from Bobby

Dear Auntie Helga,

I love your site and your magazine and and thought I'd write and tell you about my experiences with my wife.

We've been married for 15 years and quite a while ago I introduced her to my need for domination and humiliation. It took her a bit of time to fully embrace the role of my Queen, but now she truly relishes it. Early on our play revolved around foot fetish and domestic servitude and discipline and I spent a lot of time pampering her feet, serving as her foot stool, and waiting on her hand and foot wearing an apron and frilly panties.

As time has progressed my wife, Paula, has gotten more and more in to it, becoming surer and stricter and having me become more vulnerable, subservient, and obedient to her. A few months ago I was kneeling before her, massaging one foot while the other was planted firmly on my face with my silly nose between her toes while she questioned me about my fantasies and I blubbered, as she squeezed my nose hard between her toes, that I've often fantasized about her acting the Mommy role with me being a prissy sissy and helpless panty wimp. She laughed and I was mortified but also excited to finally let her know.

Since then she's really pushed this aspect as she loves how completely I turn to mush and will do anything and every little thing she wants, totally excited and helpless and under the whims of Mommy. On a frequent basis now she'll dress me in the frou frouiest pink see through lace panties with flowers and ties and ribbons. Underneath my naughty pee pee is usually clearly visible and normally she's tied that up with ribbon and lace and often times attached bells. She found a woman on eBay who sells sissy items and custom ordered panties and frocks that say, Mommy's silly sissy boy or Mommy's big baby on them. In addition she'll normally put me in a woman's apron. Recently she ties a pacifier around my neck and it is always either in my mouth (the same woman on eBay has provided pacifiers on a Velcro strap that Mommy ties behind my ears) or close at hand just beneath my chin. She usually completes my silly outfit by painting my lips with dark lipstick. Sometimes she'll paint my nose red too as treating me like a silly clown she finds amusing. Needless, to say I feel like a fool, but I can't resist her when she starts talking to me in that maternal way, baby talking me, saying things like, "Is hubby going to be Mommy's good little sissy?" "Is my hubby-wubby Mommy'g big silly pansy?" "Oh, my, Bobby, aren't you the pathetic one in your silly panties and lipstick, sucking on your num num. Go ahead and shake your little wee wee for me, ring your bells, show me how much you love your Mommy."

Sometimes I'll be outfitted like this for hours, having to prepare her dinner, serve it to her, hurrying here and there while she makes demands or talks on the phone with her mother or girl friends. She often threatens to out me to her girl friends and sometimes while talking to them will say something to me that is quite revealing and embarrassing like, "Yes, bobby's massaging my feet right now. He cooked me dinner and ran a bath for me. He'll do anything for me." Once, when I was massaging her feet and she spoke this way to her friend Andrea, who lives across the country and visits every year or so, Andrea responded to the effect that wasn't I embarrassed to be so pussy-whipped. Paula replied that yes, sometimes I was, but overall I really liked being pussy-whipped. Then staring into my eyes as she slipped my nose between her toes, she said, "He's a real Mommy's boy."

I was mortified, but with my nose between her toes and caught in her powerful eyes, I just groaned helplessly.

There are many games we play, which perhaps I'll tell you about if you'd like me to write again. Just last week, she really embarrassed me by saying that we needed a little talk about some behavior that she felt was inappropriate and disrespectful on my part. She told me that Mommy needed to have a talk with her naughty boy. She had me come and sit on her lap, and, while she told me that I had earned a long bare bottomed spanking over Mommy's knee, she plopped my pacifier into my mouth, brought her face close to mine and spoke intimately to me about my failings. While I sucked on my num num Mommy placed kissies all over my face and nose especially wetting it thoroughly and making me feel like a big silly baby. Finally, she pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and told me to ask her politely for the spanking that I deserved. I did so and she immediately plunged the pacifier back in, holding on with her fingers, pushing it in and out rapidly, inserting her forefinger into my mouth and then petting my nose with it over and over again as she repeated, "You're such a big silly sissy, bobby."

I'm afraid I made a squirty in my panties and was span-marched to the corner to await my spanking.

I am a little concerned that she will expose me to her girlfriends (she kids me about me serving at an all girl party) and don't know if I should put my foot down and say no, under no conditions can she expose me. I'm afraid though, with her knowledge of my silly weaknesses, she might make my will crumble, making me feel a bigger fool than I already do.


Thank you for your letter Bobby. You did bring this on yourself of course by expressing your fantasies and I suspect you are happy that you did, she seems to have taken to your revelation and enjoys the play as well. This is what a meaningful and honest relationship is all about.

Of course we would love to read more about the games you play. I feel your exposure to her friends is not really your choice now and if it does happen it will be okay. I also feel that should you try to 'put your foot down' it will not be received well by your dominant wife so the best thing to do at this point is to obey her.

Auntie Helga

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