Embarrassing Shopping Trip
by Mummy Nera

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On Thursday, whilst out shopping I witnessed the most extraordinary sight. While wandering around a furniture store, looking at shelving units for my spare bedroom.

I spotted a mother at some distance away with her little.

He was somewhat of a naughty little, as she was forever telling him not to touch things.

"If you were tighter with your discipline, you wouldn't need to order him about until you were blue in the face." I thought to myself.

Anyway, at this point she made eye contact with me. She must have noticed I was observing. She gave me half a smile of "God, I am so fed up with him today already." Quickly, I turned away from her. Today I just simply wasn't in the mood for small talk with an obviously sleep deprived mother.

I walk some way down the aisle when I hear the mother's voice. This time raised even more than before.

"Oh for goodness sake not again!" She wailed.

I don't know what came over me, but I just had to look at what was going on. Her little had wet himself. Before I knew it I had an angry mother stomping towards me, marching her little firmly by the wrist, heading for the baby changing room which just happened to be behind me.

Around 20 minutes later. I was at the till waiting to pay for the shelves I had selected for my spare bedroom. I was in a queue of two others waiting to be served. An older couple, then a single lady, and then myself. The older couple finished up paying, then the single lady in front of me put down her items on the cash desk.

I had been waiting for a few minutes when the mother emerged with her little again. This time her little was in nothing but a nappy, and a T-shirt. I thought to myself.
"It's pretty cold out today, and you let him wander around like that?"

She was obviously unprepared, or he had already wet the spare trousers she had packed that morning, either way I was pretty horrified by what I saw.

Then the comments started from the lady currently being served, and the lady behind the cash desk.

"He's a bit big to be in nappies isn't he?" The cashier giggled.

I felt my stomach sink. I am really witnessing this with my own eyes?

"Aww...Well he certainly looks very cute in them!" Said the lady as she removed her credit card from her purse.

I just stood pretty much frozen in silence, as I literally couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I paid for my items and exited the store, reeling in deep shock.

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