I had a habit of sneaking my sisters dirty panties from the hamper. I used to to masturbate and would put them back in the hamper. One night I had got a pair of her sexy panties out of the hamper an after masturbating I lay there and before I knew it I heard my mom's voice saying "what the hell are you doing. I had fell asleep after playing with the panties and still had them on. There stood my mom looking at me in the pink silk panties. I tried to grab the cover but before I could she took it away. Her yelling caused my sister and her friend who had spent the night come in my room and they saw me wearing panties. Before I could hide Darlene (my sister) was snapping pictures of me with her phone.

Mom said well I guess we have a new little sissy to play with. Linda my sister's friend also took several pictures. My sister said we best dress her for a day of fun. I tried to get away but sis just shook her camera phone in the air and I knew I was had.

My sis said I would have to grow into being a big girl. Then she left and returned with some of her clothes from when she was twelve or younger. I was told to remove her teen girl panties and she handed me a pair of little white cotton panties. They had a little bow on the front. Then mom gave me a training bra and some socks with ruffles around the top. I was almost crying knowing I was going to be humiliated for a day. I was put in one of my sisters sun dresses that was way to short for me. They all made me model the dress. I had to bend over with my hands on my knees while they took more pictures. I had to bend with my butt to the phone and looking back and smiling into the camera. Sis ran out and returned with a dog collar and put it around my neck and she hooked a leash to it. Mom told them to put some shoes on the little girl and then take her for a walk. I soon had on some pink shoes and Mom said that I looked like a sweet little girl. Linda said I should have a new name Jack would never do for such a pretty girl. Christy would be cute name for a pretty baby girl.

Darlene lead me to the door and I suddenly without wanting to I peed in the panties. I guess it was from knowing I was about to be walked down the street for all to see. Mom said that I was a bad girl and she went and returned with big fluffy diaper and she allowed Linda to remove my panties and she put the diaper on me. It was so big it made the dress stand out and as I passed a mirror I saw it showing like a big light.

I stared, begging them not to do this and that I would be good. As tears flowed down my cheeks sis said I deserved it for doing the nasty thing in her panties. With that she opened the door and pulled leash and out the door I went. I was sobbing and begging that only drew attention to myself. The first person to see me was a girl I had a crush on. She started laughing and my sister said tell her your name as she pulled hard on the leash. I said Christy, Karen laughed hard and asked if that was a diaper on me and Linda lifted my dress showing her my diaper. She was almost rolling in laughter. Karen ask if she could take the leash for a while.

Karen asked why I was dressed like this and I had to tell her what I had done. She said I deserved this and she would like to see me dressed like this all week. When we got home she told mom and she agreed. Mom got permission from the woman principal when mom told her why I was wearing the outfit. On Monday I had to go to the second grade class instead o my regular class.

Needless to say I am now married to Karen and she makes me wear panties 24/7 and I do all of her house work and she is making me write this post. I often have to wear my sister's dirty panties that she sends to Karen, I also have to buy all of Darlene's new panties and send them to her.

Christy sissy

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