from Amanda

Dear Helga,

I was delighted to see that you have published one of the letters that I sent you about Eddie a while back. It's a bit out of date now, but still topical. Seeing it on your site brought back such happy memories. You might be interested to know how things have turned out.

Sadly, Mum has since passed away. It's not surprising that Eddie was the only one of us who didn't grieve her passing. He was afraid of her even before he ruined her underwear in the wash. Her swift "let the punishment fit the crime" retribution was what finally broke his spirit, especially when I took Mum's side against him. After that, Mum and I made a formidable disciplinary team.

Things started to unravel after Mum died. No longer under her powerful influence, Eddie begged me to stop abusing him and dressing him as a girl. He said he wouldn't mind so much if dressing up was confined to the bedroom; but his humiliation in front of Emily and Sarah was intolerable. He wanted the family to respect him again as the man of the house.

Helga, I am sure that you will agree that this would not have been possible. What was done can't be undone. I had explained to the girls that daddy had been naughty and needed to be punished. They thought it strange at first to see daddy in a dress but they soon accepted this as normal and eventually took an active part in his disciplining. The girls will never forget that experience and neither will Eddie. Given the chance, he would eventually take it out on me and the girls. I couldn't allow that. I told Eddie that I was sorry (I wasn't really) but I needed his obedience more than I needed a 'man of the house'. He argued. I got angry and told him that he could like it or lump it. That wasn't entirely true because he had a third choice. He could simply go off to work one day and not come back. That worried me. He seemed to accept my decision but, as I have said before, he can be devious. Without Mum to back me up, I wasn't sure that he would remain obedient for much longer.

I looked to Emily and Sarah for support. They still called their dad 'Aunty Eddie'; but they were no longer children. As young ladies, the girls seemed indifferent - even disapproving of the way I treated Eddie. They were no longer convinced that daddy deserved it. Without the girls' support, my fantasy world could fall apart. Oh how I missed my Mum.

As it turned out. I was wrong about the girls. They were not indifferent. As they grew out of childhood, they had simply begun to take a more adult view of things. They chose a novel way of telling me this. They gave Eddie a birthday present. They had never done that before. Eddie was touched - until he opened the box. Nestled in a bed of tissue paper, lay a gorgeous red chiffon nightgown.

I was just as surprised as Eddie. The girls used to dress him in fairy princess costumes and such, but this sexy nightgown was way more grownup. Eddie looked perplexed and more than a little bit worried. He didn't understand what this gift meant. I was overjoyed because I did understand. This was the girls' way of telling me that they knew why I liked to dress Eddie in feminine clothing, and that they fully approved. I was so happy. I felt much more confident about my relationship with Eddie. The girls' approval was all I really needed.

My position grew much stronger when my inheritance came through. Mum had been a wealthy woman. There was enough money for the family to live in comfort without Eddie's income, so I used Eddie's work email account to send in his resignation. As expected, his boss immediately put him on 'gardening leave' for the period of his notice.

The first Eddie knew of this was when he went to get dressed for work next day, and all of his work clothes had disappeared. In their place, he found only the nightgown that the girls had given him. Eddie got angry. I got angrier. Result? Eddie spent the first day of his retirement in the red chiffon nightgown. I had won! Just to make sure, I also took all of the money out of our joint account and put it in one of my own. If he walked out now, he would have to do it in a dress with no money and no place to go. That happened just a few months ago. Eddie seems to have accepted his situation and is trying to make the best of it. By night, he is an exciting sex partner - which we both enjoy. By day the girls and I are training him to act more like a lady, which he does not enjoy.

Sarah aspires to be a beautician. Aunty Eddie makes an ideal model for her to practice on. His hair is still a bit shorter than we would like but it is growing. Sarah is doing wonders with it already. She is getting very good at applying his makeup, too. She gets so cross with him if he doesn't hold still. It won't be long now before Aunty Eddie will once again be able to accompany me on outings; but as my attractive lady companion rather than as my husband. He might object to that, but I won't forget your advice that discipline is often called for. Now that he is totally dependent on me for everything, I think his obedience is assured, but I wonder if a good spanking would help too. Ha-ha.


Thank you for your letter Amanda. I know its somewhat out of date, but none the less delightful. So sorry to hear about mum, my sincere condolences. Of course you learned a great deal from her and her natural dominance will live on in your daughters.

Man of the house, really? Who is he kidding? Of course that's impossible and you are doing the right thing by teaching your wonderful daughters that they are superior. Good to hear they are taking a more active role now. I love the red nightgown, perfect for him and said so much about how things are now. Of course discipline is always possible and don't hesitate to use it if need be.


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