I was walking down the street near my home and slipped on some ice as it was winter and the freeze was bad that day. Just as I fell my next door lady friend came to help me up. Being a big strong male I had no problem but she just is a good person and desires to help as she can. When I was about half way up my pants came down a bit and she saw my baby blue panties which I had put on that morning. She said "you have on pretty panties" she then laughed and I blushed.

A couple of days later I saw her in the market and she walked up and began talking to me. We chatted for a minute and she said what color are you wearing today sweetie. I again blushed and she said did you hear me. I said yes ma'am I am wearing pink. She told me that I should stop by her house about six for dinner tonight. I tried to beg my way out of it but she would not hear of it I was to come by promptly at six. She also added I should wear a bra with the panties tonight at dinner. When I arrived at her house at six she said my you are very good at being on time. She explained that her former husband had been one of those men that thought he was the boss not the husband.

We sat to dinner and she began right off asking how my bra felt. I said it was nice. She said well nice is not good enough. As soon as dinner was over she told me to go to the kitchen and wash up the dishes and she would be back in a moment. I got up as if I had done it a million times and went off to do the dishes up. Just as I was finishing she walked in and said come look at the things I have that I do not need any longer and I am donating them to you. As I came into the sitting room I saw a pile of clothes on the couch. They were very sexy with loads if frilly lace and bows. She insisted I try them on. Before a second was away I was in a very pretty panty and bra set that had a matching lacy petticoat. Then came a dress that was very frilly, more like a sissy dress than a ladies dress. She said she had it since she was a teenager. It was satin with lace about the waist and around the collar and cuffs. I felt like a little boy dressing in his mother's things.

After trying on several outfits she walked me to the door and then said I will come over tomorrow night for dinner be dressed pretty and maybe I won't have to spank you on your pretty little bottom. I almost made a mess in my panties. She had taken control of me and I did not notice until it was to late to turn back. The next evening I was dressed in a very sleek long gown which was very tight and showed my panty line and was so low in the front the bra showed just teasingly. Margaret was very pleased with my choice in what I was to wear.

That was ten years ago next week and we are now married four years. Margaret takes me to dinners often dressed in some very sissy outfits and some very smart outfit also. We love our life with her the dominate one and me the sissy submissive.


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