by Janice Parker
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My Husband Is My Maid at Amazon

First off this book is not fiction, Janice Parker is a successful businesswoman and creative author. She has written this wonderful book to share her relationship with her loving and submissive husband. He, like so many of our readers, desired to become his wife's maid, this delightful book takes the reader along on the journey as she goes from surprise at this admission, to becoming his Mistress.

In exciting detail she describes each step as she becomes more comfortable with the changes to their marriage, sharing her intimate feelings at each stage as she discovers not only how to use this to her advantage but to do so with love and understanding. She goes into great detail and provides numerous examples of various training techniques, from the reasoning behind the actions to the exciting results. I also loved the photos of Merri in her maid uniform scattered throughout the book. Clearly, Mistress Parker has been very successful in creating an obedient and feminine maid.

It was my sincere pleasure to read this marvelous book and I highly recommend to all my readers that they use the link provided and buy a copy today. Please note that I receive no financial consideration for my endorsement, simply the honor of sharing this with you, my loyal readers.

Auntie Helga
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