from Mitch

Dear Auntie Helga,

I never knew much about petticoat training until my wife read some of the letters on your website. During our 5 year marriage we experimented with other kinks. When I met my wife I was using a key holder service to keep me in chastity for months at a time. I was open with my wife when we met so she was aware of my interest in chastity devices and the Lori I had on. We dated for just under a year when one night my wife proposed to me oddly enough. The night of our wedding Susan made arrangements with my key holder to have the key sent to her. We made love 3 times that night until the morning when Susan locked my penis up again. She mailed the key back to the key holder where it is today. Susan pays the monthly fee to have the key stored with the key holder. As far as sex goes I've become an expert at giving Susan oral and satisfying her with a strapon I wear when she wants intercourse. Up until now our life has been perfectly normal as we both had fulltime jobs, friends and family like most people. Only Susan and the key holder know my penis is secure at all times. Funny enough Susan and the key holder are online friends.

Due to a job loss on my part Susan started looking at petticoat training for me. I saw an email from her to the key holder last weekend by accident. It startled me so I went to the internet to read more about petticoat training not just the letters on your website. Ever since I lost my job Susan gave me more household tasks which I have done. My concern is having to wear women's clothes and some look like little girl dresses if Susan is serious about petticoat training.

Susan is the kind of woman who will learn all about petticoat training just as she did learning about men in chastity. I'm also concerned that Susan will want to use a strapon or dildo on me. She became an expert at milking me so you can see what Susan puts her mind to happens. Susan told me months after we married my penis would remain locked up since I liked chastity devices so much. None of what Susan has done ever related to any kind of punishment. To her it's a lifestyle she enjoys having control. Before I met Susan it was never a plan to keep myself in chastity for longer than 3 months at a time. Susan liked the Lori so much she decided to leave it on like a piece of jewellery.

Auntie Helga I am sure you must receive all kinds of emails from men begging for help and some who deserve the situation they are in . In my case chastity was my fetish which Susan learned quickly to enjoy. I have always helped her around the house and much more now I'm not working. Does that count for anything or am I destined to become her sissymaid?

Thank you,

Thank you for your letter Mitch. A chastity fetish, now that is new one for me and that's saying something. I suppose it makes sense to have someone control your penis since you obviously lack in that department.

Now you have an amazing wife that accepted that aspect of your personality it would seem now is considering taking your marriage to a new arrangement. I feel you should see this for what it is, an opportunity to express your love for her in a new way and to become her sissymaid, it does seem to be your destiny. It will be fine and even fun.

Auntie Helga

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