from Wendy

Dear Helga,

I firmly believe any man can be petticoated with time, patience, a plan, and quality bedroom skills. We have been married 5 years, both with great jobs and no plans for children and I have very slowly petticoated, or feminized him into a happy submissive husband. We met working out competing in triathlete events, and needless to say we are fit and weight conscious, which I think was an easy avenue to making him my petticoat guy.

It all started quite by accident when he got a case of jock itch and I bought him a pair of black Bali microfiber woman's briefs that looked pretty much unisex. I certainly didn't call them panties, but he really liked them and I loved seeing him in his new panties. So ever so slowly I replaced his underwear with his new Bali favorites, and he didn't say a word when I slid in a couple pair of the higher cut style of the same material.

He was now wearing nothing but this new underwear for months, and I still hadn't said a word about him wearing panties, but I thought it was sexy and wanted expand his pantie selection. I then thought I would take a big chance with his next style and discreetly bought 3 pairs what I thought were the most comfortable panties available, Maidenform 40159, still in black, however this is a bikini style with lace trim and very feminine, not at all like what he had been wearing. I conveniently skipped a few loads of laundry and said 'honey I have been busy and got behind on the laundry, but a bought you some new underwear', and couldn't wait to see what his reaction would be.

As we were getting dressed after showering he opened the drawer and said sweetie, I have no underwear, all that is here is your panties. I then said I couldn't find any of the panties I usually get, but I promise you will like your new Maidenform ones better. He then said I can't wear panties, to which I put my fingers over his lips and whispered, Honey you have been in panties for months, you know you will love the way they feel just slip these on and, I gave him a passionate kiss and said just step in, which he did and I slowly slid them on him. The feeling of control I had with him standing there in his new lace panties was indescribable. We had crossed a major threshold, he no longer wore underwear he now wears panties. He at first didn't like the feel of the bikini style, but I assured him after another kiss that he would soon love them, and after the day in his new panties he confessed to me that he really liked his new underwear, to which I said darling from now on you wear panties, and you have a pantie drawer, okay? and he said okay.

His transformation to panties could have probably gone faster, but I wouldn't have done anything different, I do the buying, and most of his panties are now pastels with very few black pairs in his pantie drawer. I constantly tell him how sexy he is and reward him with bedroom pantie games.

Little did my pantie boy know, but my next step was to ease him into babydoll nighties on our next all inclusive island vacation that was coming up. As I mentioned earlier he is very fit and finding nighties for him would not be any problem. I bought a black, pink, yellow, and red nighties for our vacation. When we arrived my heart was pounding to take him to the next step and I just knew with my bedroom skills he had no chance resisting.

When we arrived, it couldn't have been better, fabulous food and drink, ocean front cabana with a breeze and beautiful view. We hit the beach, ate and drank all day and I teased him constantly about an evening of sex. After dinner and a walk on the beach we went back to the room, and little did he know that I had the maid lay out his and hers baby doll nighties when she turned down the bed. We kissed and held each other all way to the room and he saw the nighties on the bed he said do I get to pick which one you're going to wear, I had to bite my tongue I almost laughed out loud.

I very sweetly said darling I'm wearing the print and the yellow one is for you. The look on his face was priceless as I picked up my nightie and went to the bathroom and slipped it on. When I came out he was sitting in a chair and I said I thought you would be dressed for me when I came out darling. He then said do you really want me to wear that and I started kissing him while undressing him slowly. By the time I had him down to his lace panties, I said you're already wearing panties don't you think that babydoll will feel wonderful with this breeze off the ocean. After a few soft kisses he was happy to let me put him in his nightie. We slid into bed and while making love I told him that he would be wearing nighties from now on just like his panties and I made him promise me he would. Once a woman gets a horny man in bed she holds all the power, I'm sure I could have had him wearing a Little Bo Peep outfit if I wanted to that night.

The rest of the vacation couldn't have been better, we had a wonderful time and now I had my guy in panties and nighties after that first night, which was easy, he put his nighties on as easy as his panties. We are always teasing about who's in better shape and what we weigh and when we got back from vacation I was at 144, 9 pounds over my usual 135 and he was at 172, 7 pounds over his usual 165. I told him that we were going on diets and I thought of a great idea, I had a girdle I would wear when I was a few pounds over, and now would be a perfect time to make my pantie husband a girdle one as well. So I went shopping and came home with a girdle for him that was probably a size too small, but thought what a great lesson to teach him what us girls go through.

