from Shelly

Dear Helga,

Here is a letter for your website that might help others get involved in this terrific lifestyle. For us it all started with a change in my career that didn't give me the time to keep my house the way I always did before. The stress of the new job and the housework was getting to me as Scott would tell you. One night we talked about hiring a maid to take on the cleaning and laundry which I struggled to keep up with or spent all weekend doing. The conversation about hiring a maid didn't go far since neither of us wanted a stranger in the house even though there are some good maid services out there. Without my knowledge Scott had done some homework about maids and down to male maids. One night he mentioned male maids and did I want only a female maid or would a male maid work. I thought he was joking so played along to let Scott know male or female didn't matter. He wanted to know if male maids wore women's maid uniforms. I thought what a crazy idea so I took my tablet to find out there was such a thing. We looked at some pictures and had a few laughs about having a male maid in a traditional maid uniform or a sissy dress. I hinted to Scott was he applying for the job.

Well I guess Scott took my hint to heart so he went to town literally to buy what he thought a mail maid needed. This apparently went on for a few weeks as he purchased bits here and there. Scott ended up finding three sissy dresses online an hour away from where we live. The lady showed Scott the dresses and let him try one on so he ended up buying them. The only problem she had explained was the dresses were made to fit a large breasted sissy. Scott had bought his bras already however they were too small for the dress and the fitment was terrible. He went to see a woman in town who owns a shop that caters to women with larger than normal breasts. Some how Karen convince Scott to try on one of the dresses at her shop so she could fit him with a proper sized bra. It turned out Karen helped Scott with a few other items as well as they became friends over time.

Up until to this point I had no idea what Scott was working on or planning. The timing turned out to be right for him to get up the nerve one day when I texted him on the way to work. One thing led to another while I sat in line to get my morning coffee. Scott got the courage to tell me he thought more about the male maid idea and he wanted to try it. Can you imagine reading a text from your husband while drinking a hot coffee? I almost choked however it was the most exciting text I ever read from Scott. In my mind it was the thought of having a maid and not really Scott dressing the part too. The thought I had was hard enough to imagine as Scott dressed in a maid uniform. Little did I know he was going to be dressed as my sissy maid.

That night when I arrived at home to be greeted by Scott in a pink satin sissy dress with huge breasts I lost it. I laughed and cried all at once. It was a happy cry though. Well that was the beginning as I took the time to train Scott and also learn more about my role as his Mistress. Before long I learned enough to be dangerous as Scott learned. It didn't take me long to see the benefits of having my own sissymaid. Scott became Mirabelle my fulltime sissymaid. She learned by way of a contract of services I prepared living as my sissymaid was far more than she thought. Mirabelle thought she was going to be my maid and admitted she thought it time I was going to be bored with the whole thing. Silly sissymaid I thought to myself. Mirabelle learned that was going to be the case when I refused to let her out of chastity one night. In fact Mirabelle hasn't been out of chastity for months and won't be anytime soon.

Mirabelle learned to clean the house however not as good as I used to do which gave me an idea. A friend of mine owns a maid service for higher end clients. Connie has a van all done up and all her girls wear uniforms. I called Connie one night to let her know Scott was now Mirabelle who needed some professional training. We talked for a while with Connie agreeing to train Mirabelle as long she looked feminine enough to go in and out of homes. Connie did not want neighbors to report a man in her team. I assured Connie that Mirabelle looked feminine enough to pass from twenty feet away. The next thing was to get Mirabelle a uniform and a pair of shoes since she only wore heels at home. Connie brought the uniform over to meet Mirabelle a few nights later who by the way had no idea of our plan. All weekend I heard begging not to send her out with Connie on Monday.

Monday came around with Mirabelle and I waiting at the door for Connie's van to show up. Right on schedule Connie pulled into the driveway and out Mirabelle went to get into a van with three other women. After they finished laughing Connie set them straight so they knew Mirabelle was there to learn and to offer help. The first few days were hard for Mirabelle until the girls saw the benefits of having her on the team. After the first few nights Mirabelle gave up asking me to reconsider. We just started another week of Mirabelle going off to work every day as one of Connie's maids. Mirabelle worked so hard the first week Connie offered her a fulltime job and I accepted the offer.

So it is possible to train a man to be a sissymaid as we all know. It is also possible to have then work in the maid industry as Mirabelle does and will continue to do. Over the next few weeks Mirabelle own hair will be long enough to take her to the salon. She won't like going to the salon in front of the women however she will like to get rid of wearing the wig every day. The next step for Mirabelle is to have breast implants supported by her team mates at Connie's. It's amazing the influence a few girls have had on Mirabelle.

As of today Mirabelle has been approved to have breast implants which I am looking forward to her having. Stay tuned for what is to come in the near future.


Thank you for your letter Shelly, I really appreciate your taking your time to do so and to share your personal life with my readers. I'm sure it will be inspirational to many others wives considering the same opportunity.

As far as Connie's team joining the club, as you say, we'll have to wait and see but at least they can see first hand the benefits of ownership.

Good news, still a small C will be real breasts and for her appearance and feminization they will be very helpful, though she may not quite see it that way, not that that matters.


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