from Anita

Dear Helga,

My sister and I read the letters posted every month on your website and we love them. We enjoying learning all about female empowerment to help us not make the same mistakes our mother did. She allowed our father to dictate everything at home which we hated him for it. One thing we wanted to ask you about female empowerment is it possible to reprogram a boy or man's brain to accept female authority. If the answer is yes will it be permanent or will he fall back to old ways? Also if the answer is yes to reprogram a man's brain will it help even more to emasculate and feminize him?

The stories we read are sometimes not very clear how permanent feminization can be or if at all. In my case I met a young man last year who I took to a Halloween party dressed as a sissy. Kevin resisted letting me dress him up like a sissy and even more when I forced him to shave his legs. The end result was he did and we went to the party. The girls loved Kevin's sissy look however the guys made fun of him. Kevin didn't like being made fun of however I thought it was perfect as a first step to his future.

So Auntie Helga you can see why I asked the questions at the start of this email. With my sister's help I would like to completely emasculate Kevin and of course make it permanent. He has already had a taste of it from last Halloween. Without him knowing it also let me know how much work we have to do to rid Kevin of all his male ways.

Every week or so I drop something on Kevin to gauge his reaction when ordered to do something by my sister or me. There are some signs of progress which confirms he is trainable. What are your thoughts on introducing female empowerment to a 21 year old?


Thank you for your letter Anita. It is absolutely possible to reprogram them to accept our authority, done right, it will be permanent, that said, if there is a continuous presence of an authoritarian figure the chances of permanency increase. Males tend to be devious creatures and this is not like turning on a light, but certainly emasculation and feminization can be permanent.

I help wives do this all the time, changing grown men, some very strong types, even a marine or two into submissive emasculated husbands, so a 21 year old should be no problem, or at least not many that can't be handled by two determined, strong confident women.


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