from Robert

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife thinks that it would be good for me if I wrote to you to explain how being feminised and put into a chastity device has helped with my behaviour. I am a 38 year old man living in the South of England, my wife is 10 years older than me and we have been married for 5 years, I have been previously married but I am her first husband.

My first wife was very strict with me and rightly so, she understood me far better than my current wife (Anne) did when we were first together but that changed after a couple of years of married life.

I read a letter from Marion on your website where she said that "One of the less endearing traits of small boys is to try to look up the dresses of girls either in class or in the playground" I am ashamed to admit that this has been a recurring problem for me over the years and one that I have been corrected for many times.

About three years ago Anne noticed that I was attempting to do that very thing whilst we were at a event and was getting "excited" she did not say anything at the time but once we were home and alone she raised the point with me.

She was obviously very cross with me, she sat in an armchair and I stood in front of her like a naughty little boy, she demanded that I explain why I had been looking up the girls skirt asking me if our sex life was in some way not enough for me and telling me that perhaps I would be happier with a younger woman.

I was distraught at the thought of losing her (I love her very much) so I explained that it had been something that I had done since I was a little boy and that I knew it was wrong of me and that I was very sorry. I also told her that both my mother and my first wife had punished me for it.

That evening she told me to sleep in one of the spare bedrooms whilst she went to ours, I had let her down and I knew it and I was terrified it would be the end of our marriage, I have to admit that I cried myself to sleep and felt ashamed of myself.

She refused to share a bedroom with me for just over a week then on the Friday evening after we had got home from work she called me into lounge and once again had me stand in front of her.

She told me that she had been in touch with my mother who had told her how she had dealt with me but more to my distress also my first wife (Rebecca) who had explained, from what I could tell in some detail, how she had disciplined me when I misbehaved myself.

She told me in words of one syllable that she would not put up with not only my looking up girls dresses but any other naughtiness (the word she used) and that she thought it best if she wrote out a set of rules for me to follow (with punishments for breaching them) and that to start off she would punish me for looking up the girls skirt the week before.

She asked me if I would agree to this making it plain that she would not be around for much longer if I did not.

I nodded my agreement, blushingly.

She told me to go and shower and then to go into our bedroom, I showered and went back to the room, she was already there and on the bed lay a nightdress and a pair of rather full panties.

She pointed to them and told me to put them on.

I realised that she had got this idea from my first wife so I obeyed her feeling rather silly since it was the first time she had seen me feminised.

She told me to lift up the nightdress and then she pulled the panties down my legs a little and fitted a chastity device to me, I begged her not to but she told me that since I knew the alternative I had best keep quiet, which I did.

She told me that she had found it on an internet selling page and that it was called "Handsome Regular Male Chastity Device" and that I was to wear it at all times unless she needed to use me.

Then she sent me to bed in what has sort of become my room warning me that she had not "finished with me yet".

I have to admit that I did not sleep very well finding the Chastity device rather uncomfortable.

The next morning she came into my room and told me to follow her into the spare room, which has never really been used and only had a desk which came from her old office in it.

When we went in I could see that there were a pile of clothes on the desk and as I closed the door something clicked behind me and when I looked I saw that she had hung a punishment cane (which she told me later she had obtained from the internet) on it, my first wife and indeed my mother had given me the cane on many occasions and I dreaded the thought of Anne using it on me.

She told me to undress and stand in front of her with my hands flat on my head.

I obeyed.

She gave me a really long lecture, called me all sorts of horrid names and asked me if I thought that I deserved to be corrected, I of course agreed that I did.

She told me that since I was so interested in seeing up girls dress I would be dressed as one for the rest of that weekend and the following weekends unless she told me not to, she told me that she expected me to dress this way without her needing to tell me and that I had to make sure that my girly clothes were washed and pressed and ready for their next wearing.

She told me that there was a cane available to her if I didn't do as she told me.

She handed me a pair of pale blue panties, rather full, and I pulled them up my legs, they were followed by a white undervest and a pair of white knee high socks then she handed me a pale blue blouse and a tie that would be suitable for a schoolgirl over the top of these I was given a grey pleated tunic to wear the hem of which came to mid-thigh.

I felt humiliated, my male ego completely belittled dressed like a girl with my penis encased in the chastity device standing in front of my wife who had now become my disciplinarian.

Robert G

Thank you for your letter Robert. Such a shameful act, looking up girl's dresses trying to see their panties, we both know the kind of boy that does that, a naughty boy, a boy that wants to wear those panties. Your glorious wife, no doubt embarrassed by your childish behaviour did what all modern strong confident women do, took control of the situation, and you.

Auntie Helga

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