The Rubberist's Diary

The Garter Waist Revisited
Spring 1920

Since being left to raise my twelve year old stepson along with my two darling daughters, the correct discipline is certainly needed with the departure of the boy's father. Now living in a female governed household, my choice of Victorian methods is essential. My dear daughters and I just love to live in Victorian costume, and the boy will not escape similar attire. My dear sister has moved in to the upper rooms where she now acts as the boys Nanny. She has had many years of experience of bringing her young male charges to complete obedience to a superior female. Keeping the boy's genitals in tight rubber Blakey rings a very necessary discipline. My many years as School Mistress are now re-enacted in our authentic Victorian schoolroom.

A boy of his age, having been so very spoiled by his late father, must have any boyish manner quickly disciplined out of him. Petticoat punishment is the most effective treatment for a boy of his age, we all agree. With the keen assistance of our local seamstress, we have transformed the boy. With his hair grown long with a feminine center parting and long curly bangs in pink satin ribbons, he must be very formally attired at all times.

The traditional garter waist is the obvious choice, specially made from stout rubber, worn with gleaming tautly gartered silk stockings also rubber lined. To see the boy standing naked and ready to be dressed is a delight! The waist held up by the giggling girls, sending him into a state of shivering confused arousal and excitement. The tight rubber Blakey rings see to that! Gartered and stockinged over his smooth and shaved lower body, so very ready for the touch of the total smooth rubber enclosure! Enough to make any boy swoon with anticipation, as the girls step him into the bloomers and pull them up over him. His gasps at the sudden feeling of the cool smooth rubber against his boy's body, soon to become most unforgiving indeed as he sweats and the rubber starts to cast its rigorous spell. His acute embarassed arousal noted by the girls, and quickly rewarded with several hard smacks of his shiny clad buttocks.

A complete outfit of ankle length frill and lace trimmed pink satin bloomers with huge tightly tied bows reaching to his ankles. These also tightly suspendered high up under the boy's armpits and pulled firmly into his crotch, worn under the very shortest kilt skirt and short stiff petticoats add to the appeal of his look. A most elaborate pink satin blouse, heavily lace and frill trimmed at collar and cuffs, adds to his attire. This, too, rubber lined. The old Governess trick of the upturned pin at the tall collar below his chin keeping his head well up at all times. A very wide pink satin sash tight around his waist, tied with a huge bow at the rear. A frilly satin bonnet upon his head, and black patent button boots complete his delightful attire. Our seamstress has recommended that all his outfits be made from gleaming pink satin lined with smooth strong smelling rubber, and this will keep him reminded at all times of his infancy. His bearing this in mind at all times, is a very good discipline for any boy thinking that he was at all 'grown up'.

On Nanny's suggestion that she perform his circumcision, he now has new intense sensations in his many layers of his rubber lined costume. His heightened displays of arousal requiring he now be kept in tight steel chastity. Nanny insists of a night costume of the same rubber lined shiny pink satin, and he must sleep between sheets of heavy hospital red rubber. The direct rubber contact with his penis and its stimulation is now denied. Only very occasionally will Nanny remove his chastity before bedtime. Then dressing him assertively in the pink satin rubber lined night bloomers and similar long nightgown. A good over the knee spanking preparing the boy a full night of freedom in rubber. Then Nanny listening out with amusement and delight for the boy's tell tale restlessness throughout the night. The boy then requiring further chastisement at her hands. Regular chastisement must be given by every female in the house to keep him in his place. Hand spanking, strapping, the wooden hairbrush, tawse and traditional school cane, all necessary instruments of daily punishment. Applied on his bared bottom in the presence of visiting women adding to his well deserved correction. To have to reveal not only his device of chastity, but the rigors of the garter waist all adding to all of our satisfaction and his humiliation.

Regular parading in public for us to show him off so suitably dressed. The loud rubbery rustle and sweet odour of his costume showing all that he is fully 'rubbered' as all boys should be.

Now Nanny's final insistence of giving him a diuretic and putting him back into a towel nappy and heavy red baby rubbers for his wettings. She having finally decided that a start down the road to his full second infancy is required. His new heights of humiliation a delight to see, knowing that he is now babyfied as well as sissyfied! Indeed, yes. Now a boy so very obedient and subdued in a household governed by the superior sex.

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