from Maria

Dear Helga,

I just had to write about what happened yesterday while the events are still fresh in my memory. My daughter, Jane (from my marriage, not with Joanne!) brought some of her college girlfriends home. As per normal, Joanne has to answer the door to any female visitor, cursty and then get on her knees and gently kiss her shoes. She did all that and then had to follow Jane and her friends Julie, Elaine, Sarah and Susan and me into the lounge.

I told her to get into the corner, while we all chatted. This can be an exquisitely humiliating experience for Joanne especially when the topic of conversation is her further humiliations. Which yesterday it was.

Elaine asked if I ever allowed Joanne to ... well, shall we say, make a little mess with her dolly!! I said that I had allowed it on certain special occasions but wondered what the girls thought about it.

Susan said that as Joanne was a little girl, and little girls didn't do that sort of thing that neither should Joanne. I asked the others for their thoughts and just sat back and listened. Joanne was fidgeting most uncomfortably as Julie said she thought it was perhaps something that could be turned into something quite amusing: for us, not for Joanne of course. Sarah liked the idea and suggested no more frequently than once every two months whatever method we chose. Jane said that it was never more often than that anyway, then Elaine suggested Joanne should be on her knees, maybe with her head under the toilet seat for extra humiliation. Susan agreed saying that Joanne really ought not to be getting pleasure from what was really only a matter of doubtful necessity. She said that she should be made to have a pair of girl's panties in her mouth when she 'does it' and Sarah then added that Joanne ought to be caned really hard to make sure she got it over with as quickly as possible. She called it 'incentive'.

Susan and Julie were nodding at this idea, and I said that anything so disgusting had to be over and done with as quickly as possible. The cane would mean she would want to finish it off very soon.

Jane said Joanne hadn't been 'allowed' for nearly two months so how about trying it out? Joanne could hear all of this of course and was now crying. Jane took a spare pair of her lacy panties out of the pile set for washing and told her to "Shut up and get these in your mouth".

We then led her upstairs and into the bathroom. I made a quick detour to fetch a cane and soon Joanne was on all fours with the toilet seat over her head. I lifted up her dress and petticoat, and Jane pulled her panties down.

"OK Joanne, you may make a disgusting mess..." Elaine looked at me and smiled: I passed the cane to her as I could see how eager she was. How she thrashed the poor little sissy. Very enthusiastic.

I told Joanne to get a move on; that the sooner she made her nasty little mess the sooner Elaine would stop caning her.

I think it was all over in less than ten seconds. Joanne was in floods of tears and we were all laughing. Even more so as Elaine wasn't going to stop caning her that easily. I should have told her to stop once Joanne made her mess but thought... oh well, Elaine's young and enjoying herself so I let her carry on. The rest of us went back downstairs to pour a little drink for ourselves while Elaine was still caning Joanne. We could hear the cries and screams...

It might sound harsh but Joanne is only a little girl and she did get to make her little mess. I think we were quite kind really? What say you, Helga?


Thank you for your letter Maria. What a wonderful time with your daughter and a delightful education for her girlfriends, they certainly did have some exciting ideas for your sissy. Perhaps this exposure to male control will influence them to explore this option for themselves.

In any case, it was very humiliating for Joanne and so very effective training. Love their idea and the session was well executed, very imaginative. Elaine had the perfect opportunity to try her hand with the cane and causing pain, that most likely will have an impact on her personality, don't you feel? Of course they were kind and I hope Joanne appreciates the opportunity to make her mess and provide entertainment to all.


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