from Merri

Dear Auntie Helga,

Please allow me to thank you for printing my letter Confessed My Sissy Desires in August 2019 PDQ. I'm sorry that I haven't written you as often as I should because Mistress has kept me quite busy. It is a pleasure to be able to share my experiences with your readers and you are so gracious to allow me to do so. As always it is my humble privilege to be allowed to correspond with such an intelligent authoritative Woman like yourself. Your captivating personality radiates beautifully from your website.

Recently my Mistress was watching Pretty Woman which is one of her favorite movies. She commented on Richard Gere and his physical attributes and without thinking I similarly commented on Julie Roberts who played prostitute Vivian Ward in the movie.

Mistress was a bit irritated by my disrespectful comment. She asked if I adored the Vivian Ward character and of course I said that yes I did. How could I not adore the beautiful and talented actress Julie Roberts? She offered that if I liked her so much that maybe I would like to dress like her. Of course I said yes to that too.

The next day she had me buy a dress online that she pointed out was just like the dress that Vivian Ward was wearing in the movie. When it arrived in the mail she had me put it on. By mistake I had ordered the wrong size dress so I had to squeeze into it. She had me model it for her by doing a little twirl for her. She likes for me to do that when I get a new dress to be certain that it meets with her approval.

She asked me if I was turned on by wearing the same dress like Julia Roberts had worn in the movie and I said that I was. Then she commented that I was really just a tart like the Vivian Ward character in the movie. She said that if I was a real Woman that I most certainly would have difficulties keeping my knickers on and that I would most fittingly be called a slut.

She then said that I had paid far too much attention to Vivian Ward and that sissy sluts had to be taught not to be aroused by any Women other than their own Mistress. That's how I came to get a well-deserved spanking for being such a slut. She paused for a moment before she finished with the paddle and Mistress said that I should know better than to order the wrong size dress. So she added a few more strokes with the paddle for my mistake. After that I was sent to the punishment stool.

She wanted to show what a slut I was so those are my black panties hanging on the doorknob. She positioned me in a little bedroom alcove facing a mirror so that I had to see myself being humiliated. I had to hold my dress up and my slip up so that my sore bottom was on the stool. It was a new position for me that was suggested by the PDQ Forum section of your site which my beautiful Mistress has been having me review for her to find suitable new punishment ideas for her.

The weekend before she had me buy the stool at a garage sale. She wanted me to find a higher one but I couldn't find one. So she had me hold my legs up off the floor while I remained in my punishment position. Sitting on a wooden chair with a bare paddled bottom really does add to the sting just like Governessj mentioned in Corner Time Punishment Stool in the PDQ Forum. Holding my legs up off the floor made them ache too.

I don't know how long I sat like that but when I was finally allowed to get up Mistress said that I was certainly no Pretty Woman and that since the dress didn't fit properly that I was to donate it to charity where a real Woman might be able to enjoy it.

I do try not to be a sissy slut but I do find authoritative women to be unbelievably attractive. I find that being ordered about by a Woman causes me to melt into total submission. I find submissive servitude for Women to be irresistibly erotic so like Mistress says I really am a sissy slut.

Most humbly,
Sissymaid Merri

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Thank you for your letter Merri. How nice to hear from you again and please thank your Mistress for me for allowing you to write, I can appreciate how busy she must keep you. I love being able to share your letters with my readers, as an accomplished sissymaid your letters express the joy of service to one's Mistress and inform so many women around the world of the possibilities in training their own.

I can understand your glorious Mistress's irritation at your comments that lead to your being dressed as the character in the movie, though perhaps an even more tarted up version as befits your station. Being that you are in fact a slut and deserved the fitting punishment you received, then time on your stool.

Please express my appreciation to your Mistress for sharing the delightful photos of you. I hope that you are able write again soon, do take good care of your Mistress now. Until then...

Auntie Helga

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