The Rubberist's Diary

The Nanny's Diaries, June 1920. Part 2, The Victorian Schoolroom

'No 1. The place of James' education, and the lady doctor visits.'

'Later that evening and well after James' early bedtime, Mrs Smythe proudly showed me the Schoolroom. In a remote part of the house, no expense had been spared in creating a very authentic Victorian space for the Governess to carry out her severe regime of study for a boy. At one end was the raised platform where the Governess had her desk and blackboard. Close by was a most extensive collection of crook handled school canes. In front of the Governess position, and at a lower level, was the boys desk complete with wooden ankle stocks.The floor was covered by a large red rubber sheet, an old china chamber pot nearby for toileting the boy.

He would be made to stand for all his lessons securely locked into these ankle stocks, his legs forced wide apart. Straps were attached to the desk for restraining the boy bending well over his desk for chastisement, a very necessary part of a boy's education. The boy was to be given many hours of bible study every day. I was pleased to see the long severe black gown and mortar board laid out in readiness. Vintage etchings covered the walls depicting scenes of vigorous chastisement of unfortunate boys, suitably clad in school uniforms trimmed with layers of frills and lace.

However, Mrs Smythe then decided to summon her lady doctor friend to visit and to deal with the boy's 'little operation'. This would be a good preparation for James a month prior to his introduction to my schooling methods. The dear boy was certainly in for a shock, a fine example of the superior female sex teaching him a lasting lesson of male submission. The lady doctor was most delighted to see James' already in a tight towel nappy under frilly red rubber baby pants. Also to see both of us also in red rubber aprons just like she was wearing. James would need to kept in his towel nappy and rubber pants for the duration of a full month as he healed, both day and night. "Just in case", said the dear doctor with a knowing grin. Already well aware that he slept between rubber sheets.

We watched with delight as the stern woman grabbed the boy. Placing his hands firmly upon his his head, she soon had his rubbers and nappy off him, greatly approving of the boy's tight rubber restraints. Then she put him back into only his rubbers, pulling them up so extremely tightly that James gasped loudly. Briskly taking James over her apron clad knees, she gave the boy a very sound spanking indeed. "To get us all in the mood, my dears!" she said with a chuckle. Poor, poor James was in such a complete state of submission by the time the doctor got his rubbers off him again, to be restrained on his back on the red rubber sheet. A woman of many years experience of dealing with boys like James, no doubt.

Miss Smythe and I greatly enjoyed wearing our similar shiny costumes, very well aware of the effect our attire had on the boy. Gleaming frill and lace trimmed white satin blouses and ankle length black leather skirts over high heeled boots, very tightly laced to the knees. There was also need for both of us to have the protection of long and shiny red rubber aprons, as the boy would require the regular lowering of his rubbers for our attention. With us both also wearing rubber, the dear boy was kept in a most submissive, but aroused, state. Knowing that we would soon have him properly in his place. Just to further humiliate the boy, Miss Smythe called upon her seamstress' services. A most delightful frilly red rubber baby romper suit was obtained. This complete with a frilly rubber baby's bonnet and bootees, also a large and heavy red rubber bib to go around his neck. With a proper leather baby harness and long reins, and a huge rubber dummy strapped into his mouth to suck on. His wrists would need to be kept tightly strapped at his sides. A most intense spell of properly female enforced infancy was to precede his schooling.

'No 2. A school uniform for James.'

There was a small changing room to one side of the main schoolroom. It would be here that the Governess would strip the boy naked to be put into his school uniform. And what a delightful uniform it was. A proper suspender waist made from stout rubber complete with gleaming rubber stockings. The waist was extremely wide and tight fitting. There were very many wide rubber shoulder straps as well as eight garters to keep the rubber stockings extremely tightly secured, and pulled very high up into the boy's crotch. Again and worn over all this, the heavy red rubber frilled knee bloomers. With extremely wide rubber shoulder straps attached to large rubber bibs front and rear. With no knickers permitted and with the boy's genitals in the usual tight rubber rings, he would soon be experiencing the true rigors of being so heavily and securely 'rubbered'.

There were extremely heavily frilled large buttoning flaps front and rear for 'convenience' purposes. The buttocks and genitals easily bared when necessary for toilet and discipline purposes. There were many very short stiff rustling petticoats, and an extremely short pink satin pinafore dress. Again extensively lined with the hospital red rubber. This was Mrs Smythe's favourite kind of rubber for James. Having once been employed as a nursery Nurse, was well aware of the effect this rubber had on the boys in her care.

Yes, and she was certainly one of those very strict traditional nurses who forced their boys to wear rubbers without a towel nappy to save on the laundry. She also took cruel pleasure in looking after boys who had been circumcised without pain relief. There was a huge stiff Eton type collar trimmed with so very much lace in the Edwardian boy's style. There was also a delightful ankle length and bibbed, gleaming red rubber apron for the boy's Governess to wear. Most essential when dealing with a by like James. I just couldn't wait to have James naked and to dress him for a long day in the schoolroom!

'No 3. James meets his new Governess.'

'And at crack of dawn I rose, and dressed most suitably befitting a Governess. A very tightly laced leather corset with the most shiny of black stockings, held very taut indeed under frill and lace trimmed knee bloomers. A gleaming Victorian white satin blouse and an ankle length black leather skirt over well laced up black leather knee high and high heeled boots, very similar attire to that of dear Mrs Smythe. I was soon in the schoolroom and had prepared for the day's Bible study. I then donned the heavy red rubber apron, smoothing the lovely gleaming red rubber over my thighs. I waited in the Schoolroom changing room, and chuckling to myself, I held up the delightful rubber bloomers that dear James would soon be wearing. I had read of this wicked trick that certain Governesses of old would play on their hapless male charges. Reaching into the pocket of my gleaming and heavily frilled white satin blouse, I took out the small glass phial. Opening the front flap of the rubber bloomers, I removed the cork from the phial and smeared copious amounts of the stinging pepper liquid inside. Buttoning up the flap again, I was most excited to hear Mrs Smythe and James approaching The door was thrown open, and Mrs Smythe pushed the boy into the room quite roughly. She told me that he had dared to be most restless during the night, and was certainly full of ungodly thoughts.

