Upstairs... Right Now!
by Mummy Nera

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"Upstairs... Right Now!" I bellowed at him.

I had, had quite enough of his behaviour today, but this was the last straw. He had been such a naughty little boy recently, forever acting out. He looked at me and whimpered. "But... but Mummy?" I cut him off. "No buts sweetheart! Get your bottom up those stairs right now you are in big, big trouble!"

For the last few weeks, he had be wetting his trousers regularly in public. I was completely fed up of having to collect him from school early, with his trousers in bag. Not to mention the continuous amount of washing I was having to do. I was at my wits end. We had been to the supermarket earlier that day, with his younger brother in tow. He was younger than he was, but at least he was well behaved, and kept his trousers dry. I bumped into another one of the mothers from his school. We stood and chatted for a few minutes. My eldest during our conversation had decided to hide behind my legs. I knew what he had done, he was soaking wet... Again! I smiled to the other mother, trying to not only conceal my embarrassment, but the rage boiling beneath the surface. "Oh dear! It's okay darling, Mummy will get you cleared up as soon as we get home. Don't worry accidents happen." I leaned down to my eldest ear level, I whispered into his ear. "You just wait until we get home!" I said my goodbyes to the other mother and I took him and my youngest by the hand, and marched towards the baby aisle.

It had been a while time since I had a baby in nappies. I scanned through the huge packs of nappies on the shelf, after a few moments I stumbled across what I was looking for. "Ah, here we are!" I said picking up the huge fluffy pack from the shelf. I tucked the large pack of 'Pampers' under my arm, as I ushered the two of them and, the rest of the shopping to the till. Once I had paid for and packed the shopping. I called my eldest over. "Come here and help Mummy!" I slumped the huge pack of nappies into his arms. He began to complain that he couldn't see over the huge packet. I silently leaned down to his level and adjusted the packet.

"Stop fussing!" I quietly said into his ear "Do you want Mummy to make this even more embarrassing for you?" His eyes locked with mine. "Is carrying a pack of nappies in your wet trousers not enough for you, or is Mummy going to have to make a scene?" His face dropped. "No Mummy" He whispered, he looked at towards the pack of nappies, burying his face into the crinkly plastic. He walked the entire way home in complete silence. Was he so embarrassed that such a big boy was not only wearing his wet trousers, but having to carry his next punishment too? I hoped so, because he punishment was about to get much worse.

"Upstairs....Right now!" I bellowed at him. "You are in big, big trouble young man! Now get upstairs and wait for me at the top of the stairs, and don't you dare move!" I finished unpacking the rest of the shopping, and wandered upstairs with the large pack of nappies. He was face first pressed against the wall, tears streaming down his face.

"Mummy... I... I" He stumbled over his words. "Mummy, please don't put me back in nappies."

I tugged him by the wrist into his brothers bedroom. He still had a changing table set up in his bedroom. I had planned to sell it, but it looked like I had a baby to look after all over again! I silently began to remove his soggy trousers and underwear. He continued to plead with me, tears turning into louder and louder crying. "Don't even start with a tantrum young man!" I said sternly, Mummy has had quite enough of you for one day. Those tears don't fool me sweetheart. You do this on purpose!" He quickly stopped crying. He knew what was happening, and he didn't have anyway to stop it.

"You are going back into nappies, if you like it or not! Mummy is not tolerating your silly wetting phase anymore, if you want to act like a baby you will be treated like one!" I whispered quietly to him, as I sat him on the changing table ordering him to lay down. He did as he was told. "You are far too old for this! You are far too old to be messing around in nappies like a baby!" The tears silently trickled down his face, as I forced his legs up. I began the creaming and powdering process, just like I had done all those years ago.

"Mummy cannot believe she is having to do this again! You just have to be a naughty little boy don't you? Why can't you be more like your little brother? Why do you insist on being such a filthy disappointment?" I tore open the plastic on the pack of nappies, taking one out. I opened it up and slid it under his bottom. He tried to fight it off one last time. "Don't you dare!" I growled at him. He immediately corrected himself, and kept himself still. "Now don't you move or, I will put you in two! You will waddle like a little duck then won't you?" He began to cry again.

"Those crocodile tears don't wash with me sweetheart! They do not wash with Mummy! You want to embarrass Mummy like that in the shop? I will embarrass you! You are ridiculous do you know that?" I taped up the nappy and sat him up. "Right, That's quite enough fuss from you little one. Now, arms up!" He lifted his arms. He knew the drill for this punishment. I leaned into one of the drawers pulling out some of his little brothers old baby bedtime T-shirts. I loved them so much I just couldn't part with them, but now I had another use for them. I pulled the T-shirt over his head, then fed each arm into the T-shirt. "If you want to act like a piddly little baby, you will be treated like one. Do you understand me!?" I said pulling the T-Shirt down into position. He whimpered as he looked down at the teddies on his new pyjamas.

"Stop fussing! This is your own fault!" I set him down on the floor, patting him on his heavily padded bottom. "Now go and play in the garden with your brother, or I will make you play in the street so the whole world can see what a silly little boy I have!"

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