from Julia,

Dear Helga,

After 5 years of having a sissymaid husband I find myself calling on someone with more experience than I have. Here is my dilemma Helga and I hope you have some ideas for me. Colin and I have 2 girls ages 3 and 5 who love their daddy and even more they love their sissy daddy. Colin has been very active with the girls since they were babies. When he comes home from work they greet him like any other little girls do with their daddy. They will give him a few minutes to play with them then they yell they want sissy daddy which is when Colin changes into his sissy dress for them. By the time I get home from work they are all playing together.

The girls know when I get home sissy daddy has to start dinner and his chores. Up until now having the girls be involved with their sissy daddy has worked out better than I could have ever dreamed. Now that the oldest has started school my concern is she might start talking about her sissy daddy at school. I thought about having Colin refrain from wearing his sissy dresses when the girls are home or awake. The problem with that idea is the girls like to play with their sissy daddy and watch him attend to the household chores. They know that sissy daddy does the cleaning, laundry and so on which is what I taught them. When Colin is not wearing one of his sissy dresses the girls know him as daddy.

Helga I haven't seen much talk about sissymaids and children which is why I am writing to you this evening. Have you had this type of question in the past?

Thank you,

Second Email:

Well thank you for getting back to me and the nice things said about my family. We knew at some point the girls would be old enough to tell all so it wasn't that we didn't give it any thought at all. Helga you are so right when you say 2 little girls and secrets. Part of me wants to leave it and the other wants me to talk with the girls. We all know the bigger deal we make as parents the greater chance the girls will tell all. I also thought we could talk about it with them when and if it becomes an issue. We have had friends and other family members over for dinner without sissy daddy being spoken. From the beginning I have taught the girls that sissy daddy is a special daddy that only we have at our house.

Helga I am aware it can't stay a secret forever which is fine with me as long as the girls are not impacted in a negative way. Colin knows he is my sissymaid and I could show him off anytime. It is because of the girls that our relationship is more conservative than others. I appreciate your feedback which I will share with Colin only for advice. He is not part of the decision making in our home.

Thank you, Julia

Thank you for your letter Julia. How nice to hear from you and what a wonderful family you have. I suppose usually it is a childless couple that lives this lifestyle so there is very little experience with your situation, not only for you but for me as well. I would ask if your concern for them discussing their sissy daddy at school is for them and their budding reputations, that some teasing or bullying might come their way or that you are concerned how it might impact your family in the community?

All families have secrets, private matters not shared outside the home and in a perfect world those secrets are kept, but we are talking here about two little girls, I feel it won't stay secret for long, either they are going to say something or a friend is going to drop by unexpectedly sooner or later. Since they are of school age however, a serious conversation seems to be in order to discuss their sissy daddy and how important it is to keep this special relationship private.

It seems a wonderful family, a perfect example of a properly petticoated husband and I thank you for sharing with me. So true, sometimes things are best left unsaid, though your teaching them about 'special daddy' seems appropriate.

Note to readers: This is a unique bit of correspondence and so I chose to publish the email thread to help put it in context and to share the conversation. I am not advocating living this lifestyle with small children, this type of family situation is somewhat rare.


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