First Visit To Nanny Aby Cuddles And Auntie Cheryl
Tuesday 14th September 2004
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I changed into my schoolgirl uniform before arrival at Nannies house. This comprised a white blouse with a blue diagonal striped school tie (light blue/dark blue); extra heavy black latex baby knickers; long legged navy blue cotton schoolgirls knickers complete with (genuine) girls name tag attached (Elizabeth J Turner); grey knee length school socks with twin blue bands held up with white garters; (Nanny and Auntie found it very amusing that I always wore garters!) shiny black rubber riding boots; navy blue box pleated gymslip – below the knee in length.

Over this uniform I wore my rubber lined discipline waterproof – thick, rustly, heavy and knee length, fully zipped up and cuff straps done up tightly of course. Over this I wore my new school regulation navy blue punishment gaberdine mackintosh. Of course this was done up girls way to my neck, tightly belted and with the cuff straps done up tightly. I had both my rubber lined discipline waterproof hood up and my gaberdine hood. All fully done up with their straps, tie cords and gaberdine hood straps. Like this, and carrying a suitcase I walked from my car to her house. Due to parking restrictions I had to park two streets away and walk round.

I was quite nervous as I knocked on her door, not knowing what to expect. I imagined that neighbours curtains would be twitching – them thinking – there goes another man to see Nanny Aby! I was greeted at the door by Nanny Aby in her nurse's uniform. I was immediately told that I was too early, and I would have to wait. I was shown into their lounge/diner and told to sit down on the settee. I sat in silence carefully looking around the room.

Nanny offered me a cup of coffee or tea, but I declined this offer. Just before 11am, my appointed time, Nanny came and sat on a chair facing me. She looked into my face and was concerned that I was sweating heavily on my forehead, so I wiped it away with a tissue. She told me to come and sit at the dining table. Nanny Aby to my left, and Auntie to my right. We had a chat for about half an hour. She told me about their situation, and I told her a little about myself, and I also explained how I first came to like school gaberdine mackintoshes and school uniforms etc from boarding school days, and then how I built up my liking for rubber, corporal punishment, hoods etc.


001_Uniform_inspection-tn I was told to stand in the room to attention with my hands down by my sides. Both Nanny Aby and Auntie looked all around me inspecting my gaberdine. Nanny was cross to find some white marks on the lower part of my mackintosh. She correctly suspected that I had spilt food down it, although I have a feeling that she though it could have been some of my own messy stuff! I was made to clean it off with a wet wipe. She was pleased to see that my belt was done up to maximum tightness and correctly locked. She inspected my hoods to make sure they were done up tightly. On the front of my gaberdine I had pinned proper school badges showing that I was Head Girl and Prefect.

Nanny quickly demoted me, and removed both of them. I had already given her the keys to my padlocks and she then undid the belt padlock and the one securing the top inner button on the gaberdine to the internal D ring. On the inside of my gaberdine I had deliberately left two buttons undone but Nanny did not spot that! Nanny Aby and Auntie then helped me off with my gaberdine and then they looked at my rubber lined discipline waterproof and took that off for me. It was then that they really got to work on me! Nanny was extremely cross to notice that I had not pressed my gymslip before I had put it on that morning. (Something I would not have thought of doing). She has given me very strict orders that for future meetings, my gymslip must be properly pressed. Both back and front they checked to see that my pleats were hanging correctly. Nanny was critical that my tie was not pulled up tight enough, and worse than that on the collar of my blouse was a blueish mark that I could not account for. (When I had taken my blouse off later on, I was able to confirm to her that it had come from off the rubber lining of my waterproof). Nanny said that she liked my rubber riding boots, but once again critical that they could have been cleaner.

It was at this stage I got my first shock. Nanny produced two fearsome canes. She asked me which I thought would hurt the most. One was very thick indeed. It hardly had any flex in it at all. The other one was thinner than the penal cane, but thicker than those I had seen before, it was reasonably flexible and had a grip over the handle end. I told her that I thought the thickest one would be the most painful. I was really frightened thinking that she was going to use it on me!

She then ordered me to go over to the dining table, bend over the back of a chair, raise my gymslip and place the palms of my hands on the table. She had told me that I was to receive 5 strokes of the lighter cane over my knickers and then 5 on the bare. The first 5 strokes did not hurt at all; I expect she was judging how much I could take. Then she ordered me to take both pairs of knickers down, which I did one at a time. I then received the next 5 strokes, which did hurt a little bit, but not much really. As we were in the lounge/diner she could not get enough room to raise the cane high enough to get a good swing, and she did them backhand. She ordered me to pull my knickers up and to adjust my blouse and gymslip neatly, which I had trouble with. I was then told to pick up my case and to follow Nanny.

