I am in 7th grade. I'm feeling pretty confident and also a bit cocky. I haven't been doing particularly good in school and I got called into the principal's (Ms. Olson) office for misbehaving. I've been picking on the girls and unbeknown by me, they have been reporting me to her.

Ms. Olson has also called my mother into discuss the problem. Mom is very upset and agrees that something must be done so that I start respecting girls. Ms. Olson says a little humility would do me some good. Mom gets a weird smile on her face and says, "I know just what to do."

It's a Thursday and on the way home we stop at my Aunt's home. She has me wait in the car for what seems like ages. When she returns to the car with a wardrobe bag and says we have a lot to do tonight to get you ready for tomorrow. "Whatever!" I respond.

When we get home she immediately says, "You need to take a bath and get cleaned up for tomorrow" and then she handed me a razor. I said, "What is that for?" Mom said, "I want you to shave your face, arms, and legs?" "My legs and arms I said questioningly?" "Yes" was the firm reply.

I reluctantly got into the tub and did as mom said. I watched the hair go down the drain as I reached for a towel to dry off. Mom yelled that my pj's were on my bed, to put them on and come out to see her. When I opened the door on my bed was a pink baby doll with matching pink panties and a pink robe. I knew better than to make mom upset so I put the baby doll and robe on.

I felt funny when I walked out into the living room wearing girls pj's. Mom had a big smile on her face as she handed me some red nail polish and said put this on your finger and toe nails. I did as she said and felt really strange. When I was finished, she had me sit by the kitchen table. In front of me there was a set of rollers. Mom got a comb and stood behind me as she started to put a roller in my hair. She said, "I want you to look good at school tomorrow. I said no way am I going to school like this tomorrow!" She said, "Yes you are."

I slept in the baby doll and rollers that night. When I got up, I pleaded with mom. She was adamant and told me to go into her room, my clothes were laid out on her bed. It's Halloween today and you are going to school as a girl, now get dressed.

I open the door and on the bed was: a pink panty girdle, pair of stockings, bra, crinoline petticoat, and a pink and white polka dot party dress of my cousin's with puffy short sleeves. Mom was standing behind me and she said, "I'll help you with the bra, now let's get going."

I felt so strange standing there in front of the mirror looking at myself wearing a pink panty girdle, stockings, bra and crinoline pettycoat with rollers in my hair. I started to feel faint but mom said it will be okay, you'll see.

Mom helped me slide the dress on. I felt really strange when she was buttoning up the back and then tied the bow. I sat down on a chair and she removed the rollers from my hair, combed out the curls, and put in a couple of pink barrettes. She kept reassuring me that everyone would be wearing a costume today and everything would be okay, just wait and see.

When she was finished, she said maybe just a little lipstick, blush and makeup. I was going to protest but knew it would not do any good. Then she said, "Let's get going! I'm taking you to school today." I was thinking in the back of my mind that I would skip out of school today.

Mom smiled when she gave me a purse to carry my lunch money in and also put in a tube of lipstick, blush, and a hair brush. I couldn't believe I was actually going to school like this. I felt the swish of the petticoat again my stockings as we walked to the car. A breeze blew up my skirt and mom said to keep a hand on it to keep it down so others wouldn't see my panty girdle.

We parked in the school parking lot. As we got out of the car Mom showed me how to loop my purse over my head and shoulder so it wouldn't fall off and then handed me my books, reminding me to keep a hand on my skirt. As we walked up to the school doors, I noticed that nobody was wearing any type of costume. Now I was feeling very ill. I pleaded with mom to let me go home and change but, she just smiled and said let's keep going. A couple of girls from my home room class were walking in as we entered the school. I saw them nudge each other and look at me and then started to giggle. I froze and couldn't take another step. My grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her.

We went to the principal's office and were told to sit down for a couple of minutes. Ms. Olson came out and smiled when she saw me. My mom explained that since it was Halloween it would be a good day to dress me up like a girl since other kids would also be dressed up for school. Ms. Olson then told her that kids my age didn't wear costumes to school on Halloween, but there would be a Halloween Dance that night that a few kids may wear a costume.

