from Gary

Dear Auntie Helga,

I arrived home from college that Friday, of the mid-summer. I were just in my late teens, well soon to be twenty. I opened the front door, and espied a package there, in brown paper, addressed to Gary, which be myself. A note with it, written by mom, saying that Miss June Horton, had delivered it today for you. Mom were on the afternoon shift at the local hospital, and would be home around 10:30 P.M.

I thought to myself, I would open it later after a bite to eat, as there were a pizza there with French fries, to warm up, for my dinner. Later on, I took a shower and whilst there, wondering what it could be, that Miss Horton, had given me. I had been working at her house through the months past, but Miss Horton, had given me a meal there and cash. Oh well, I shall soon see what it be, as I stepped forth from the shower cubicle, dried off and walked naked to my room.

The package now intrigued me, as I stood nude, at the side of my bed. Opening it, with great care, to be careful what ever be enclosed, would not be damaged. There were a white shirt, well at first, I thought it were a shirt, but on looking more closely, could see it were a ladies blouse. It had a pointed collar with ruffles down the front, where it buttoned. Long sleeves to it and no tail, but equal hem all around the waist.

Yes, a ladies were this be, but why? Now the green, which were a pretty leaf green pair of trousers, again thinking it be for men's wear, but no, wrong again, it were a pair of ladies slacks, with the button and zip fastening at the side.

Now a package within the larger package, a sticky label attached to it, with the words, these my pretty one, are for you, make sure you wear them this evening.

I gingerly opened the packet and inside were a pair of full sided virgin white knickers, with Broderie Anglaise lace on the legs and a little pink bow, in the middle front, which be under my navel, when worn.

Oh my gosh, as I held the feminine garment up to the window. Why, has Miss June, sent these to me? Just then the phone rang, in the hallway.

I ran to it, in the nude, as alone in the house, it were no risk of being seen, in my birthday suit.

Hello, as I picked the receiver up. Hello my princess, the voice of Miss June, on the other end. I hope you like your presents my sweetie. Yes, yes, they are lovely Miss Horton. Good, are you wearing them? Not just yet, as I am well nude here. Mm, naked, you are very naughty, and may have to be chastised, when you arrive here later on. I shall pick you up at 7 P.M; be ready and wearing all you have been given. Miss Horton, please, may I ask, why ladies attire, I have been given and must wear? Well my darling, it is what I wish you to wear and what you really yearn to wear. No, please, you've got it all wrong Miss Horton. No sweetie, it be you have got it wrong, if you do not do as I say.

We shall discuss this, when we arrive back here later on. I have spoken to your mom today, and it is alright, that you sleep over here this weekend, as I explained to her, that it be best, as you have much work here, and being here first thing, saves traveling time in the morns. Now, if you have washed all over, dried, then now talc yourself. You shall find the talc, under the table there, where the phone be. I asked your mom, to place it there.

Does my mom know, what you have sent me please? Well my sweet Gary, that I shall answer and all other questions, this evening here, now put your knickers on, and be a good girl.

I replaced the receiver and ascended the stairs, carrying the talc to my room, where the blouse, slacks and knickers were awaiting me. I rubbed the talc on me, which had a feminine scent. Under my arms, on my bottom, betwixt my thighs, just about everywhere.

I nervously stepped into the knickers, and drew them up my legs. I were not very hirsute, on my body but were hairy down there, you know where.

I donned the blouse and buttoned it up. Now the green slacks, odd to be fastening them on the side. I gazed into the mirror and combed my page boy length hair. Oh gosh, I felt quite faint.

The doorbell rang, and went to my bedroom window, to view, who be there. It were a delivery person, a woman. I cannot answer the door like this, but the bell rang again. Then the phone rang. I were in a dilemma, so took the bull by the horns and answered the door, whilst picking the phone up, on my way. It were Miss Horton. Good girl, if you had not answered the door, then you be most severely punished.

I now realized she maybe watching my house. Or have someone to do it. The delivery woman, whose name tag on her jacket, read Susan, as she smiled and gave me the once over, looking me up and down. Very nice sweetie, and handed the clip board to her, after signing for the package.

I thanked her and closed the door. I now were going quite crazy with it all. Upon opening the package, were a pair of ladies flat ballet pumps they are called, a pair of white anklets, with a pink piping around the top. A note, saying wear them and walk to your gate, there be a taxi waiting for you.


Thank you for your letter Gary. What a wonderful gift, such pretty things for a pretty girl... to be. Of course you will obey Miss June, a fantastic opportunity that any young man should accept. We would love to hear more when you get the chance.

Auntie Helga

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