from Sharron

Dear Helga,

I have discovered that when my family put Peter in ladies lingerie he always becomes submissive and pleasant. I don't have any immediate plans for him myself at moment as the female members of my family are doing a very good job. When he is with me only he always refuses to wear any female clothes whatsoever. With me he is a traditional dinosaur male. The only female appearance he has all the time is a waxed body and sometimes the painted toe nails and a faint smell of perfume. So he is reluctant to now remove his socks when he is with me. That's okay with me for now as I don't have an interest seeing him dressed as a woman.

However if Mother and my sister do get bored eventually and stop. I will get to the bottom of Peter I will want to know if it is the women in my family totally overpowering him. Or is it really him that is secretly wanting them to force him for his own gratification. Or even both. He has told me its them that mentally coerce him into a sissy. I am not sure. Even they are only successful if both of them are present. He refused when Mother tried to dress him on her own.

But I will find out sooner or later. In any case as you say while ever he is made to be a lady on a regular basis his behavior towards my daughter and I will be much better. I may have to find a way to dress him myself.

Yesterday afternoon he was at my Mothers home sun bathing in her garden taking advantage of this unusual early heatwave. Mum and sis came out and joined him wearing their bikinis. They told him that as he hasn't got any swim wear so they removed his summer dress so he could just lay on the sun lounge in his bra and knickers. The lady next door saw him but that did not upset him too much as he does not know her. Mum waited a little while for him to bake before they gave him some sun block.

When he arrived back home I noticed you could tell where the bra had been. He was left with a white mark on his chest unmistakably the shape of a definite bra. He went to work this morning and when he got hot he forgot and took his shirt off. luckily for him his colleges did not see it. A middle aged woman customer saw it and looked at him in a surprised shocked way to start with. When he looked back at her embarrassed she told him to put his top back on fast. She then told him that it was okay she understands with a wink.


Thank you for your letter Sharron. Our underwear can have all sorts of effects on males, many of whom explored them in their childhood, mysterious and taboo, silky and so different than their own. Then actually wearing it can be very emotional, even as you noted bringing forth submissive tendencies, the question is, do you capitalize on Peter's reaction, my opinion is, of course you do.

I feel that he is using their 'manipulation' and 'forced' dressing as an excuse to do as he secretly desires its as if this provides him permission, 'its not his fault', or 'they made me', please, he's a grown man and if he didn't secretly want to do this, he wouldn't. The upside for you as I noted before is that this submissive behaviour could be very positive for the family dynamic and with you in charge where you belong, things will continue to improve.


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