from Mary

Dear Helga,

Harvey has been working for me for almost four years and in my previous letter I outlined our regime. This month I thought readers might like to hear a little more about our early days together. Having made contact via the internet, I thought it prudent to have our first meeting in a public place, so we met at the John Lewis store in Southampton and went to the top floor restaurant. I had instructed Harvey to wear a business suit and a light summer shirt worn over a plain white camisole. Once we were seated with our coffee, I told him to remove his jacket. He looked at me uncomfortably and I thought he was about to refuse. Had he done so, I would have walked away. Instead I sat there, looking at him, unblinking, and with a very straight face. After a few moments he looked away and slipped off his jacket. Sure enough, I could see the outline of a camisole through the thin material of his shirt.

"That wasn't too difficult was it, Harvey?"

"No," he replied quietly, avoiding my eye and fiddling with his plate.

"What is my name?" I asked him

"Mary Jenkins," he replied.

"So how do you address me?"

"Miss Jenkins"



I could scarcely hear him but it was essential that he passed my second test, if our relationship were to work.

"You'll have to do better than that or this job interview is over," I said sharply. "Now I'm going to stand up and start to walk away from the table. Allow me to go three or four paces, then call out clearly, 'Miss Jenkins, you've forgotten your handbag'."

He did as he was told but I could scarcely hear him so I carried on walking and was rewarded with a rather louder call. Returning to the table, I said to him, "You disobeyed me. I told you to call out clearly."

"I'm sorry...," pause "Miss Jenkins" he looked at me flushing slightly.

"Don't worry about it," I said. "But if I offer you the job and you accept it, I shall punish you on the day you report for work. Is that understood."

"Yes, Miss Jenkins," he replied a little more confidently.

"We finished our coffee and I decided it was safe to move on to the next phase.

I work from home in a Victorian house set back from a country road in rural Hampshire. The house has been modernised internally and has four large bedrooms, three reception rooms and a kitchen. My studio and adjoining office are in a rear extension. The largest of the four bedrooms has been fitted out as a 1950's classroom. It has a wooden floor, a raised teacher's desk, a wall-mounted blackboard and a further blackboard and easel. A school cane hangs from a hook on the wall behind the teacher's desk and next to it is a heavy leather tawse.

There are three desks in the room: two with chairs and one with a fixed bench seat. The one with a fixed seat is used only when my "pupil" is in detention. In one corner of the room is a high-backed punishment chair. In the opposite corner is a bright red triangle painted on the floor, where the "pupil" stands to do corner time. There is no clock in the room.

Harvey, of course, was aware of none of this when he first came to visit me, to attend his second interview. I had recently emerged from a relationship lasting several years, in which my partner (a female as it happens) chose to live as a "pupil". Together we set up course of study, created a set of rules and a matching set of punishments. It worked well and when she was not at "school" she was invaluable to me as a personal assistant. Unfortunately she met a young man and found she preferred being over his knee rather than mine!

We had come together by accident when we were working for the same advertising agency in Reading and had shared a house together. Having lost her, life felt a bit empty and I was unsure how to find a new PA with a similar taste for discipline. Browsing the internet, it became clear that there was no shortage of men who fantasised about the way of life I had in mind. The problem was finding the right one, and one for whom it was more than a fantasy.

In the end I started posting on some of the Domestic Discipline forums as these seemed to attract the sort of person who might make a suitable assistant. Harvey and I exchanged emails during which I drew out of him what he sought as an ideal lifestyle. He admitted to liking wearing skirts but had no desire for wigs and make-up. He also agreed that chastisement was an appropriate punishment for bad behaviour. It was at that point that I set up my first interview with him.


Thank you for your letter Mary. Keeping your assistant to a tight schedule and a structured environment ensures total obedience, what we strive to encourage here at PDQ. Not only is this type of regime easier for you to maintain it is immensely effective for the pupil. Very well done.


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