from Felicity

Dear Auntie Helga,

Mistress Claire has asked me to write to you to let you know She is currently suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She will need minor surgery for it and makes it painful for her to type, so She will be unable to write in for a while. Ironically, Mistress purchased a new computer shortly before She was diagnosed with it. She bought it with some of the money that used to be mine. Almost all of the money is in Mistress's possession now, since She tells me sissies have no need for material things such as money. It won't be long before I have no more money to my old name.

In the meantime, believing it more humiliating for me to discuss my experiences with the owner of PDQ, Mistress has asked me to write you this update and put the computer to some use, knowing you are always interested in my training. She would also like to make it clear that this email has been rigorously checked and corrected by Her too.

My failed escape has meant my entertainment privileges have been revoked (so no newspaper, and I am not permitted to be in the same room as Mistress if She is watching the television). I am obviously denied going outside unless absolutely necessary (Mistress has just corrected me and said that I am allowed outside at any time I wish, but it would be in my locked uniform). This can make me feel oddly cut off from the world, which Mistress says is exactly the point. She says my only concern should be pleasing Her in any way I can and trying to make myself more feminine. She said the only way to achieve that is with no outside distractions to worry me, so I should get used to it.

As such, Mistress Claire and Mistress Gemma are my only true source of human contact, so I rely on their conversation to know what is happening outside the house. Since I have no way of disproving what they say, Their word is gospel to me.

Mistress Claire tells me that She has joined a secret movement where She has discovered that more than 70% of men on the planet are secretly petticoated and that Women secretly run the world. Mistress claims that these Women keep records of every sissy, with their birth names and pictures of them as men, so that, were those sissies ever to escape (like I almost did) they would put out an alert on their secret website, using the name and picture they have on file, so that all the Women in the group would keep an eye out across the country until the escapee was found and brought to heel once more.

She told me that the Women of the movement now all know what I look like since my despicable episode and I have been put on a "watch list" for sissies who have already tried escaping once before. Mistress Claire warns me that I wouldn't want to find out what would happen to me were I to try it again. She says the secret movement are not very forgiving towards ungrateful sissies. Like I said, Mistress's word is gospel, so while I am not completely convinced that this secret movement exists, and find the prospect slightly intimidating if it does, I do not want to take the risk that what she tells me might actually be true. Not that I have any more plans of escape. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I have no funds, contacts or access to male clothes anymore. I am utterly reliant on Mistress Claire.

Soon after Mistress Claire told me about the secret movement, She 'accidentally' left £100 on the hallway table after She had left for work. It is unlike Mistress Claire to carry that kind of money around anyway, and I wondered whether it was a test, to see if I would try and escape again if given the opportunity. It wasn't much money in the long run, but if I broke into the locked cupboard where Mistress keeps my male clothes and took the money, I could easily use the money to travel to my sister's. But I didn't, Auntie Helga. The whole time, I was reminded of my horrible experience, which Mistress has told me She has already told you about. I looked at the money, thinking that if I so much as touched it, Mistress Claire and Mistress Gemma would somehow jump out of nowhere and punish me again. They always seem to be one step ahead, so why would I risk getting in further trouble? I left the money and got on with my chores. Later on, when Mistress Claire came home, I curtsied for Her at the door, and She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good girl." It had been a test all along.

Mistress now has a very easy system so that I know when I am being a good girl and when I need improvement. She has bought me a pretty tiara that She places on my head every morning. If Mistress removes the tiara, it means I have done something to displease Her, and must earn it back. By the end of the day, if I have had it removed, I am to kneel before Her, and tell Her why I think She took it from me. If I do not know the reason, I am punished with the cane (though since Mistress has had problems with her hand, Mistress Gemma gives the punishment instead when She visits). It is strange to be relieved on the days where I get to wear my tiara all day.

After stealing the lock picking book from the library, Mistress made me return it in person and explain to the staff member that I had used Her card to take it out. As an added punishment, I was to ask the librarian where their books on transvestism were. Mistress decided which member of staff I was to ask and settled on a young female librarian while Mistress Claire watched nearby. The young lady was very helpful and supportive, believing me to be a transgender man. Of course, Mistress Claire rightfully came over to make my experience more excruciating and that was that. Or so I thought. Mistress Claire had me send an email to the library expressing my thanks to the young lady for being so understanding and supportive over such a delicate issue. Mistress knows that if a customer sends in a letter of gratitude, not only does said letter go in the employee's permanent record, but it often makes the member of staff feel so good about themselves, that they feel the need to give that person special treatment the next time they visit for going out of their way to say something nice about them. Mistress said, "If you ever go there without my expressed permission again, you can guarantee She'll give you special treatment, and when She recognises you, She'll tell all the other staff, 'there's that transvestite who sent in the nice letter'. If you go back there, word will quickly get out round town that you enjoy dressing in pretty things."

Mistress Claire has made it clear that my punishment for trying to escape did not end with my being locked in the room. She said it was too great a misdeed to be over so quickly, and She loves to tell me that She is always thinking what to do next, and that She has made some plans for my birthday later this month, which I am dreading. Mistress Gemma usually comes round too to celebrate my birthday. It is often quite a tiring day for me. Mistress Claire has promised me though that as long as there are no lapses in my behaviour, I will not be made to endure being locked in my room again, which I am incredibly glad of. I don't think I have ever had a worse experience in my life Auntie Helga. At first it was degrading and utterly lonely, but the thought that I had been altered down there is difficult to even consider, so I am incredibly relieved that it was just a trick.

Mistress Claire would also like to let you know that Mistress Gemma has gone out with the young man, Mark, twice now, and likes to tease me that I may have a sissy companion on the way some day in the future if things go well with him, which I am dreading. Mistress Claire says that I would have to set a good example for my new maid friend and set a high standard.

Kneeling Compliantly,

Thank you for your letter Felicity. My sincere best wishes to Mistress Claire for a speedy recovery and I hope she is able to get back to using her cane to help you, you want her to help you, don't you?

Of course she is right, there really is only one thing you need to concern yourself with and that is total submission and obedience to your glorious Mistress Claire and her amazing friend, Mistress Gemma. That should be completely fulfilling to you, to see her smile is your reason for living.

It is not proper for me to discuss our secret society or even if it exists, usually sissies have no idea. I hope you are proud to come to the end of the day still wearing your tiara and ashamed of yourself for the slightest failures. Be good now and if you go back to the library be nice to the sweet ladies that work there. Best of luck and I hope you are going to have a new sissy friend before too long.

Auntie Helga

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