I started working a summer job. I am in college and come home for the summers. The first day of work was to say the least bad. I work at a restaurant as a server. I had everything that could go wrong went wrong. I spilled a full tray of food on one of their best customers. When I went to dump the garbage I let the can slip and old food went all over me. I came back in the restaurant and my boss Carol told me to go home and try again the next day.

I got to work early and all of the other servers were laughing because I had such a bad day before. I told them (they were all women) to go get F***ed. My boss heard me and she came into the room and told me to go to her office. I felt like a little kid going to the principals office. Carol ask why I had used such language toward the girls. I explained that they were making fun of me. Carol said and did saying that make you feel better. I answered no and she said that I would be fired if it happened again.

I was told that Donna would be my supervisor for the rest of the week and I was to do as she said or be fired. I must explain, I needed the money for my next year at school. If I did not have the money I would not be allowed to get my degree in Arts. When Donna found out she would be my supervisor she was smiling and looking at me funny. Donna told me to get the apron from the back of the door to her locker. I went and found that the apron had ruffles around the edges. It also had her name on the bib. I told her I could not wear that apron. She told me to find another and if I didn't find one I could quit or wear the one I had. I looked around for a few minutes and did not find one. Walking out to the floor with that apron on was so humiliating. Not only did the other servers laugh their selves silly some customers were in the place and they kept calling me Donna and laughing when my face turned red. I did not spill anything that day and Carol said that maybe the apron helped and I was to wear it every day.

The next day there was another apron in my locker and it had Dannie on it, my name is Danny, I told Miss Carol about the misspelling. She asked if I wanted to work there. I lowered my head and said yes. Carol said yes what? I said 'yes Ma'am'. When I looked up she was smiling and said you will make a sweet little sissy server. I almost wet my pants when she said that. The day was long and I went home with tears in my eyes, if only I did not have to have that job I would quit.

I just got out of the shower when the door bell rang it was my landlord. He said I had not paid my rent for the month, I told him I had, and he asked for my receipt. I said he never gave me one. He them told me he was going to court to get me thrown out of my apartment. I begged him and swore he had not gave me the receipt. He laughed and said bye.

When I got to work the next day my boss saw I was depressed. She asked if my wearing the apron was depressing me. I told her my problem. She only said I could find another apartment. I said that I was broke because he was not giving back my deposit, and I had no money until pay day and that would not be enough to get a decent apartment.

The day and the week went by slow. I came home to find my things sitting on the porch. All my stuff was only two boxes. I did not have any money to get a room some where. I picked up my stuff and was walking down the street when Donna passed by. She stopped and asked why I was carrying those boxes. I told her my problem. She said she would take me to my parents house I told her they lived fifty miles away. She looked at me funny and said well I could use a maid. I got a shock thinking of being a maid for her. She was mean to me at work how would it be to work with her plus be her maid. She pulled away and soon came back around the block. I agreed to be her maid for a place to stay. She said get in sissy. I said as I was getting in her car, I am not a sissy, she said get out then. I quickly said okay I will be your maid she said no you will be my sissy maid.

Things went bad from to worse at that point...


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