The Rubberist's Diary

The Nanny's Diaries, June 1920. Part 1, The Introduction

'A position is advertised.'

'How very excited I was to decide to return to being employed as a Nanny and Governess once again. Now a mature woman having taken early retirement from my employment as a School Head Matron at a small and private boy's boarding school, a new position of Nanny and Governess was most appealing. To be in complete control of a pubescent boy would certainly be ideal. I would seek out a position carefully in the classified section of 'The Nanny's Journal', where vacancies were advertised.

After only a couple of weeks, I found the ideal position advertised. 'A full time and live in Nanny required by a mature and strictly religious widow, to assist in the raising of her twelve year old disabled stepson. She must also be required to act as the boy's Governess, and to subject the boy to many daily hours of Bible study in the traditional Victorian school room. Only traditional and stern disciplinarians need apply.'

A telephone conversation with a certain Mrs Smythe quickly followed, and left me most delighted indeed. When I mentioned petticoat and rubber discipline for the boy, the dear lady became immediately excited. I was informed that the boy was already kept in nappies and rubbers day and night, and receiving strict petticoat and dummy discipline. Also, every night, he was made to sleep securely restrained on his back between hospital red rubber bed sheets.The boy, James, now twelve years of age, had suffered from polio when younger and was very petite and plainly most effeminate. With a daily heavy dose of hormones and diuretics, he now was made to endure heavy and punishing urinary incontinence both day and night. The hormones were also very necessary to bring the boy to a very intense early puberty, causing his genitals to become most uncomfortably stimulated and well developed for his age. This would make his baby treatment all the more effective, he having sensations of full puberty.

He would need a very strictly enforced regime of therapy and rigorous corporal punishment. Outdoor in public he must be kept securely restrained into a wheelchair. A very important question was to know whether the boy had a circumcised penis, very necessary for a copious wetter to prevent infection. Miss Smythe said that he was not, but agreed with me that he must be dealt with as a matter of urgency. It seemed the very perfect position I was seeking, indeed. Mrs Smythe also discussed introducing the boy to a steel chastity device for extra restraint.

'The very correct attire.'

Proper and formal uniforms were essential and quickly purchased. A most severe and formal black mackintosh rubber Nanny's uniform was obtained, with a very strong smelling long and bibbed gleaming red rubber apron reaching from below my chin to my ankles. A severe and formal black mackintosh rubber Governess uniform was also purchased. Both uniforms especially made for me by my local seamstress.

Also several of the very tightest of lacing leather corsets for my own restraint whilst going about my duties. The most tightly and tautly suspendered gleaming black seamed stockings worn beneath frilly and lace trimmed black satin knee bloomers were also essential attire. Other essentials were several pairs of elbow length heavy rubber gloves, a urine duct catheter with rubber tubing, and several thick rubber Blakey rings were obtained. I planned to make certain that the dear boy's penis was in for some intense 'treatment'. And his buttocks would need correct treatment, also. And so a good selection of school canes, leather straps and rubber paddles were purchased too. Several delightful cold steel locking chastity cages were obtained, complete with small gold padlocks. We would soon have the boy enduring chastity, me being the keyholder.

'The meeting,'
I was greatly looking forward to my very first meeting with the dear boy. A week before taking up residence, I was to visit. I made certain to wear a gleaming black rubber mackintosh over my uniform, and to be introduced to the boy wearing it. Miss Smythe invited me into the large detached Georgian property. I was delighted to see Miss Smythe wearing a very shiny and well frilled and lace trimmed cream satin Victorian blouse, and an ankle length shiny black leather skirt. Extremely high heeled boots were plainly worn beneath and glimpsed as she led me into the drawing room. I was soon ushered into the drawing room, with approving comments on my attire from Mrs Smythe.

'Part 2. Meeting the boy.'

And there, standing in the corner was dear James. I quickly removed my rubber mackintosh to reveal my proper Nanny attire. I slapped my red rubber aproned thighs loudly and grinned at the boy as I snapped on heavy rubber elbow length gloves. Yet again I slapped my rubber clad thighs, now with rubber gloved hands. I could plainly smell the exciting sweet smell of urine and rubber. His body language plainly revealed to me that he was now experiencing an intense erection of his penis. How he shivered at the very sight of me! My years as a boy's school Head Matron taught me to instantly recognize these signs in a boy. It was certainly time to closely inspect the boy's delightful attire!

'A properly Sissyfied boy.'

He was dressed in the very most suitable manner for a boy imaginable! He was delightfully totally sissyfied and babyfied as few boys have ever been. He wore a huge frill and lace trimmed baby bonnet, tied securely under his chin with a huge satin bow. He had a large rubber dummy strapped into his mouth, and dribbled onto a large red rubber bib tied around his neck. This protected the most delightful and ridiculously short pink satin heavily frill and lace trimmed baby dress imaginable. Several extremely stiff and also ridiculously short petticoats kept his delightful baby dress flared very well out, so as to reveal plenty of his frilly red rubber bloomers for all to see. Mrs Smythe noticed my obvious delight at this spectacle. "Yes, my dear Nanny. I can assure you that his baby dress is fully lined with red hospital rubber. Notice also his very punishing red rubber frilly knee bloomers my dear." She said with delight. "All disobedient and ungodly wetting boys need to be kept properly 'rubbered' day and night, my dear!" Mrs Smythe chuckled.

