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Darcey Featherlight knows he is going to be overwhelmed. It's that shameful bliss he feels when he is babied by a complete stranger. His knees cycle a little across the ladies' skirts so that he feels the soft thickness of the two wide diapers already securing his cock and his ass. His babyness floods through him as if he is being dipped in a bath of warm, sweet syrup, for a crowd of grinning women to suck and lick him all over with their mothering cuddles. Nurse Cupsway knows exactly what works for a baby like himself, regressing him further and further into his helpless desire for humiliation.

"Baby needs his third big diaper," she announces as he looks up at her sharp features and black hair from beneath the bosom of her white nursing dress.

"What does Baby Darcey say to Nurse Cupsway den?"

Her baby cringes with embarrassment. "Gug-gug-ga-ga-gaaaa!" he replies, feeling Louella's eyes on him from his other side as she looks down on her pathetic husband. He feels her hand lift his leg wider on their skirts for Nurse Cupsway to slide the massive pale pink diaper under the others, fold it up his front and draw the sides together so that it can be tightened and tabbed from his thighs to his waist. He can't see but he knows the pink frills will flare prettily from his bare legs, the way baby girls like to have them. His cock feels sweet and helpless in all its padding.

"He likes to wear more than one diaper, Nurse," says Louella. "When he wets himself it's a real flood. Just one would be full and hard with wee. Even two doesn't absorb it and his rubber panties have dribbles in them." She holds his Peter Pan collar in her fingers and pretties it as she speaks, then puffs out the sleeves of his dress. Her blouse is in pale blue polyester, holding her throat in a close cuff topped with lace under her chin. It has sweet pearled buttons in matching baby blue swelling above his face. It makes up to him for his humiliation at her hands to find himself so often close to her magnificent tits, the dream bust for a baby husband like himself.

He hears the crackle of plastic panties in Nurse Cupsway's hands: thick, transparent plastic, with ruched plastic cuffs and pop fasteners at each side. His cock feels a pang of pleasure: she's going to plastic panty him to make him more secure.

"We don't need baby's panties yet do we, sweetikins? That comes when baby is sucking nicely and feeling submissive to his Mommy." She lays them on the arm of the settee for later and picks up a pair of large baby bloomers – so fussy – so frilly and dainty in pale pink nylon with lovely baby buttons between the rows of frills and lace. She puts them down and takes up a length of white ribbon.

"Please lift up your baby husband, Miss Jackson," she says, passing the ribbon behind him. "Babies who are having sucking lessons need to be utterly helpless and feeble like a sissy baby girl."

Darcey submits to having his mittens tied behind his dress. He can't help whimpering through his pacifier: he feels so sweet and girlish when Ladies fasten him up so that he can't interfere.

"And a nice ribbon for Baby Darcey's bootees too," she sings. The ribbon is in satin and sizzles as she loops it into a bow over each ankle, giving him a few inches so that their baby can wriggle his knees and pretend he still has a bit of independence. But he is theirs now, to do whatever they please with. She slides him with a sizzle of silks and satins deeper into the valley of their skirts, his ankles together, his knees folded out wide, his dress laid flat on his helpless arms and his sorrowful-looking face peering up at the underside of their busts. Just where they want him.

"He must learn to submit to the attraction of your tits, dear," says Nurse Cupsway, offering to take Louella's arm and lifting her husband's head to rest the back of his hair inside his wife's elbow. "But first, before sucking your nipples, we can start him with your finger. Suck it first to get it good and wet with Mommy's saliva."

Louella gives her forefinger a good sucking. "I'm dead keen on learning the Adult Baby Mothering technique," she says. "I can't wait for the day when he wants my tits continually, and my friends' tits too."

Darcey cringes at this news – and opens his mouth to accept his wife's finger. He sucks tightly and wetly, finding he wants it more than he thought he would.

"We'll be having tit-sucking parties at weekends," she explains as she watches his face. He glances his eyes towards hers but drops his gaze out of shame as his cheeks work on his precious woman's finger. He wants to suck and suck on it, in sheer obedience and submission. "He'll be sucking ten or twelve tits a night and probably filling his diaper with baby sissy cummies out of shame and girlishness."

"I'm sure he will," says Nurse Cupsway, "but now we need to change him to your breast. Undo your blouse dear."

Darcey bleats with anticipation, or is it because he has lost his wife's beloved finger, as he watches the blouse buttons open, down her cleavage, under her bust, and there are her breasts: huge, swelling with her breathing, spreading right across her chest as she opens her blouse wide and frees both breasts completely from the pale blue silk.

"Good," says the nurse. "As I told you, don't wear a bra under your dress or blouse from now on. The same goes for your friends when they are here. He wants to pay deep sucking devotion to your breasts, remember."

Louella cups her left breast with one hand and holds the back of his head with the other, lifting him towards the beautiful, female nipple, proud and stiff, inviting his trembling lips. He wilts with babyish surrender to her wishes, opens his mouth, and closes his lips on the dark brown aureole at its root. A hum of desire muffles into her warm flesh as he licks it inside his mouth, then sucks and sucks on its hard thickness with all his baby girl devotion.

"Your baby needs to feel all his pleasure while your tit fills his mouth with warm maternal flesh," declares Nurse Cupsway. "So your friends will open their dress or top and cushion Baby's sucking head from behind." Darcey feels a push on the back of his neck, around the back of his head, and sure enough, to the left and right of his cheeks, he sees the bare, plump breasts of the visitor, surrounding him, imprisoning him in women's mammaries, pushing him deeper onto Louella's tit. Surrender hums from his throat and vibrates into his wife's flesh. He is captured and held as Nurse Cupsway rotates her shoulders and massages him left and right with her squeezing breasts. His eyes lid over as he sucks more deeply, wanting to drain the milk from his wife, wanting to draw her powerful motherhood all over himself. He is in a heaven of big, warm, women's tits.

"You see," says the nurse: "this is what he is learning: he wants the tits that are waiting for him inside your top – he wants you to open or pull down or lift your top and give his lips that lovely nipple to suck."

She needn't have said it, for Louella can see the adoration on her Baby's face. "Mmm, listen to his moaning and grunting," she says, thrusting her breast against the rhythm of his sucks. I reckon his little clit will be responding to his suckies, and you know what, Nurse? My own panties are getting wetter and wetter the more my baby sucks on Mommy's big booby."
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