from Dustin

Dear Auntie Helga,

I'm a young man who has been reading the monthly letters on the website petticoated.com for over a year. The more I read about petticoat training the more it excites me for some unknown reason. The stories that involve mothers and sons are the ones I like the best so you know where my interest lies. You see I live with my mother which always made me think some day I could be her sissymaid. For months after reading the new letters I would wish to be a sissymaid for my mother. I just never knew how to ask her about it thinking she might think I was weird.

One day when I had the strongest urge I finally asked my mother what she thought about me wearing panties like her. At first she thought I was joking with her so I explained my interest was to wear silky panties instead of my underwear. My mother asked me questions more about what I wanted than why I wanted them. By the time she was finished knowing I wasn't kidding she agreed to buy me some assorted panties next time she went shopping.

A few days later my mother came home with a dozen pastel colored nylon panties which I found on my bed. It didn't take me long to start wearing them with my mother asking me if I liked my new panties with a smile on her face. I thanked her and admitted I liked wearing panties more than my old underwear. Joking my mother asked if I wanted panties under the Christmas tree instead of Jockeys this year. Then she asked me what else I wanted with a smile hinting I might like a new dress or a nice nightgown. Auntie Helga I was speechless not knowing if I should have given my mother a list of talked to her about becoming her sissymaid. Without answering I blushed with my mother noticing but she didn't push the issue.

Auntie Helga what should I do? Do you think my mother would be ready to hear about my sissymaid dream? Do you feel by her buying me panties and offering to buy me more it is safe for me to tell her all of it? What makes the best mistress/sissymaid relationship? A mother/son or wife/husband?

I could sure use your help if you get back to people who email you.

Thank you,

I answer all that write me with the respect you're showing, so its nice to hear from you Dustin and thank you for writing. Lets see what we can do to help you become your mother's sissymaid, but not get ahead of ourselves about the possible relationship with your mother as Mistress.

You could tell her about your desires and show her my site, or you could begin to do things for her, the dish washing, offer to do the laundry, vacuum the house, offer to rub her feet. She could also feel that she is playing a game for your benefit so she needs to understand what's in it for her.

You might also thank her profusely for buying you panties and tell her how much you really love them and I feel it would be okay to ask her if you could maybe have a silky nightgown as well and lets see how she responds. (Readers, stay tuned as we see if his wishes come true)

Auntie Helga

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