She took hold of my hand gently and led me upstairs and along the narrow landing into the front bedroom, which doubled as the Nursery. There I spotted the fully barred cot that I had seen in her advertisement, with the top open and the side lifted away, just waiting for its next Adult Baby – Me! I put my suitcase on one of the two adult beds and Nanny told me to strip off completely naked. I complied with this, carefully and neatly arranging my uniform on coat hangers that Auntie held out for me. Funnily enough I did not feel too bad at this point. Standing naked in a stranger's bedroom with two females looking at me!

It was at this time that Nanny produced a video and showed me the pictures on the cover. She explained to me that she was the dominant in the film, and she told me to take note of the rubber suit that the man was being made to wear. I WAS NOW GOING TO BE MADE TO WEAR THE VERY SAME RUBBER SUIT AS USED IN THE FILM – WOW!!!!!! I had been expecting to be made to wear the rubber suit etc that I had brought, but she had other ideas. I had told Nanny that I would be bringing a long heavy red rubber apron for her to wear, and she got it out and Auntie helped her to put it on.

Another 'surprise' or should I say 'half-surprise', came next. Nanny offered me the use of her potty, I wanted to use it, but I couldn't with both of them looking at me, so it was put away. Nanny then ordered me to get my red rubber bed sheet out of my case and lay it on the carpet. Then I had to lie on the rubber sheet on my back. She told me that she was going to put me into a nappy. I felt surprisingly at ease as she wiped all around my willy and applied baby cream. She then ordered me to lift my bottie up off the rubber sheet and she secured the tabs of the large disposable nappy around my waist. She then told me that in her house a willie is called Mr Winkie. So Mr Winkie had to be covered next, and she pulled the crotch bit up over Mr Winkie and fastened it all up. Before my visit I was very worried that I would have an erection all the time, but this was not the case. I then had my own black rubber baby knickers pulled on over the nappy. Taking hold of both of my hands, Nanny expertly pulled me to my feet.

002_Rubber_suit_on-tn It was then that she took the two-piece rubber punishment suit down off the hanger on the wall and I saw it for the first time. It was heavy latex, and I had to push both legs into the tight latex and carefully pull it up my legs. There were zips that could have been undone, but we were able to get it onto my legs quite easily. It was a bit of a struggle to get it up over my nappy and rubber baby knickers, but it was soon in place and Nanny and Auntie did up a wide belt around my waist. Next I had to step into the top part as it came with short legs to keep it in place. I was soon aware that it was to be put on back to front! I was looking for armholes, and asked Nanny where they were. She soon told me that if I could find them, then I was cleverer than her!

No, I had to fold my arms across my chest, and Nanny and Auntie carefully pulled the top part of the suit up to cover my shoulders, so tightly encasing my folded arms, and they did the zip up from between my crotch to the back of my neck. I was aware that a full face-covering hood hung down on my chest ready to be pulled up over my face, and my breathing would be restricted, so I asked Nanny if I could blow my nose. She took a clean tissue of her own out and held it so I could blow into it. Confirming that I was all right, between the two of them they pulled the tight latex hood up over my face, adjusting the nose, eye and mouth holes so all was comfortable. They did the zip up down the back of the hood.

Auntie then picked up the red rubber sheet from off the floor and spread it out over the cot bedding, and I was eased down into the cot. My head was laid on a pillow covered with my red rubber pillowcase. Nanny then tucked me in with a large heavy black latex rubber sheet right over my body and Auntie covered my feet with another red rubber apron. Then I had another surprise, as I did not know that the rubber hood over my face had a blindfold attached, and Nanny pulled this over my eyes so I could not see anything. I could then feel something coming into my mouth, and a bottle teat pushed in. I was ordered to suck the water from the very large babies bottle! They had asked earlier if I liked blackcurrant drink, and I had said I did not, so they had just used water. Nanny explained that I would need lots of water to drink as I could become dehydrated inside the tight rubber suit. I thought that this was a ruse to make me wet my nappy! So I did not drink very much.