Poor James stood shivering before me, as I smacked my rubber covered thighs loudly several times. His sudden excitement was quickly noticed by both me and Mrs Smythe. "All ungodly boys require the very strictest of rubber discipline and petticoat punishment. This will keep a boy in a very necessary state of infancy, my dear." Miss Smythe chuckled. James wore only his night time red rubber knee bloomers under a long similar rubber ankle length night gown and rubber nightcap. The boy was plainly now extremely erect, due to being in the tight rubber rings under his layers rubber. Miss Smythe gripped a heavy leather strap in her right hand. "Full of sin, eh boy?" She snapped, as she whipped the strap across the dear boy's rubber clad bottom several times. "Yes my dear, you will be good and strict with the ungodly boy today, I trust? I have ensured that the boy has been given a double dose of hormones and diuretic today. He will soon be quite ready for a long spell locked into the ankle stocks. Now let me see you dress the boy, dear."'

'No 4. Dressing the boy for school.'

'And so I soon had the boy into the changing room. He could not take his eyes off my red rubber apron, and was in the most submissive state. Off with his rubber nightcap and nightgown and he stood, hands firmly placed upon his head now clad only in the well frilled red rubber night bloomers. The room was filled with the sweet smell of the old fashioned hospital red rubber and the boy's sweat and urine. And so very tight were the thick rubber rings imprisoning his genitals. A ring behind his testicles kept them forced well forward, and this held a second securely in position at the base of his penis. Being now dosed so heavily with hormones and diuretics, his erection was so extremely intense the dear boy shivered all over. "Notice the state of the dear boy's swollen testicles and much enlarged penis, due to the hormones, once you have his rubbers down, dear!" Said Mrs Smythe with a chuckle.

Mrs Smythe stood watching closely over us. I quickly forced my fingers beneath the front of the cutting elastic rubber waist band. I quickly jerked the garment to the boy's ankles and stepped him out of the warm rubber garment, he gasped loudly as he felt the cold air over his naked lower body. How very well the boy had healed completely, thanks to our efforts. The rubber garment was very warm and smelt delightfully of pungent rubber, his urine and sweat. I now turned to James, quickly noticing the bright red marks at his waist and below his knees left by the punishing tightness of the rubber bloomers waist and leg elastics. A little urine now dripped from his deeply reddened and circumcised penis head. I held up the broad heavy rubber girdle of the garter waist he was now going to have to endure.

The boy's erection became very suddenly ever more intense, as I laced the heavy rubber girdle tightly around his waist with its so very many heavy rubber supporting straps. I jerked the two wide shoulder straps so tightly that the boy cried out. With a final cruel tightening of the rubber girdle's leather laces. Now for the delightfully thick and heavy and gleaming red rubber stockings. I jerked them up over James' smooth and hairless legs, and set to work attaching the many wide rubber garters. As I fussed over him with plenty of hard smacks to his bare bottom for his fidgeting, there was a sudden spurt of his urine from his still very erect penis.

I, at last, had the rubber garters all attached to the rubber stockings. I adjusted them so very tightly, that the stockings were held well into his crotch. He stood shivering before me, restrained as all boys should be. With little more moisture apparent from the boy's penis, it was certainly time for his school rubber bloomers to be strapped onto him. I held up the heavy rubber garment and stepped him into them. Before jerking them up over him, I nodded at Mrs Smythe. She soon had the boy over her black leather skirted knees for a very thorough strapping indeed. I pulled him to his feet and pulled the rubber bloomers up over him. After doing the wide straps below his knees as tightly as I could, I then strapped the garment up high under his armpits.

The rubber garment was held very taut over him, and he was already feeling the effects of the painfully stinging pepper cream against his genitals. I knelt before the shivering boy, making final adjustments to his rubbers. Again I greatly enjoyed running my hands slowly and deliberately up over his rubber clad legs to his crotch and between his legs. It became too much for him, and the obvious early signs of a complete ejaculation left him in total submission. With the boy into his proper and very short pink satin pinafore dress worn over three short and stiff petticoats. And finally a huge lace and frill trimmed collar went around his neck. A large steel pin under his chin would ensure he kept his head well up at all times, and old trick of the Governess with her boy. There was also a traditional wooden back board ready to be strapped onto the boy further ensure a very erect posture. It was now time for James to feel the restraint of the ankle stocks and backboard and the stimulation of the cane on his bared bottom.

'No 5. James' education commences.'

'By the time I had James behind his desk, he was plainly in an extremely agitated state with a rush of confused thoughts. I quickly kicked his legs very wide apart and locked his ankles firmly in place into the Victorian ankle stocks. I strapped the wooden back board onto the boy good and tightly, ensuring correct posture with his back forced straight and head well up. I selected one of the delightful whippy and crook handled school canes, and tucked his frillies well up above his bottom. I slowly and deliberately unbuttoned the very many buttons securing the large flap over his dear bottom. With his buttocks now naked, a good caning was delivered to ensure the boy's full attention during his education. "James certainly has taken a thorough chastisement my dear!" Miss Smythe said approvingly. I redressed the boy briskly, and his education could now commence in earnest.'

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