from Bobby

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have written twice previously about our relationship where my wife rules the roost and I have become her submissive little boy. As I said this has developed slowly over the twenty years of our marriage and now is firmly established. My interests and desires and needs were paramount at first as my wife was tentative but by this point she is in complete control and the activities we engage in are according to her whim, whether I like it or not. She's thoroughly familiar with all my weaknesses and failings and anytime I get a little big for my britches she easily puts me back in my place and makes sure I eat a big dose of humble pie so I won't be so quick to be naughty again.

In my last letter I mentioned how she Mommy's me and this is a particularly crucial aspect of her control. I've always been totally obsessed with her large breasts and she uses my addiction to tease me and reduce me to a big blubbering baby fool. She no longer allows me to touch or handle or suck on her breasts like a real manly man would, instead she talks about my desperate need to feed from Mommy's big titties.

But no matter how much I beg and grovel, and she requires this whenever I need a feed, I only ever get to feed about once a month. She has bought me quite a few pacifiers and often will pop them in my mouth when I'm whiny or talk back and if I'm too needy she tells me to suck my num num because I haven't earned Mommy's titties.

Often I'll be dressed like an big naughty sissy with something like Spongebob squarepants shorts over panties and a too tight lacy top and Mommy will be wearing a sweater or blouse that's very low cut exposing lots of cleavage. She'll tease me and tell me that it's too bad I'm just a big silly hubby and that only real men get Mommy's titties. This of course drives me crazy and reduces me to mush. She'll tell me that sooner or later she'll have to find a real man because having a silly hubby wubby is cute and amusing but a woman needs a manly man sometimes.

I feel so totally emasculated and pathetic at times like these... but don't do anything about it. I just sit there and suck my num num and stare at her cleavage while she teases me about what a big silly wimp I am. Sometimes if my need is great she'll fill a baby bottle with warm milk and feed me while cradling my face against her bosom. Talk about being made to feel unmanly. Often she'll give me little kisses on my nose(most of our kissing is now on my nose or cheeks or face and sometimes she makes a big mess of my face which really intensifies my feeling like a baby. It's been months now since we did anymore than pecks on the lips) and tell me that if I continue to be Mommy's good and obedient little baby maybe sometime I'll earn the feed that I so crave.

She often teases me about what some of my female relatives and friends would say if they could see what a big wimpy baby I am and that she really would like to show how much I adore and am weak for Mommy's titties.

On the rare occasion when I've been a very good baby, she'll cradle me in her lap as I stare up google-eyed sucking my pacifer and she'll make a big production of lifting her breasts out of her bra until I'm whining like a fool. She'll get very maternal, cooing at me, talking baby talk about if her big silly snookums needs Mommy for a feed and after much more teasing and Mommy baby talk while I go crazy she'll remove my pacifier and feed a nipple into my mouth. She'll cuddle and talk more baby talk giving me maternal kisses all over my face and nose and then eventually she'll put a single finger on my wee wee in my short shorts and ask me if I want to make a big squirtie mess for Mommy. She'll taunt and tease about this but normally I'll disgrace myself within seconds as she laughs and tells me what a big Mommy's boy I am.


Thank you for your letter Bobby. What a fascinating marriage you have, your wife is an amazing woman and you are so fortunate to have the opportunity to explore this aspect of your personality with her. Of course your fascination with her glorious breasts is something she should exploit and only allowing you brief periods of worship assures she remain in control. Some readers may find your story hard to believe but I assure them that this type of activity happens far more frequently than you might suspect.

Auntie Helga

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