Later on they made me drink more and more each time they came to check on me. One of them took my rubber dummy from my case and pushed it though the mouth hole and told me to suck on it and not to spit it out. It was then that one of them fitted the barred side to the cot and bolted it in place. Then the lid was lowered and clipped into the hasps, but no lock was put through it. Nanny explained that either her or Auntie would check on me about every 15 minutes. They had not told me for how long I would be kept in the cot, I dare not ask! During my confinement I could hear various comings and goings through the front door, I was also aware that they had their lunch. I was kindly offered some, but once again refused. (I wonder if I would have been spoon fed baby food?)

003_In_the_cot-tn The windows of the bedroom were open and although it was a bright sunny day I was feeling chilly, so when Auntie next came to check on me for about the third time I asked her if she would drape my heavy gaberdine over me. She lifted the lid of the cot and complied with my wishes. THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE ON MY PART. After a while I began to stew inside my rubber prison. The tight hood over my face began to become unbearable and my arms tingled with their restriction. Noone came for a long while, it could have been 30 minutes, and I began to panic a bit. Wondering just how I could get out!

004_RB_in_the_cot-tn I spat my dummy out so I could get more air, (I expected them to notice that, and to punish me some more, but they did not) and I was relieved when Auntie came to see me again. I asked her if I could get out of my cot now. She told me that she would have to ask Nanny if I could. Nanny came back and asked me what the matter was and I told her that my face was too hot and I needed more water. I was now asking for the water that I should have sucked in earlier! As she does not normally put her Adult Babies into the rubber bondage suit, she relented and pulled the wet, tight rubber from over my face, causing me to screw up my eyes due to the light. However that was all, I was to remain in the cot for much longer. She gave me my dummy to suck on again and the barred cot was lowered over me. This time I could see it as it imprisoned me. I also had the opportunity to look around the room really for the first time. Above my head was a nursery style clock and I could just see it. I remained in the cot for another half an hour before they came up to set me free.

As I lay in my cot Nanny then told me that she had another surprise for me. This worried me again, and made me so frightened that it showed on my face. Nanny told me "not to be so worried it would not be that bad." I was helped to stand up, and the top of the rubber suit was stripped off my body inside out, and quickly removed. I was told to flex my arms to allow better blood circulation as they had been tingling. Next the belt was undone and the trousers removed inside out. Nanny then asked me with a smile on her face, if I had been a good little girl and kept dry.

I told her that I had. I was then made to lie down again on the rubber sheet in the cot and she removed my rubber knickers and carefully undid the nappy. She confirmed that I was dry. I got the feeling that she was disappointed with this. Not knowing what was going to happen they put my gaberdine on me over my naked body to use as a dressing gown and I was led downstairs again and through the kitchen and into the bathroom. They took my gaberdine off me and hung it on the back of the door. Seeing the toilet there and now needing to pee desperately, I asked politely if I could do a wee-wee. Nanny was exasperated and demanded to know why I had not done it in my nappy!

Auntie was sent upstairs to fetch the china potty and she held it in front of me as I let flow. They were amazed at how much I needed to go, and they suspected that I had been holding it back. I genuinely had not really felt like going until they had taken my nappy off as I believe it was so tight it pressed on my tubes and held it back for me. Of course I was not allowed to use the toilet. Nanny then announced that I was going to be given a cold shower as a punishment. She had a power shower and she set it to cold with fierce jets. I squirmed and screwed my face up as the stinging cold jets hit me all over.

005_Cold_shower-tn I had to turn round, arms up, legs apart etc. It hurt most as she directed it between my legs and onto Mr Winkie. (By now I was rather surprised that neither Nanny nor Auntie had said anything about the lack of hairs around Mr Winkie! The day before I had given myself a careful 'haircut', and that morning I had completely shaved off my hair around the base of Mr Winkie and my triangle. I had done that as I knew that it would be easier to clean up after any accidents!) Then she soaped me all over, having difficulty getting a good lather with the cold water. But she did it ALL over including Mr Winkie. By now she could see me shivering, so she set the shower to warm water and I enjoyed getting warmed up.

The shower over, I was given a large white towel to drape around my shoulders and another one around my waist. Auntie took hold of my gaberdine and I was led upstairs to the bedroom again. I had to stand on the red rubber sheet and be dried by Nanny. She did everything, drying in all parts and then powdered me all over. I commented to them that the last time I had this done for me was when I was a very junior boy at boarding school when a Matron had bathed and dried me. I LOVED IT!!!

Gas mask hug
On Nanny's knee
It was time to get dressed again in full school uniform without my waterproof or gaberdine on. Nanny then told me that as I had been a very naughty girl I must have my bare bottom smacked.