Ms. Olson could tell my mom was more than a bit flustered. Mom said she had to get to work and wasn't sure what to do now, did Ms. Olson have any ideas? Ms. Olson said, "Why don't we just have her, I mean him, stay for school since I know you put so much time into getting him all dressed up.

I said, "No, please no!" Ms. Olson smiled as she saw me squirming. Mom said, "Ok, I'll leave him with you!" and then walked out of the office.

As mom closed the door to the office Ms. Olson said, "This will teach you to pick on girls, now let's go, I'll take you to Home Rome since school has already started. As I stood outside Home Room I froze once again. Ms. Olson grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. All eyes were on me as we walked into the class and up to the teacher. Ms. Olson whispered something in her ear and the teacher got a big grin on her face. Ms. Olson then left to room with me standing up in front of the class. The teacher smiled as she said, "Class this is Billie not Bill, now go take a seat Billie." There was a lot of giggles as I walked to an empty seat. It took a few minutes for me to get settled because I wasn't used to the petticoat yet. I guess Ms. Olson told all the teachers because they all called me "Billie" as I was called on thru out the day.

The bell rang and I slowly got up to go to my first class of the day. A few of the guys walked by calling me Sissie and fag. The girls all giggled at me and said I made a cute girl.

Ms. Olson had told me earlier that if I needed to use the bathroom to use the one in the office. I needed to use the restroom in the worst way so I went to the office. It was difficult to pull up the petticoat and down the panty girdle, and then sit on the stool. After relieving myself and getting everything arranged, I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a girl looking back at me. I couldn't believe that I was actually dressed completely like a girl and at school. While feeling embarrassed about wearing the lipstick, I decided to leave it on. Upon leaving the restroom the office secretary said, "Oh my, you are a pretty girl Billie!" I could feel myself blushing as I left the office for my next

English class was taught by a really pretty younger lady fresh out of college. When I entered the room, she got a huge smile on her face and said I looked pretty. We had to write a short essay on our most unusual situation. I wrote about being at school dressed as a girl. She walked by, glanced at my story and giggled a little, enough to make me blush.

After class a few more remarks from the guys but a couple of the girl were getting friendly towards me. My cousin was in my next class and started laughing when she saw me. She said out loud so the other students could hear, "That dress looks better on you than it did on me!" Everyone started laughing as the teacher said, "that's enough." My best guy friend saw me for the first time and said, "You are weird?"

By now I have gotten used to the giggling and stares. Gym class is next. Thankfully, we have not been using the locker rooms because our gym teacher has been teaching us square dance type movements and dance. The teacher, Mrs. Mitchel, divides us up into two groups, boys on one side, girls on thee other. She looks at me and says, "Billie, since you are dressed as a girl today, you are over there with the girls." I blush and walk over to join the girl's side of the class.

"We are going to be practicing the square dance today," Mrs. Mitchell announces. We form two lines facing each other. She has us line up as she teaches the boys how to hold the girls and spin them around. One boy object to dancing with me another boy. Mrs. Mitchell says, "Billie is a girl, boys don't wear dresses!" That ends that discussion. It's my time now to hold and be held by a boy as a girl. We do pretty good together. As he spins me around, I am a little embarrassed by how much my dress flares out with my pettycoat and wonder if anyone saw my pink panty girdle. The rest of the class we practice some different basic routines. I am startled to realized that I am beginning to like the way my dress flares out when I do a spin. A couple of girls giggled and said, "I look good as a girl dancing." Joe, I big tough wrestler squeezes me tight as he spins me around and smiles at me. I feel a little uneasy about this squeeze.

Gym class is over and by now just about everyone has seen me dressed as a girl. I walk into the lunch hall and hear some giggles from students who are seeing me for the first time. A girl from Home Room (Becky), gets up and asks me to join her and some of her girlfriends at their table. I accept, it feels strange to be eating with girls all dressed up like them. They giggle tell stories and treat me like one of them.

