from Julia

Dear Auntie Helga,

When I was 13 my mother's panties started to become an attraction for me. They were the panties ready to be washed that I tried on and started to wear every time I had a chance. I liked the feel of panties so I even wore them to school which wasn't a good idea. At age 17 I bought my own panties, a bra and a night gown. My mother never saw me with them on because she slept downstairs and I was upstairs. Let me explain more about that for you. You see my mother used a wheelchair to get around which was easier for her. It wasn't that she couldn't walk but stairs and standing for long periods of time were not possible. We had 2 women come in every day to help my mother with bathing, dressing and other personal things.

I carried on with my fetish of dressing by adding a dress and a pair of high heels. It was hard to walk in heels without my mother hearing me. A few times she did yell upstairs to see what I was doing like many mothers have done. The standard answer was nothing. Meanwhile I was upstairs wearing my new dress. One day the company who supplied the women to help my mother went out of business. That caused an immediate problem. My mother was upset so I offered to take the women's place of helping her. It was not easy for my mother to let her son help bath her and dress her yet it had to be done. If anything it made us closer and made me want to wear my dress even more.

My mother is a funny woman and also a good looker. If you saw her sitting down not in the wheelchair you wouldn't know of her disability. As part of my mother's humor she joked with me about being her maid and housekeeper. It was just a joke so it didn't bother me. Besides my mother was going through a difficult time and she needed me more than ever. I always wanted to tell my mother about my cross dressing but had no idea how without upsetting her. Then I reached out to Auntie Helga who helped me understand myself, why I dressed in women's clothes and how to tell my mother.

I wasn't sure I could say word for word what Auntie Helga told me. I was helping my mother get dressed one morning. She wanted her favorite bra so I helped her put it on. At that moment I let her know I loved that bra. Why then? I have no idea. My mother said she loved it too and nothing more was said. Still having to figure out when and how to tell my mother about my fetish she said the word maid again. That time I commented on the maid thing. I said to my mother if I was her maid how would I dress looking at my tee shirt and shorts. My mother thought I would wear a maid uniform what else? Then she laughed at the thought of me in a maid uniform. I pushed the issue to hear her tell me what kind of maid uniform. My mother said not a French maid or any costume but a commercial maid uniform like in the hospitality industry. I replied back ya right if I walked in here with a maid uniform on she would have a stroke. My mother said not really but it might take some getting used to that was for sure.

I got my laptop then showed my mother a uniform I had already looked at in town. She liked that one and another. Together we made a list of things I would need to buy. Then my mother shocked me as she said to me I would need a few more panties and at least another bra if not two. How did my mother know I had panties and a bra of my own. Then she told me she saw the bra though my shirt one day when I bent over and the same with panties on another day. I knew then my secret was out of the bag and that I had a special mother who never said anything. My mother was sure I wore her panties when I was younger which I admitted. It felt better to release that stress I carried for so many years and some embarrassment too.

My mother sent me out to buy my uniforms and other lingerie items on her list. That night I modeled my new uniform for her and it went better than expected. My mother told me I looked cute and she approved. It meant so much to me to be accepted by my mother.We talked about things I could do for her and in return she would do my hair, teach me makeup and show me how to do her nails and mine. My mother told me if I wanted to be feminine then she would help me as much as I wanted.

So after all the years of hiding, lying and secrets I finally was able to be myself and have my mother approve. I think it made my mother feel more comfortable as well since I was assisting with bathing, dressing and undressing her. My mother is going to teach me how to do her makeup and her hair which should be a challenge for me.

I know I have lots to learn and will be serving my mother for the rest of her life. I just hope I can handle all of it so I don't let her down.

Thank you

Thank you so much for writing this special letter Julia, your mother is so fortunate to have such a loving and giving son. Given your penchant for crossdressing and her physical needs becoming her maid is the logical solution and her understanding and awareness of your fetish will help make this a success. My involvement was minimum and it was your taking this chance and turning it into an opportunity to help your family that made the difference.

Auntie Helga

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