from Sissy David

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife insisted I write to you and tell you how my petticoat discipline began the morning of our wedding. I had stopped by early morning to drop off my suitcase as we would be leaving for our honeymoon directly after the wedding. I was about to leave when Miss Beth handed me a pair of sheer lace pink panties saying "you are to wear these at our wedding today." I looked at the panties, feeling my face get bright red as I said I didn't think I could wear panties at our wedding. Miss Beth then said "it's very simple, you wear the pretty pink panties today or we don't get married." And so I took them and wore them during our wedding. At virtually every opportunity Miss Beth would run her hands over the front of my pants, feeling my very hard cock and whisper in my ear "excited by your pretty panties, that's a good boy."

We flew off to our honeymoon destination and once we were in our suite Miss Beth had me remove all my clothes except the panties. I was rock hard as she rubbed my cock and simply said "you have 30 seconds to cum" and she started counting down and when she said 5 my cock exploded inside the panties. Over and over my cock shot cum. When I finally stopped, Miss Beth said "you're a good little boy. Now you can spend time between my legs without being distracted by you're little hard cock." I serviced her for close to 2 hours, bringing her to multiple orgasms. She even had me use a dildo, one larger than my own cock, on her during this time.

After a nights sleep got up, showered and opened my suitcase to get dressed and was taken aback by what I saw, my underwear was replaced by very sheer, lacy feminine panties. Miss Beth simply said "I've decided you'll wear panties from now on." I didn't even try to talk her out of it, I picked up a lavender pair and put them on. Miss Beth ran her hand over the front of them, causing me to become hard instantly and she smiled saying "you're so going to enjoy what I have planed for you."

In the coming months she had me wearing panties during the day and baby doll nighties at night. I made sure she was always satisfied sexually with my mouth and her favorite toys, while I learned to never ask to cum and always expressed my gratitude when she granted me a release, most of the time by her using her hands.

On our first anniversary Miss Beth wanted to shop at this new store called fantasy island. As we walked in, I realized it was a store devoted to adult toys and fantasy costumes. As we began to shop, a woman came up to us and asked if she could help us and Miss Beth said "yes, as a matter of fact you can. We are looking for a french maid outfit." The woman said they had many and took us over to a rack of them. She asked Miss Beth her size and she said "oh, it's not for me, it's for my husband." I was totally shocked as Miss Beth had not told me this. I felt my face get red as Miss Beth said "I'm not sure of his dress size but he wears size 6 panties and is a 36 B bra."

The lady looked at me and said "I would say a medium will fit him." and so they started to pull out various maid dresses and finally selected one. The woman in the store said "you should really get a petticoat slip for this, you'll love how it keeps the skirt held high." They selected a petticoat slip with lots of frills and layer and then proceed to pick out thigh high nylons. Miss Beth looked at me and said "we'll let you select the panties you want." I had to select 3 pairs of very sheer panties. That evening I dressed in everything that Miss Beth bought and served her our anniversary dinner.

And so I'm now her sissymaid. I am devoted to Miss Beth and strive to be the very best at everything she wishes.

Sissy Maid David

Thank you for your letter Sissy David. How nice to hear from you and please thank your glorious wife for insisting you write about your very special wedding. Of course starting your marriage wearing pretty silky pink panties is the right way to begin your life of service.

Auntie Helga

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