from Susan P.

Dear Helga,

Susan P. here and it is so nice to hear from you as well. As always I cannot thank you enough for the part that you and PDQ have played in the rebirth and raising up of my darling Sissy Missy. She truly has blossomed as a sissymaid. I have never seen anyone perform a curtsy with the diligence Pansy does, and when I think upon the fact that she used to strut like a peacock in her former Johnny persona it is such a blessing.

I thought it best that your readers hear a positive spin on removing the unwanted source of all male aggression and arrogance from a former chauvinist 'stud' (sic) such as my failed hubby thought he was, rather than from another Dom such as myself, so that other mistresses might feel more at ease taking the 'ball' in hand so to speak and removing them from play. Pansy truly has been a model sissy maid ever since, and the thought of utilizing such other cruel and inhumane provisions for bringing out the best in a sissymaid as one writer advocated is surely both antiquated and vindictive.

I actually love my little Sissy Missy, and would never desire to see her in anguish other than the occasional necessary public spanking (both a physical and psychological double corrective action). In the end I realize it takes all kinds to make the world go round, however for my part I am so glad that Pansy has put her Johnny aside and now lives to be the best sissymaid she can, not only for my sake and her sexual id, but so that she may go forth in life at total peace with what she is, taking joy in genuflecting before others rather than feeling any guilt and fear over doing it or remorse for what she once was, for Pansy has no sense of loss, be it over her shorn bits or her former male ego, but instead is assured in what she is. For that I am most grateful both to you and those in our respective families who have opened their hearts and homes to accept the Pansy side of Johnny that they never knew.

Sincerely yours,
Susan P.

Thank you for your letter Susan. I am so happy to hear how much the site has helped your marriage and in training your sissy. I also very much appreciate your positive spin on the use of corrective surgery for males in need of improvement.


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