By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2008

The first year of publication under Helga's guidance opened with a couple of very good letters in January. "Theresa's New Sissy" told of a young man taken in hand by an older friend of his mother's and was to develop over coming months. The real star letter for me, however, was "Flatmates for the Summer" which told how four girls, sharing a flat, tricked the narrator's boyfriend into dressing as a girl, a situation which the clever young lady turned to her advantage resulting in her acquiring a "Saturday Maid" for the summer. This rung bells with me as it brought to mind a very similar set of circumstances in which a college friend of mine, also with help from room-mates, petticoated and dominated her boyfriend. I've always been sure that the events of many years earlier had stayed with me when the opportunity arose many years later to begin my regime with Penelope.

In February I contributed a reprint of a favourite classic story, entitled "My Strangest Customer" from an old magazine. The story, to which I had added some of my own ideas (my first tentative attempt, I suppose, at PD literature) told of a dress shop proprietor whose "strangest customer" was a lady bringing in her unwillingly petticoated husband to be fitted out for a complete wardrobe for his ongoing petticoat punishment. Helga also reprinted a much earlier letter of mine, accompanied by a picture of Penelope in one of his earlier, very elaborate, maid's uniforms which Helga was kind enough to label "A Classic Letter".

March saw the return of SallyAnn Spencer describing how she had taken husband James on a very humiliating shopping trip for make-up. SallyAnn promised further letters on her progress and we were not to be disappointed as she soon became a regular star correspondant.

The opening page of April's issue featured a letter from me musing generally on the content of PDQ and was accompanied by a another favourite picture of mine showing Penelope outside cleaning our patio doors in one of his ultra-femme maid's outfits. I remember this event particularly well and, suffice to say, he was not happy! It was always good to see pictures of other petticoated men in PDQ and "Maid Angela" submitted a particularly good one of him wearing his very practical kitchen maid uniform. It was always good to see more from Angela but my enjoyment of his pictures was lessened by the fact that his discipline was, in the main, voluntary. A contribution from "Emily R" consisted of no less than five short letters recounting the petticoating of her son by herself her daughter and a friend. This issue was, to my mind, one of the best to date, with four other genuine petticoat discipline letters including "Jay's New Maid" and "Scarlet's Sissy Husband".

May 2008 showcased some more very nice pictures of petticoated male maids but the highlight for me was the promised return of SallyAnn Spencer with a letter entitled "Neighbour Discovers Our Secret". SallyAnn had contrived to get James working in full maid's uniform when she unexpectedly invited her neighbour in for coffee - James' first exposure to anyone as a petticoated husband. The story of "Theresa's New Sissy" continued from January as young Michael became ever more entrapped by his mother's friend. We were also now seeing regular artwork from a new contributor, Evets Stephens, whose monthly contributions enhanced the front page of each issue.

In June I attempted another piece of fiction, a short story entitled "The landlady's silken trap" with a young student petticoated by his landlady. The star letters for me were two from a Petticoatee, Martin, and his wife Karen who also submitted a lovely picture of "Linda" as her husband had become! These "two sides of the story" letters were always interesting. "A Sea of Silk" from Michelle described how he had been caught crossdressed by his wife and a work colleague and was notable for some very good description of his very feminine outfits - a picture would definitely have been nice in this instance!

If June was up there with the very best PDQ issues July and August were, to me, disappointing. My taste as stated before, is for the petticoating to be administered to unwilling (at least initially) adult males by wives, girl friends, work colleagues etc. Some issues of PDQ, inevitably, are more inclined towards mother/son discipline or, no discipline at all really, letters from willing crossdressers. Ironically in the August issue Helga printed a letter from me complimenting her on the improved content of recent issues!

September however returned to form with a superb letter "Philandering Husband Now Wife's Maid part 1" after reading the detailed account of how Nicola and her friends trapped her errant husband into frillies I really couldn't wait for Part 2! October contained three very good letters, "Marcia's Devoted Housemaid", "Sherry's Petticoated Husband" and "My Husband's Chastity and Petticoating" the last a classic punishment for errant husband story.

In the November issue Helga featured a letter and pictures that I had provided of one of my most memorable petticoating days with Penelope when myself and four friends took turns to dress Penelope in an outfit of our choosing - quite a day I can assure you! Letters entitled "My Sissy Boyfriend" and "Kerinda's Husband" were other highlights of the month.

And so to December and the final issue of Helga's first year at the helm of PDQ. No "Christmas Special" as such but a good issue to end the years. "The New Girls of St Monica's" and "Jamie's Petticoat Discipline" both recounted tales of arrogant teenage schoolboys brought to heel by girls of their own age and no doubt learning very useful life-lessons at the hands of their clever tormentresses!

A good end to a very good year for PDQ after the sad trials of previous years.

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