The morning of going back to work I had laid out a girdle with his panties and said okay big boy you're going in a girdle just like me until you get down to 165. He said you know me, I'll be at 165 in a week, and I said, and until, you're in this girdle. Being petticoated he put his girdle on with no argument, which made me so happy I was moving him along in his training. Friday, we were going out with friends and he said honey I'm at 167 and I've been in my girdle all week and 12 hours today is driving me crazy, can I just wear my panties tonight? Wanting to take another step with his petticoat training I thought what a great opportunity, so I said no, but what you can do is wear these and I handed him a pair of control top pantyhose to hold his tummy in, and said your choice girdle or pantyhose and he said give me the pantyhose, I'll wear anything to get out of the girdle. So now after months to put him in panties, in just a couple weeks I have him sleeping in nighties, wearing a girdle on demand, and now pantyhose.

I am so pleased how quickly this is now going, so the next morning he asks me if he can wear his pantyhose today instead of his girdle? My athletic husband is now asking my permission to wear pantyhose, something I could only have dreamed about a year ago. I was then feeling quite confident and a little devilish and said as soon as you get those extra pounds off I'll take you out of the control top pantyhose and move you on to a nice garter belt and hose, and he didn't say a word. We then went out, had breakfast and walked through the mall holding hands. He has become the most considerate polite husband I could ever hoped for and I could only think about my next move to put him in a skirt at home.

I told him that I needed to stop in a store and pick up a cute pull up skirt, which he said sure, but not knowing it was going to be for him. I picked out a black skirt and made my purchase. On the way home he asked where was I going to wear the new skirt, and I didn't hesitate for a second and said honey the skirt is for you and I can't wait to see you in it with your black pantyhose. He then said you want me to wear a skirt? And I very calmly said yes sweetie I want you to wear a skirt for me at home. He for the first time objected and said I'm not going to wear the skirt. I then told him to turn around and go back to the mall, he must have thought we were going to return the skirt.

When he parked the car I got out and said let's go, to which he said don't forget the skirt and I then told him we're not taking the skirt back, we are going to have you measured for your first bra. He literally froze in his tracks and said please no don't make me. I then said let's have a seat on the bench it's time we had a little talk and proceeded to explain to him that I love him very much and while we've not talked about it, I have petticoated or feminized him and at home you are on your way to being a lot more feminine. You have a better sex life than all your friends, and I know you like our lifestyle. I will not embarrass you as long as you follow my program. So now just so you won't forget today and refusing my easing you into a skirt we are going to have you measured for a bra and get you a blouse to wear with your skirt.

I then took him by the hand and walked into Victoria Secret and met a nice sales girl named Kelly, she said how may I help you and I very discreetly told her that I would like my husband measured for his first bra. She didn't bat an eye and very professionally said sure come right this way and took us to a changing room. She measured him and said what type of bra would you like? She sensed right away that he was speechless and totally embarrassed. I asked her what she might recommend? She very professionally said why don't we go with for your first bra some type of a sports type bra that would kind of be a training bra. I then said what else would you recommend, to which she said how about something lacy and naughty and a demi cup would you like to try them on? I sensed shock and figuring he had learned his lesson and said I'm sure they will be fine. She then asked if he would like any panties to which he meekly said no I'm fine, and I wasn't about to pass the chance and told a Kelly he wears Maidenform lace bikinis, to which she said oh! That's a nice pantie. We also got him a blouse at Macy's and headed home.

When we got home I asked him to put on his skirt, helped him with his bra and put his new blouse on. I then told him he looked very sexy and I loved him dressed that way. What was once some unknown ground rules were now very clear. He would be kitted out at home regularly and there would never be any balking with my clothing requests. We ordered his first tee shirt dress online and he even picked it out. There is now no feminine article of clothing that he will not wear for me.

I have found that petticoating is a step process, once you take one step and it becomes very natural for your man to wear an article of clothing, he becomes more submissive, thus he would never refuse the next step. I am however a big believer in baby steps, and remember time is on your side. Once you do have him where you have total control anything you want to do is quite easy. You own the key to the castle with your bedroom skills.


Thank you for your letter Wendy. I agree with the idea of taking steps, there is something very satisfying about seeing the result of each thing as it all adds up to him being the cutest sissy. The conclusion does not always have to result in him being your sissymaid, this is your way, this is your life and marriage, I am so happy for you that it is working out so well.


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