I am twenty four years old and have been married twice, my present wife I met in church and thought we were made for each other. She is six foot two inches tall and I am five foot eight. She loves to be in charge and I love to be submissive. I never thought it would lead to what it has become. Last tear I was in some deep financial trouble because i made some loans to friend that seem to not want to pay me back. One night she heard me talking to Gary about the thousand dollars he owes me, needless to say she was pissed.

After I got off the phone and she sat me down and asked when I loaned that low life the money I said two months ago and he promised to pay it back in a couple of days. He said he was getting it back on a car he had sold. She told me to give her the number so she could have him bring the money tomorrow I said he just told me he does not have it she said he will have it tomorrow you stupid little sissy. I said you can't talk to me like that she said NO well watch me sissy if I get this money back tomorrow you will wear my panties for a week agreed. Knowing he was broke I said agreed.

She picked up the phone and when he answered she said Gary is this you baby? It was on speaker so I heard his reply. He said who is this she said it is Bonnie Dan's wife the one you owe a thousand dollars to. He said yeah I told him I would get it in a few weeks maybe. She said well please tell your wife that you want a divorce. He said I don't want a divorce, she said but she will then. He said what the hell are you talking about. She said don't you remember when you had sex at the truck stop he said I never had sex at any truck stop. She said I know that and you know that but does she. You know I remember how sweet your cock tasted and how you loved having my ass. He said well I don't think she will believe you. My wife said we will see if you do not have the money by four tomorrow night and oh yes I hope she does not find the panties I hid in the place I will tell her to look.

After she got off the phone I said did you have sex with him? She said I never met him. At the next day he called me and told me to meet him at the gas station next to the church. When my wife and I went she told me to stay in the car and think about your butt in my pink satin panties sissy boy. She got out and went to his truck and said give me the money sissy and don't ever ask my sissy husband for any more just ask me you will pay me back ever time. He counted the money and I heard him say that she was a bitch and she said yes I know sissy boy now you may go. He put the truck in gear and off he went.

When we got home the phone rang and there was a guy on the phone that owed me money and he said that Gary had told him about my wife calling him and I just want you to know I have your money and you can come get it or I will bring it over, Bonnie took the phone and said you may bring the money but as interest you will be wearing panties and be ready to show them to me do you understand, he said yes ma'am. He came and she said sissy do you have my interest. He said yes Ma'am she said well and he lowered his pants to show her he had on panties.

After he left she said now you go to the store that I buy my panties which I knew where she bought them and I kind of knew it was a sort of gay kind of place for women. I walked in the store and the woman name Judy came to me and said your wife called, please follow me. We went to the back and Judy said I am to check to make sure they fit properly. As we got to a fitting room she said remove your clothes all of them. I striped and she looked at me and giggled and said now I know why she see the need for you to wear panties. I looked down and my four inch penis was standing up.

She measured my waist and said wait here and took my clothes and walked out. In a minute she and one other lady came in the other lady said poor Judy she must be frustrated. Judy held open a pair of panties at my feet and I stepped into my first pair ever. She and the other woman said they looked really sissy. She told me to get dressed and come to the front when she gave me back my clothes I saw my male underwear gone. When i got up front I talked very low saying my male underwear is missing she said sorry I can't hear you. I said it again only louder and she said would you please speak up. I said it and about time I did she held a microphone up to my lips. The whole store broke out laughing. She said don't you like your pretty pink ones you have on. They all laughed again. I hung my head and paid and walked out with everyone laughing at me.

When I got home Bonnie said you made quite a hit at the store sissy boy. I said that Judy was a bitch and she slapped my face and said you will never talk like that about a woman as long as you live will you sissy boy. I said no and she said WHAT? I said I am sorry Ma'am. She smiled and said sissy boy other women are ma'am I am Mistress. You understand don't you sissy boy? I said yes Mistress.

Since then my wife has been teaching other women how to turn their husband's into sissies. On Friday night the women and their sissies come to our house and the sissies are dressed as pretty little women or little girls. If any of them have been naughty as Mistress calls it they are laid over one or more of the women's laps and spanked with maybe a paddle or cane or hand but they are always crying before it is over. Last week I had to stand on the sissy spot which is by the wall and I have to face the wall with my hands on my head and each of them will come by as they please and slap my pantied butt and all I am wearing is panties. All of the sissies have to call any other than their wife Auntie or ma'am when ever we see them if it is in the store or at a movie except at church. As the pastor of the church I am glad I don't have to do that at church.

Sissy boy

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