I met my future wife at a bar in the town where we lived. I was so sweet and loving to her. I remember that she said I must be gay to be so caring about what she wanted. I always opened the car door for her and very often made her breakfast and served it to her in bed. I made sure she was on a pedestal. My friends would hear about this through their wives and would tell me to stop being a sissy maid for my wife. The wives always said they wish their husbands would be half as loving as I was. One day my wife asked me why I treated her like a princess. I had never thought of doing anything else, it was some thing in my nature I guess.

One night my wife came to bed and I saw she had a pair of her satin panties that I had bought for her months ago. After getting in bed she kissed me and began to rub them on my cheek. They had not been washed and I could smell her wonderful scent on them as they past my nose. Needless to say I got aroused by that. She lovingly said do you want to wear them? I swallowed hard and said "maybe but I don't know" She told me to remove my pajamas and underpants. Shaking I did as she said. When I was naked she rubbed them on my manhood. I must say I was about to explode. My heart raced and she continued to rub them on my manhood. Before I knew it I had them on, I remember thinking oh my God these feel so soft and wonderful. She climbed on top of me and we had the best sex ever in our marriage. I went to sleep with them on. The next morning I awoke to see her looking at me. She was smiling and i smiled also. She said I believe you were born to be a sissy. I ask why do you say that? She told me I was talking in my sleep and it was mostly saying things about being her sissy and doing what ever she wanted as long as I could wear her dirty panties. She said I had made a statement about serving her and her friends as her maid. I said I guess I did because I was dreaming of kneeling at her feet and begging her to let me be her sissy forever. That was the beginning of a life of what I used to do but now I was dressed as a female and talked like a little sissy. Andrea became my Mistress from that night on.

The hardest part was when Andrea told me that she was going to let some of her friends know about her loving little sissy wife. One day I was washing out some of Andrea's undergarments which I had soiled. It was an accident, but she felt I would have to be punished for such a thing as that. When I came out from the laundry area with only panties and a nighty on here were two of her best friends. I almost wet myself when they saw me. Andrea said come here sweetie. I walked slowly to her with my mind going in every direction. She said now do a little curtsy for the ladies. Without thinking I did a very good curtsy and kept my eyes on the floor. They all laughed and said how sweet I did it. I then saw one of them looking at the front of my Rumba panties and said my how small she is, I guess that is why you made him your sissy. Andrea said no it was because he loved me and we found he enjoyed being my sissy. She told them about that night it all began.

I served them tea and other snacks as they talked of how they could get their husbands to be more like me. One complained about her husband going off with the boys to play golf leaving her home doing all the house work. They talked for hours it seemed. When they finished they had plans of making their husbands become their sissy slaves.

I wanted to tell them I am not a slave I am a loving husband who would do anything for my wife (Mistress) to be happy. I think someday all men will be the weaker sex.

Pantied Sissy Wife

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