A telling off
009_Caning-tn She drew a chair into the centre of the room, sat on it, and I was made to lie fully over her lap. It was obvious she had done this lots of times before, as she told me not to worry about my weight, she could take it. With me bent over her lap she pulled both pairs of my knickers down, and I co-operated by raising my bottom up. Then it started. Smack, smack, smack. I did not try to count how many. I did squirm a bit, but she did not really hurt me that much, although it did sting.

010_Spanking-tn She told me that she had thought about finding up her spanking ruler, and wished she had done as her hand hurt. Next time I fully expect to be spanked with that or a tawse etc. Without being told to, I thanked Nanny for my punishment, and I was told to tidy my school uniform which I was not very good at. Time was running out now, and I was told to put my things away in my case and that we would be having a cup of tea and a chat downstairs. Auntie carried my gaberdine and waterproof for me and I took my case downstairs.

We sat at the same positions at the table and Nanny picked up the two canes and placed them at the far end of the table, she assumed that they would not be needed again. However I asked Nanny if I could have a closer look at them and she agreed. I did not like the look of the thicker cane, but was fascinated by the other cane. Nanny went into the kitchen to make the tea, and for the first time I got the opportunity to talk directly to Auntie. She said that she enjoyed being with Nanny and helping out with her Adult Babies. Over the mug of tea we discussed what could happen in the future. I told them that I had enjoyed myself very much indeed and would be back for more. However Nanny had earlier suggested the possibility of an outing to Norwich. I had thought about this a lot as I had laid in my cot with nothing else to do. Wow the idea was exciting! So I broached the subject again asking Nanny how she would see such an outing going. Her reply was out of this world for me! I would wear the same full girl's school uniform that I had worn for her visit. This would include my rubber riding boots of course I would NOT have trousers or shorts on. Nanny and Auntie would wear their nurse's uniforms for the trip. We would walk from her house to Lowestoft station and catch a train into Norwich so that I would have the maximum time on view to the public. From Norwich station we would catch a bus into the City centre. I would then have to follow Nanny and Auntie as they went shopping. She told me that I would have to buy my Back To School items such as pencils, rubber, exercise books etc. Also she would be buying clothes for herself and I would have to be attentive to her needs in the ladies wear shops. She would use me to carry her heavy shopping. She has told me that she would be as strict with me as she could be, putting my hoods up and down in public, telling me off in public and perhaps a smack to my bare legs etc. She has done this before, so I will just have to wait and see what she will do to me!

The school cane was still on the dining table and I picked it up again nervously fingering it. I then respectfully asked Nanny if she would cane me again. She said of course, so I had to bend over the table again for some more strokes of the cane. Still not REALLY hard. She took my knickers down and also gave me many more smacks with her hand. Auntie stood behind me and she kept suggesting more places on my bottom that were not quite so red as others! Every time I sit down now I think of Nanny Aby!!

After the caning Nanny got me dressed to go out again, once more locking me into my gaberdine. It was lovely to have the two of them buttoning and tightly belting me into my gaberdine, and re fastening the locks. One problem though, Nanny kept the keys! I don't know if this was a mistake or on purpose. It was a good job that I had spares or I would have had to cut my gaberdine belt to get it off and that would be terrible.

011_Auntie_doing_hoods_up-tn 012_Hoods_up-tn
Auntie ensuring my hoods are done up tightly

At the start I had quite naturally felt nervous, but by this time I was relaxed, and I realised that I had really enjoyed myself. It had been the most wonderful time without the stresses of normal life. Not having to worry about anything. Not even dressing myself, bathing myself, getting dry, or anything. I really wanted to give Nanny a big hug and a kiss as a thank you. I politely asked if I could kiss her and she agreed. I also gave Auntie a kiss and thanked her.

I am now contemplating when to phone Nanny Aby again. The trip to Norwich is filling my thoughts all the time. Mixed feelings of great excitement, together with feelings of fear and dread as to how I will feel. Will I be made to keep my mackintosh hood(s) up on the train? Will I be smacked on my bare legs? Will I have to call Nanny 'Nanny' so the public can hear? Will I have to wear my hood(s) up in shops? Will we go into a school uniform shop to buy anything for me, or will we go into a baby wear shop, (Oh horrors of horrors if either of these occur!!!!!!!!)

Please note that The Aby Cuddles Nursery closed down in 2010 and any such business with the same, or similar name, is not connected in ANY WAY.
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