David followed Martha to the bathroom where there was a bath tub of hot water awaiting him. Martha helping him in to the bath tub, "Now I will go and find you some clean clothes. Not five minutes had gone by when Martha entered the bathroom and kneeling down next to it, "I have some bad news at least for a young boy like yourself, David, "What kind of bad news, I'm not going to get spanked am I?" Martha started to laugh, "No, that is rather good news and you will understand why after I explain it to you".

David like most seven year old boys paid little or no mind or at least wasn't too worried about it. Martha, bracing herself, said "You are going to have to wear some of Ellen's clothes until we can fine some clothes for you, you really don't mind, now will you?" David now setting straight up, "Girl's clothes you're saying Aunty Martha?" Fact is she was just a good friend of his mothers and no relation at all.

Ellen kind a likes the idea you wearing some her hand me down clothes, truthfully she is rather looking forward to it". Now standing to her feet on her way to find some clean dry clothes for David. Letting the water out of the bathtub David went looking for the clothes he just took off, finding out Martha had already gathered them up and took them with her.

As Martha entered the bathroom a third time, David, "You don't need to give me them girl clothes for I have solved the problem I'll just wear my house coat for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow I will have a heap of clean clothes for a boy instead of a girl", blushing and laughing with embarrassment. Martha, smiled, "Sorry David you got dishes to do with Ellen and please don't disappoint her - she is looking so forward to seeing you dressed as girl. Believe it or not she is so proud of you - she has even lent some of her going to church underpants with a full slip - only been worn once by her", not able to stop herself from laughing.

Martha handed him a pair of nylon pink panties, "I knew it! I sure as heck know it - they would be pink - that is an, nasty word three times nasty word and God is so mad at me He is going ta, kill me the moment I put them on..." David's act worked and he slide passed while they were business laughing and out the side door he went; like a jack rabbit with a fox on his tail. While three days went by.

Maryann an eighth grader came walking down the walk having David in toe by his left ear, "Misses Parker, Misses Parker I found something of yours that was stealing food and sleeping under the back porch in nothing but that old house coat. Mom caught him and asked why he was wearing an old house coat", he went and said you were going make him wear girls' pink panties along with a dress and I ain't going to do it either and that is why he is here!". Martha shaking her head and with a laugh, "Boy you can't win now, how can you?" taking him up in her arms then kissing him.

Maryann started to turn away then stopped and in a suit case she handed Martha three more dresses and a dozen pairs of panties with several slips, "These are for David and only David", taking a deep breath, "Mother said so" turning and walking away not even looking back to see how David was taking it. Ellen dancing around all excited and laughing, "Mommy, David should have been a girl! Look at all the clothes he got!" giggling and dancing around.

David scowled, "I can't help it if certain girls can't tell a boy from a girl", jumping to his feet, "But I can!" still standing there in that house coat now dirty and starting to smell. Martha with a smile, "Honey why don't you go take another bath for me please, sweetie?" David couldn't help but grin for he really liked Martha even though she was going to dress him in Ellen's clothes which was unthinkable.

David was setting on his bed waiting for whatever was to happen. This time Ellen entered the bedroom, "David, would you please - just for me dress up as a girl, please just for me, please?" David looking at Ellen and then smiled, "Ellen, anything for you, you haven't been chasing me all over town with dresses and girl's underwear, only for you". Ellen with a smile, "Wait until I am out of the room for I want you to surprise me, that is okay, isn't it?" David with a smile it is whatever you want it to be", laughing seeing the way Ellen ran out of the bedroom.

David was dressed in one of Ellen's favorite dresses and even her pink nylon panties because he was doing this for Ellen, someone he thought highly of and would do anything for her, even give his own life. Ellen and her mother were setting talking and laughing enjoying each other as a day would let them, "Ellen, you can turn around now and see for yourself..." Ellen squealed with excitement as tears streamed down her cheeks running over to David hugging him and was crying and laughing, "You are the best little sister a girl could ever have or asked for", throwing her arms around his neck hugging him crying with pure joy.

David became Ellen's sister and they did everything together - oh there was no more having to chase him all it took was Ellen and it was a done deal, now they been married for twenty years with a boy and a girl named Ellen was the boy's name and David was the girl's name and they were twins.

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