And notice his rubbers I certainly did! I knelt down in front of the dear boy, and slowly ran my rubber clad hands teasingly over his rubber covered thighs and up between his legs and over his buttocks. My rubber gloved hands against his rubber bloomers plainly gave the boy the most intense sensations of being in rubbers. I excitedly explored his rubber imprisoned lower body increasingly vigorously with much pinching, smacking and tickling ensuring another good hard wetting for the boy into his already soaked nappy. Over his crotch his sudden acute erection was most apparent, trapped beneath a thoroughly wet and coarse towel nappy and the unforgiving tightly strapped up rubber bloomers. What a perfect garment for a boy to have to endure! Very heavy red hospital red rubber knee bloomers with the very tightest of broad shoulder straps. These holding the rubbers uncomfortably taut over James lower body.

His darling genitals held beneath his thin and coarse, and now extremely wet, cloth nappy. And then a punishing and tight layer of the very finest hospital red rubber. The red rubber knee bloomers were a true delight to behold. Secured extremely tightly below the boy's knees with tightly enormous bows reaching his ankles, and with enormous frills also reaching to his ankles above rubber bootees. I now noticed, with a wicked pleasure, plainly visible drips of his urine at the bottom of his rubber bloomer frills.

He was now suddenly having yet another very thorough and intense wetting, and the tears were soon running down his cheeks such was his total humiliation. With a thoroughly wet towel nappy the rubbers were now having full effect on the boy. Again, his body language told me that he was, once more, experiencing intense arousal as his urine began to have full effect on the hospital rubber of his delightfully unforgiving rubber bloomers.The sudden release of the potent rubber vapours caused by the urine contact, now taking the boy back to total infancy. A heavy leather baby harness kept the boy's wrists firmly at his sides and fingers from wandering where they shouldn't.

'Becoming more intimate.'

I quickly suggested the boy get to know his Nanny in the most intimate manner possible. A good stretching session sitting on my rubber apron clad knees. The first of a regular regime for him, leading up to the inevitable surgery. Mrs Smythe was soon kneeling in front of the boy. She reached up beneath his baby dress and soon unfastened the rubber straps of his rubber bloomers. She soon had these rubbers stripped off the boy, followed by a very wet cloth nappy. His genitals were now revealed, and his total humiliation was a delight to be revealing such an erect penis. I quickly noticed just how well his genitals were developed for his age.

Mrs Smythe now marched him over to me, chuckling as she smacked his naked buttocks good and hard several times. "Time to meet your new Nanny, boy!" She said. Poor, poor James quickly noticed the heavy rubber paddle now in my hands. I soon had the boy over my rubber apron clad knees with his nice pert buttocks in the perfect position for a very sound introductory spanking. An over the knee spanking is an extremely intimate discipline. The boy's dear buttocks in the perfect position for the paddle. A good and firm contact of his genitals with my rubber apron keeps me aware of his state of arousal as the paddle gets to work. I soon had his pale cheeks a deepening red as the heavy rubber paddle rose and fell. How he shivered and dribbled copiously! With a sudden loud moan, he suddenly had a very good hard wetting over my rubber apron. "Ungodly brat! How dare you soil your Nanny's rubber apron!" Mrs Smythe snapped. I paddled him even "more thoroughly and was most aware of the boy's early signs of orgasm.

I was the aware of Mrs Smythe standing over the boy with a very whippy and crook handled school cane in her hands. I noticed that the flexible rod had a length of red rubber tubing fitted over its length. This would certainly add to its effectiveness. "A dozen strokes for wetting, James!" Mrs Smythe announced with a wide smile. Poor James moaned and shivered as the cane rose and fell. A most lively and effective instrument of discipline, leaving James' dear bottom thoroughly striped red.

'On Nanny's rubber aproned lap.'

And soon the dear boy was sitting upon my rubber clad lap, shivering delightfully as his nicely sore buttocks felt the smooth cool rubber of my apron. How nicely he smelt of urine and rubber, the true scent of infantalism. I soon produced the nice rubber Blakey rings, and quickly had the boy's testicles and penis restrained. How he sucked and dribbled hard, his erection was a sight to behold. I then produced the wide and long steel urine duct catheter. Quickly applying Vaseline, I forced it deeply inside him. And then the boy was ready. His foreskin was now held taut below his now reddened penis head.

Grasping this now rampant member in my rubber gloved hands, I set to work with much vigour. Just how dear James sucked and dribbled hard as I worked his foreskin good and hard. I made the boy endure a most thorough wetting all over my rubber gloved hands and rubber apron, which greatly amused Mrs Smythe in particular. "Well my dear Nanny, you will be pleased to hear that I have been dosing the dear boy with plenty of hormones a very strong diuretic. Hence his extreme wetting, and I now wait for his very first proper ejaculation of semen, my dear."

I began to really work the boy on hearing Mrs Smythe's words. I had already noticed that the boy's testicles appeared to be very enlarged and full with early production of semen. And after yet another painfully hard urination, our dear boy was brought to yet another early orgasm. How most satisfying to witness at the hands of his new Nanny. And quite a fine performance as an initiation into Nanny's capable hands. A brisk application of a cold cream quickly and briefly removed the boy's erection. Just enough time for me to fit and lock in place one of the delightful steel chastity cages. It completely imprisoned the boys penis, a vicious looking six inch long steel rod being forced well inside. This new discipline had the dear boy totally humiliated and restrained. With the chastity key worn around my neck on a gold chain, I was now the key holder.'

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