from Ben

Dear Auntie Helga,

Last year my wife began talking about us living in a female led relationship with her having a strong personality it didn't surprise me. We talked about it off and on for weeks with her also talking with other women on an internet forum. She felt strong enough about it to press the issue with me until I finally agreed to let her take control. Heidi didn't waste time as though she had a plan that hinged on me agreeing to her wishes.

She took control of the finances, the house, the cars and so on. Before long I was following her lead just as she planned. Heidi put me to work with my role taking over the cleaning and laundry. She continued to talk with other women on the forums trying out new ideas with me. One night while Heidi was on her computer I saw her on petticoated.com as I walked by. The next day I myself went to look at the website to see what she was looking into now.

Reading what your website is all about didn't sit well with me as I felt it was crossing the line if Heidi had that in mind. Auntie Helga I feel that accepting living in an FLR world was a huge step and I have lived up to my agreement. My concern is that Heidi wants more and having me as her sissymaid is crossing the line.

Now with her running my life I am not exactly in a good position to challenge her. Just because I take my orders from a strong willed woman doesn't mean I want to be a sissymaid or wear a dress to show just how powerful my wife is at home. I am hoping to get some feedback from you where I can discuss this sissymaid thing with Heidi before she makes it happen and it is too late.

I would love to talk to you about this if you talk to men about petticoating.


Thank you for your letter Ben. (I responded) I talk to men every day about petticoating and I am happy to talk with you as well. The way I see it you already agreed to let her take control in the marriage, now she basically controls everything including you. There is no line except the one you already crossed.

Her desire for you becoming her sissymaid may also be temporary and that once she actually experiences it she may well change her mind (right?). I suggest you try it for a while, either that or have her angry at you, but more than that, hurt her feelings and you don't want to do that, do you?

Auntie Helga

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