I was doing some door to door sales work because I could not find another job. I got this job when I was twenty. I was hoping sales would go good because I needed the money to pay my rent. Not only that but I also had very little food in my apartment.

I knocked on the fiftieth door very discouraged. The lady opened the door and I almost fell over. The woman was a person I went to school with in my senior year. She knew who I was right away and she invited me in. As we talked she said she remembered how pretty I looked in the school play. I was playing the part of a little girl since I was the smallest one in our class. I tried to laugh it off but she saw through my hurt. Her name is Mary and she said that I should not be sad after all I had done a great job of playing the part.

I did not get the sale and left to go home to no supper again that night. I stopped at a store and walked around looking to see if I could afford anything. I thought that I could shoplift some candy bars. When I started for the door I saw Mary standing near by. She said you know you will not get out the door with that candy in your pocket. I almost fell on my knees begging her not to tell anyone. I told her I had no food in my apartment. Mary told me to take out the candy and put it back. I came near to wetting myself with embarrassment. Mary told me to come back to her house and she would make me some supper.

After we had ate I thanked her and got to the door to leave when she said get back here. She said you can't leave without doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. As I walked to the kitchen she handed me a apron that had a bib and tied around my waist. It was also pink with ruffles and a ribbon on the top of it. She said that it reminded her of the role I played at school. Before I knew what was going on I had cleaned the dishes and she handed me a mop and told me to make the floor clean.

Mary left me in the kitchen. When I finished she told me to come to the bedroom. She said since I would most likely lose my job she would let me stay with her and earn my keep by being her maid. I tried to find a way out of it but she did not even listen she laid out some women's pajamas with white ruffled panties and a short top. She had drawn some bath water for me and told me to get in the bath. The water smelled like flowers. When I got out of the water I saw all of my body hair had some how dissolved away.

I slept that night in the spare room and the next morning I awoke and started looking around the room for my clothes. I did find a note that said she had gone to work and that she had laid out a outfit for the day I was to get dressed and do the ironing and the washing of her underwear and they had to be done by hand. She left instructions on how to wash them and hang them on the line in the back yard.

When it was time to hang them out I thought how could I do it in the dress she had put out for me, it was just a few niches below my panties. I got everything ready and dashed out to hang them. I finished and started back to the house only to hear the lady next door say hello. I turned red as any red could be. Dottie the next door neighbor was smiling as she walked over to me. She looked me up and down and said what is your name doll. I said Donald she said that could not be since I was a girl. I suddenly turned to race back in the house only to find I had locked myself out. Dottie said I guess you will have to come to my house until Mary gets home. I followed her to her house. When we got inside she told me to show her my panties. I was shaking like wild, Dottie laughed and said now turn around and bend over sissy. I turned and bent over, She said how pretty my panties were. I was so humiliated and wanted to crawl under the rug. She said well since we have to wait maybe you would like to learn to curtsy and model like a real girl. That day went by so slow.

Someone rang the door bell and Dottie told me to answer it. I opened the door to see Mary standing there with a note in her hand. Dottie had put it on her door some how letting Mary know where her sissy was.

Mary came in and she and Dottie began talking as if I were not there. They agreed that they could share me and that they could get me some pretty little maid outfits and that I would be dressed every Monday to go shopping at the local store to get the food for both homes. It was agreed that I would also wash out every pair of their undies and hang them out. Mary said that I would be trained to serve their friends on card night. Then Dottie said that maybe I could earn some money by cleaning the other ladies houses and wash their things.

I have been their sissy for five years now and make sure to keep their things in order. I have had to be spanked often by not only them but other women that are a part of the club as they all call it. Mary's mother often comes to baby sit me when Mary and Dottie go off on trips. I have to call Mary's mother Mommy at all times. I also have to give her a bath when she comes over.

I have to go now Mary is having me unload the groceries from the car she left two doors down at Susan's house. I have to walk in four inch heels and the pink maids outfit to get the things from the car.

Sissy Dani

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