After school I report to the office where Mom is supposed to be picking me up. The principal tells me that Mom isn't able to pick me up but she will pick me up after the dance. The dance isn't for three hours. I am wondering what to do. Becky from my Home Room sees me and asks me what is wrong. I tell her about my situation and she says, "You can come home with me and we will go to the dance together later." I hesitate but, decide ok.

As we walked together to her house, the wind was blowing and I had to keep holding down my dress. While we were going up to her front door, she told me to just keep pretending I was a girl to her mom. She introduced me and her mom gave me a good looking over. We went up to her room and listened to records. She told me how she thought it was cool that I actually dressed up like a girl and wore a dress to school.

Later, her mom gave us a ride to the dance. I didn't know what I was going to do. A couple of the girls were dancing by themselves as girls do and asked me to join them. As I danced longer with them, I noticed I was picking up some very womanly dance movements.

The lights dimmed and the dance was reaching the end. I saw Joe as he was smiling and walking my way. I froze, I couldn't move. He took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. Instinctively, I took the female stance as he held onto me and we started to dance. He loved to spin me around and I had to admit it, I was starting to like it. I couldn't believe my thoughts.

I was walking home alone when all of the sudden a voice behind me said, "Would you like some company?" I spun around and it was Joe. I didn't know what to say so I just shrugged. We walked together not saying much. He mentioned he liked the way I danced.

As he walked me up to the door, all of the sudden the porch light came on and my mom opened the door. She smiled and said, "Hi honey, why don't you and your boyfriend come in, I will make you some popcorn and you two can watch TV for a while. I was stunned by what she said. Joe said, "OK."

Mom proceeded to the kitchen and told us to sit together on the couch and find something on TV. I was really nervous having Joe sitting close to me on the couch. My crinoline pettycoat made the skirt on my dress poof up in front of me while sitting. I could feel Joe's leg next to mine. I was wondering what was happening to me. I had always thought of myself as being a tough guy but, now I was sitting here completely dressed as a woman wearing lipstick, with my hair curled, acting like a girl with a boy sitting close to me.

Mom handed us a large bowl of popcorn. She said, "I'm going to bed now. Joe, don't try anything with my daughter." Joe replied, "I won't try anything with her?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, they were both referring to me as a girl. After she left the room, I felt Joe's hand on my leg. It felt so strange yet wonderful thru my dress and petticoat. I hated to admit it but I liked it.

The next thing I knew he had his arm around me while the other hand slid up and down my leg. I felt helpless in his grasp. I looked up at him not knowing what to expect. As I was about to say something his lips joined mine and I could feel his tongue slide in my mouth. I didn't know what to do so I just kissed him back for what seemed like an eternity. I told him I had to pee and got up to go the bathroom. I was flustered. I looked in the mirror and saw my lipstick was messed up. I grabbed a tube of Mom's lipstick and fixed my lips.

Joe was standing in the living room as I re-entered. He said it was getting late and he better get going. Mom's bedroom door was right next to the front door. As I was about to open the door for Joe to leave, he put his arms around me, grabbing my butt and pulled me in close to him. He leaned into me and I could see he was going to kiss me again. Our lips met and we were full into a French kiss when Mom's door opened.

I freaked out. Here I was all dressed up like a girl, being held tight by a guy with his hands on my butt, kissing and having Mom see. Joel quickly said good-night and left. As I shut the door I was embarrassed to turn around and look at mom. She had a big grin on her face and said, "I think my little boy wants to be a girl!"

I said she was wrong. She said, "Then why did you put on my lipstick, stay dressed as a girl and let a boy kiss you if you didn't want to be a girl? I didn't know what to say in my defense. She said, "We'll talk about it tomorrow. We are going to have a nice long mother/daughter weekend to get this sorted out. Now put your pj's on and go to bed.

I went to my room and there on the bed was my pink baby doll. I got undressed and put it on and went to bed. I was wondering what she meant by a mother/daughter weekend as I drifted off to sleep.

The End

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