I recently found your site and thought that this could be a suitable contribution. My tale is of how my colleague's femininity was revealed and Joanne came to be.

Lifestyle is a small company. There are 20 staff, all female, except for John. He is the documentation manager. Unlike most young men, he is kind and courteous and good to work with. His staff say he is a good teacher and always encourages and supports them to develop their potential. He is petite and slim and I had often heard comments from the staff that he could be a nice woman.

It had been a happy workplace, but things changed a few months ago when Mary and Eileen joined the company. They were excellent at their jobs and more productive than most. However, they had attitude. They were radical feminists and John became the main target of their ire. Men have it so easy, women have to work twice as hard to get anywhere, you would not last a day as a woman! It is true, but it was not the case with John. Not that their comments were confined to him, anyone who dressed fashionably was accused of pandering to men. This went on for weeks. John did not complain. He just took it all and shrugged his shoulders, which probably annoyed them even more. They were unremitting in their criticism. It was bullying and things got so bad that my colleague Angie and I agreed to make a formal complaint. However, John was not keen on this idea. He felt it would make things worse for everyone. He did have an interesting alternative, to call their bluff. We agreed to suggest a plan to the business manager, who whilst initially surprised at the idea agreed to give it a try.

Monday morning arrived and I called everyone into the meeting room. When everyone was there, Angie and Joanne, yes Joanne, came in. I said to everyone that Joanne would be replacing John for the coming week. There were giggles and squeals of delight. Is it really true? They were all around Joanne, staring, some even checking that truly en femme. One said you look very pretty, she went very red, but to be honest she did. Angie and I had given her a major makeover and she was very feminine in appearance, more so than Mary and Eileen who sat scowling in the corner. I said excitement over, everyone back to work.

Joanne coped very well. She was teased mercilessly by many of the girls and was often asked to do things that would mean she revealed more than she should. However, this settled over the first couple of days and by then they were giving her advice on how to walk, sit and general demeanor. I am sure she was developing a pronounced wiggle by the end of the week. The girls took the time to help Joanne with her wig and make-up. During the week, Joanne was staying with Angie and was therefore fully en femme before traveling in each morning. Things went well over the week, with only the occasional untimely flash of unmentionables. Joanne went bright red the day one of the delivery drivers asked who the new member of staff was: she is a looker was the phrase he used. Mary and Eileen were quiet, almost morose over the week.

On Friday, a deputation came to see me. They wondered if Joanne could stay for at least another week. It was so much better for everyone now that Mary and Eileen were on the back-foot. They thought another week of Joanne would settle things down for good. Angie and I asked Joanne how she felt about this and typically she said that if it would help that she would do it. Four of the girls said they would take Joanne, Angie and I shopping on Saturday to get her some new outfits. I wondered what they had in mind.

Joanne was very nervous about this, she had not really been en femme in public before. We reassured her that we would just be all girls out shopping together. The girls selected several outfits for Joanne to try on. She really looked very good in all of them and we agreed to buy three. Jenny went away and came back to the changing room with skirts and hold-ups for Joanne to try on. When I say skirts, they were miniskirts that in my opinion would just about cover the essentials and no more. Joanne was not keen, did not think she could cope, but Jenny persuaded her to try. Joanne put on the black hold-ups tights then pulled up and fastened the miniskirt. It was tight fitting and really highlighted her beautiful long legs. Also, I noticed she could only take small steps, which accentuated her wiggle. The girls were really delighted with this and said there are just a couple of other things we need to get to complete the outfit. Jenny came back with a pack of underwear, Wendy with pairs of shoes and Alisa with a clutch bag. Jenny handed Joanne a pair of the frilly panties and she changed into them. Why do they always have to be neon white, particularly with very short skirts? The slightest sighting is like a laser beam for the male eye? Then, there was the trying on of shoes. Again, Joanne was unsure about the heels, but agreed to take two pairs. When we left the shop, Joanne was in a tight-fitting blouse, miniskirt and 3 inch heels. She really stood out and was very nervous. We walked slowly along alongside her down the street to reassure her. Although she blushed profusely, she calmed down after she was wolf-whistled, because she realized they were looking at her as a very pretty woman. All went well when we went for a meal in a local restaurant, but one lucky guy got an eyeful when Joanne was getting into the taxi to go home. Made his day, if only he knew.

Monday came around and Angie and Joanne arrived at the usual time. She had a medium length blonde wig, Angie's idea, white blouse, dark miniskirt and skin-tone hold-ups. Really looked nice and all of the staff, with two exceptions, were delighted. Work went on as usual, except that the girls suggested that Joanne deal with the deliveries because the drivers kept asking where she was, indeed seemed disappointed if someone else came to the door. Amazing what a miniskirt and potential flash of pantie can do to a man. Joanne twigged on to this and played to it. I would say almost flirted, which really annoyed Mary and Eileen.

As the week was coming to an end, more and more people were saying to me that it was a shame that Joanne would not be continuing, because it was now such a happy place. Mary and Eileen were quiet and co-operative and Joanne seemed to be much happier than before. I was discussing this turn of events with Joanne. She said that at the start she had no intention of being en femme fulltime, but surprisingly she was now comfortable with it. Indeed, it was possibly her true self. She was happier than for a very long time. If it could be arranged with the company, she was happy to continue as Joanne. One condition was that she was allowed, most of the time, to wear longer skirts and dresses. The delivery men were a bit disappointed, but I have noticed she often wears a miniskirt on Wednesdays, the day most deliveries are made.

Mary and Eileen have since left, but Joanne is still with us. She is becoming a confident and outgoing young woman and gave her first public lecture last week. Angie and I are proud that we enabled her to blossom and of course we will always be there to support our new sister.

Very best wishes
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