from Sandy

Dear Helga,

A good friend of mine alerted me to your website and petticoating men last weekend so here I am. You know some of what is talked about on your website is also the way I think of my husband's role in the household. If you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts on what I am about to share you to see if petticoating my husband if the right move.

To begin we are in our thirties married 7 years ago with no children. Both of us work in the corporate world which can sometimes tempt even the strongest marriages. To that what I mean is both of us have been hit on by people we work with however my husband was caught having lunch one too many times with a blonde. It wasn't a good thing for me to hear about then witness myself causing me to take action. I purchased a holy trainer chastity device for Carl in a pretty pink color to wear along with white nylon panties Monday to Friday. Oh sure he objected however it was long before chastity Monday to Friday became a normal thing for him to do.

Helga I thought if Carl was going to put himself in a position where sex with a blonde or any other woman was at stake the holy trainer was going to keep him honest. Having said that the weekends were normal in the way that we continue to have a great sex life until Monday mornings.

This past weekend was Halloween which prompted me to have Carl dress as a Victorian maid and myself as a butler. I rented the costumes from a shop who has both cheap and expensive costumes for sale and rent. It wasn't hard to get Carl to wear the costume along with all the accessories. It was fun to shave Carl's legs and put a bra on him so much so it gave me some ideas.

As I mentioned a good friend of mine pointed me at your website while giving me a few ideas for Carl. It really hit home seeing Carl dressed in our clothes and more so as a Victorian maid. What I did tell him Auntie Helga was how much I liked the costume on him so I bought it so he could wear it more for me. Carl laughed however with me having the holy trainer key which controls his ability to have sex it wasn't long before he shut up.

Last night I offered to help Carl once again get dressed in his Victorian maid costume while I took notes of a few items he will require going forward. At this point Carl is only dressing for me however after reading about petticoating I'm wondering if I shouldn't go further with him.

Helga what do think about Carl as my sissymaid? Do you see anything that may be a red flag or is he ready? What I should also as is do you feel I have what it takes to lead him as a Mistress?


Thank you for your letter Sandy. It does seem like you are off to a great start with the chastity device and the panties and the fact that he is wearing them bespeaks to your dominance. The Victorian style is a wonderful uniform for your maid. From what I can see he is ready to move forward into a maid role for you. Your certainly do have the capacity to become a first rate Mistress.


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