Letter 7
From William

Dear Susan,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your publication. It brings back many exciting, though often extremely embarrassing, memories of the years from 14 until I left home at 18, when I was subjected to petticoat discipline by my father's second wife, and most frequently by her sister.

What I don't see mentioned often in descriptions by your other readers is the way that my private parts were always put on display as a very special humiliation. My stepmother's threat that if I didn't behave I would be sent for the weekend to Aunt Alice's house was enough to put the fear of God in me, and turn my face beet red. Aunt Alice lived with her ten year old daughter Irma, who just clapped her hands with glee whenever she saw me and my stepmother walking up their garden path. With Irma giggling at my heels I would be immediately directed to an upstairs bedroom where I was forced to strip naked while my little cousin and her strict mother looked on.

My white lace panties and a frilly cotton dress were always laid out for me on the bed, along with a pair of long white stockings and Mary Jane shoes. Almost immediately, female guests would start to arrive and I had to go downstairs and curtsy to each of them as they entered the living room. Eventually I would be forced to stand on a chair and pull up my dress so that everyone could see my panties. Then to the delight of the assembled female guests, my aunt would pull my panties down to show everyone that I 'really was not a little girl at all'. 'Show them your little wee wee darling', Aunt Alice would say, 'Isn't it cute? Now, would anyone like to give William a spanking on his little bare bottom?'

This always created great mirth and on the rare occasions when none of the assembled women volunteered to do so, my stepmother was always delighted to give me a good dozen, which I had to count out, thanking her afterwards. The only time I ever balked at this treatment was one Sunday afternoon when I descended the stairs in my frilly dress to discover that three of Irma's little classmates were waiting to watch me 'perform'. This was more than I could bear and I turned and started back up the stairs.

'Oh no you don't, William', said my Aunt, and she went up and grabbed my arm and dragged me down to the living room to the great amusement of the assembled little girls and their mothers. My own stepmother took me over her knees and pulled down my panties immediately, but this time it was little Irma who did the honors of spanking my bare behind.

Aunt Alice then made me stand in the corner with my lacy panties down, and my skirt pulled up in the rear. The little girls just loved this and teased me unmercifully. I had to stand like that for fifteen minutes before I was allowed to pull my panties back up, and was then sent out to play with Irma and her friends while the adults discussed what other use might be made of me for their enjoyment. I can assure you that I never baulked at coming down the stairs again.

I can assure you that I had had more than enough of this treatment for a lifetime (or so I thought) by the time I reached the age of 18. My only consolation was that Aunt Alice lived on the other side of town from us, so my school pals never knew of my degradation at her hands. My big mistake was inviting my stepmother and Aunt Alice and cousin Irma to my wedding a few years later. Imagine my horror when at the wedding banquet, I saw the three of them talking in excited whispers to my bride. That horror was more than justified several weeks after the wedding when the threesome turned up at our house one evening, and demonstrated to my wife just how she could get me to toe the line. So here I am back in panties and little girl dresses again, yet another fully petticoated husband for his wife's use and amusement.
Yours truly,


Irma sounds like a very mischievous little minx, and it would be interesting to hear about how her marriage turned out, if she is married. With the experience that she has had in imposing petticoat punishment and keeping naughty teenage boys in line, I am sure her husband would have been overwhelmed and in petticoats in a trice.

When a male has become conditioned to petticoating and submission, it is important that the treatment be continued, or he will often come to feel very insecure and unhappy. William writes of his 'horror' at the wedding banquet, but I bet he was secretly happy to know that his petticoated ordeals were being revealed to his beloved.

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