from Maria

Dear Helga,

My girlfriend Anne sent me a link to your website on the weekend with the thought of me reading about petticoating. I had no idea that there was such a thing or a website like yours that has so much information on it. It has taken a few days to go through it all while trying to keep up with work and a home. I would like to say thank you for all of the work you and others have done to take charge of their lives while putting their men to work at home.

As for myself I have been married to the same guy for 16 years now who at times drove me around the bend. Dimitri works hard at his job but at home was a lazy son of a gun which led me to take action. Although he has never been outright cruel to me some of the comments about women ticked me off. Dimitri in his mind used to think women were made to look after men by cooking and cleaning like that is all we were good for if you follow.

It was about two years ago my friend Anne talked to me about her own problems at home with some advice. Now you may think this is strange or you may have heard this one before Helga. Anne's advice was to dress Dimitri like a woman then put him to work looking after what he felt women were supposed to do. Not having a clue what to do Anne gave me a few ideas then let me know her secret. That was what she did with her husband with success.

Anne transformed her husband into her house maid over a period of time then handed over all the house work to him. She went into details about the process and his attire leaving me surprised needless to say the least. To make a long story short I tried my luck with Dimitri who wasn't going to have any part of it. We have ways to get men to do what we want if you know what I mean.

Within a few weeks Dimitri was wearing an old house dress, a bra, panties and slippers while he looked after some of the house work. Anne helped me along the way to ensure Dimitri stayed on track. Every day he came home from work I was waiting for him with a list of chores to keep him busy like the woman he thought we all are. Anne and I continue to compare notes at lunches or dinners leaving our husbands home.

Auntie Helga now that I know about sissymaids where we just called our husbands bitch maids mostly because they complained too much it might be time to buy Dimitri a proper maid outfit. With your experience have you found any improvement with what men wear as sissymaids or am I wasting money going that route? Dimitri knows his place at home and what I expect him to wear however something like what sissymaids on your website may be in order.

My friend Anne's husband wears a maid uniform everyday that she purchased from a uniform supplier. What is better a maid uniform or a sissy type dress? Both are enough to let a man know they are in feminine attire alright.

Love to hear your thoughts on the subject Helga


Thank you for your letter Maria. I am so pleased to hear how much you used the site, that's its purpose. Okay, so now you have Dimitri serving as your maid, well done and great start.

To me there is a difference between male maids and sissymaids, though a sissymaid is technically a maid they are so much more, from the outlandish outfits to the personal services all meant to train them to be totally submissive. Of course many of us like to see them in something pretty whereas a maid is a maid. I will also say that there is no one way to do this, each Mistress finds whats comfortable for her, some train with love, kindness and understanding, others use a more humiliating and painful approach. Many wives prefer a conventional type maid uniform for daily work and the frilly styles for guests or in the evenings.


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