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As always Sizzi and Violet felt they were walking on pink air as they sashayed together towards their thrilling destination. They squeezed each other’s silk-clad fingers between the silky frou-frou of their dresses, all white with pink polka dots. Their black patent high heels, as so often happens when sissy girls are in love, click-clacked in perfect unison. Even their hearts understood each other’s pulsing, and beat a happy rhythm together.

It was a lively rhythm, rising higher and higher as they turned into Petticoat Way, and Sizzi couldn’t restrain his eagerness. “Vi honey, I can’t wait to get to Femmy Frills – I need them to fasten me into one of their chairs and take care of my whole body.”

Violet gushed with a flutter of emotion at the thought of Sizzi’s body and how velvety soft it was. “The nice thing about the nurtheth at Femmy Fwills,” he said, “ith they specialithe in changing a thithy’s heart and feelings, thweetheart.”

“Oh I want that as well, but I specially want a girl’s body, Vi.” He pushed Angela in her buggy with just one hand, so that he could feel the heavenly touch of Violet’s white silk fingers entwined between his own. “I want all my body to feel soft and feminine, from my tits, down my sides and tummy and down between my legs, honey-sweet.”

His girlfriend loved it when they squeezed each other’s fingers together. He held Virginia in his other arm, wearing one of her pink silk frocks and a matching bonnet for their important girly afternoon. “Oh I do too. But thweetheart, the trouble ith we may start to feel tho girly that we just turn into girlth ath soon ath we are fastened into the chair.”

Sizzy stopped the buggy in horror and opened his purse at his elbow. He took out a Barbie tissue from purse and dabbed at the sides of each eye in case there was a girlish tear shimmering at the edges of his mascara. “Oh I want the nurses to keep my hands right out of the way,” he said, “so that I can’t stop them. So they can apply their magical sparkle and blusher to every part of my skin – to make absolutely sure it is all feminine.”

Violet took Sizzy’s soft cheeks and pretty chin between his fingers and popped a very caring kiss onto his succulent lips to reassure him. “I can’t wait for the nurtheth to take off my polka dot dweth and all my petticoats.”

“Oh me too, and my frilly lingerie. I want them to slip my silk panties off my precious places so that they can get hold of my pretty bits.” The sissies came to the entrance door they were looking for and read the notice in pink and gold: Femmy Frills Medical – Transgender Salon of Pleasure. Their pulses began to race as Sizzy pointed Angela’s buggy into the double doorway, then the sissies held hands tightly and tippy-toed inside.

At once their nostrils breathed fabulous eau-de-cologne and their eyes fell on the beautiful nurse at the reception desk. She greeted them with a warm, glossy smile and said: “Hello darlings; I’m Nurse Laceway. How can I help you?”

Sizzi couldn’t wait to start and his words burst out from his heart. “Nurse, we want you to make us more feminine. Please give us treatments that will make us much more sissy.”

“Yeth,” said Violet: “what we want ith pure skin, and thilky hair, and starlit eyes, and pouting lipth, with girly curves and feminine feelings inthide our pantieth – oh yeth, Sizzi’s little bit gets ever tho hard when he feels girly in his pantieth.”

Nurse Laceway was on the point of a laugh but instead she bit the inside of her lip, lowered her chin onto her neck and ranged her big brown eyes over the sissy pair with their favourite dolls. Then she rested her elbow next to her lap-top and put her fingertips to her cheek while she asked the sissies one or two questions.

“What are your names, boys?”

“I’m Sizzi, and this is Angela in her buggy.”

“And I’m Violet, wif my lickel thithter Virginia.”

“I see, and have you visited a lady doctor before?”

“Oh yes. We go to sissy school at Dainty Dressing, so lady doctors are looking at us all the time.”

“Yeth, the ladieth tweat uth wif thithy-baby diaper pantth and vibwating bras, and they smooth us all over wif lovely girly creamth and perfume.”

“I see.” Nurse Lacway closed her teeth on her thumbnail, then asked: “Do you want to stay as girls, or return to being a boy one day?”

“Oh we want to be girls.” “We want to be girls for ever,” they cried, and squeezed their white silk fingers all the more tightly.

“And why do you want to be more girly?”

Violet looked at Sizzi and Sizzi looked at Violet. “Because we feel so lovely when we dress up in pretty frocks,” said one. “We just love putting on petticoats,” added the other.

The nurse looked at them in their polka dot dresses filled out with petticoat frills and could see the sort of thing. “Do you like wearing dresses that have pretty ribbons done into bows all round your skirt?” she asked.

“Oh yeth – yeth we do.”

“And dresses that have their own petticoats and panties integrated under their skirts – so that you step into them and pull the dress and petties up your legs until you can fasten them at the back of your neck?”

“Oooooh yes, we ado-o-o-ore those dresses, with their own panties and petties.”
“Mmm. Tell me sweeties, when you put on your lingerie, and then your pretty dress, does your soft body feel like it’s turning into a girl’s body?”

The sweethearts looked at each other with eyes like saucers. “YETH!” “YES IT DOES!”

Nurse Laceway’s eyes went softly from Sizzi’s eyes to Violet’s and back again. “Well, sweeties, I think it could be that you are practically girls already,” and her face relaxed into a warm smile – “and you just want your girlishness to come out and take over.”

“Oooohhhhhhh!” The two of them brightened with happiness and their bonnets bumped into each other as they gave each other a loving kiss on the lips. “Tho we can wear pantieth and brath all the time?” said Violet. “With petticoats and lovely fashion dresses and lots and lots of girly accessories?” added Sizzi.

They felt as if their hearts had exploded with happiness as Nurse Laceway pursed her lips and nodded solemnly in front of them. “All right them, sweeties. Bring along Angela and Virginia, and come this way.”
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