy. I said yes I know them. Tina said have you ever looked up their skirts. My eyes were like a deer with the headlights on. I knew what was going to happen. I said tell them what you are, I said what do you mean, I said tell them what I call you, I wait for a second and said Sissy, They all laughed and one said what did you say I repeated Sissy. Tina said you are going to do what each one of them say and there is no limit to what they tell you to do. I said what do you mean no limit? Tina got in my face and said if they tell you to do something for a week or month or whatever ever you will do it. They all clapped and they all began to yell I want sissy first. I said you can't do this. Tina said ok we will all go around telling people that you look up women's dresses. I said please I am sorry for what I did. All the girls yell to late we got you now and on girl said come here. I walked to her and she said when you get to my turn you will be in the cutest little baby outfit until I am sure you won't peek up another skirt. Everyone got a laugh at that.

It would take to long to tell you in detail what they did but I will highlight them. The first lady made me do her housework for three weeks and I had to wear her day-old panties over my face and she spanked me while named every night before I went home. Number two was a lady who was very sexual I mean she loved sex but one of the rules they laid down was no intercourse any then else goes. She loved to have me in panties and my head between her legs. It took a long time to get her happy. Number three was the one who said she would diaper me and treat me like a baby. She did as she said I was diapered the minute I got to her house she made me strip and I was on the bed getting diapered and dressed like a little girl baby the whole time she would have to change me because she gave me laxatives and it seemed she never went out of the house while I was there.

One thing for sure I never looked up another skirt. Tina watches me closely I think she is hoping to catch me looking.

Tina's Sissy Lucy

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