Mummy Nera's Nursery

Dear Kitty Petunia,

Well little Sissy! Mummy is very pleased with your progress this week and was delighted to receive not one but two updates with proof of successfully completely assignments. Mummy especially liked the pretty pink panties with the butterflies on to go over little Kitty's nappies. Very Pretty!

As you have exceeded my expectations over the last two weeks Kitty Mummy is going to reward you, but this does not mean she is going soft on you! Do not slip up now little sissy!

Nappies are still to be worn as previously instructed, and to be changed 3 times a day. I imagine you are really starting to become fully dependant on your nappies and soon you will be filling them without even realising!

Mummy trusts little Kitty found a suitable outfit for your domestic servitude. Mummy is very keen to see a picture of you in it for inspection before you can begin to carry out any domestic tasks.

Mummy will give further instruction on your domestic servitude tasks once she sees your "suitable" maids uniform you have chosen for her.

I received a very cute sissy pout photo last week. You made Mummy squeal with delight when she saw it. You are really beginning to know your place and that is what really makes Mummy proud. She wants you to continue practicing your pout. Make sure you stick out that bottom lip little lady!

Mummy has chosen "Pity Wanks" as a suitable name for your forever shrinking clitty and I think it's rather fitting!

Once Mummy has seen a photo of you in your new maids outfit for inspection she will send the rest of your assignment. Make sure that your uniform is clean and well pressed Mummy wants you not only on your best behaviour but to be dressed immaculately.

Mummy will await your response.

Mummy x

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