From Adult Schoolgirl To Adult Sissy Baby At The Aby Cuddles Nursery
(A VERY TRUE account!)

I contacted Nanny Aby Cuddles after I had seen an item on eBay to bid for - a voucher for a 3-hour stay in her adult nursery. At the time I didn't even know that such places existed, and there was actually one only 2 hours drive from where I lived. I was more interested in the large cot with a lockable lid, than being treated as a baby. Anyway, I contacted Nanny Aby by email, and asked her if I would be able to visit her as an adult schoolgirl, as I had for a long time wanted to dress up in full schoolgirls uniform, and to be humiliated in front of a woman. To my delight she said that although she did not normally have adult schoolgirls visit her, she would make an exception for me. I am very glad that she agreed for me to visit her, and I think I can speak also for Nanny, that she is glad I came also, as we have had some fantastic times together.

I arrived early on my first visit, very nervous indeed, especially as I had made sure that I was securely locked into my large navy blue school gaberdine mackintosh with my hood up. After a chat downstairs for about 20 minutes, and Nanny reading a letter from my 'Mummy', Nanny extended her hand to me, and led me upstairs to her nursery. Auntie was also there, and between the two of them they soon had me stripped off and naked. It was so relaxing that I did not feel nervous any more even though I was standing naked in front of the two ladies. It was then that I saw my first ever disposable nappy!

I'd been there less than an hour, and Nanny had already gotten me in a tightly fitting nappy, and rubber baby pants! The reason for the nappy I was soon to find out. Nanny knew of my love of rubber and to my utter surprise Nanny and Auntie made me put on a thick latex rubber straight-jacket suit with a tight fitting hood zipped up at the back. I was plunged into darkness as the blindfold was done up over my eyes, and they helped me to lie down on a rubber sheet in the cot. The side was put up and locked to the barred top with two padlocks. Before Nanny and Auntie left the nursery, Auntie put a rubber dummy in my mouth.

Either Nanny or Auntie came up to see how I was getting on about every 15 minutes, and they gave me plenty of water to drink, but I had to suck it in through a large sized baby's bottle with a teat. At first I resisted this as I didn't really see the need, but as I got hotter and more dehydrated inside the rubber suit, I asked for more fluids. At the time I thought that they were deliberately trying to make me want to do a wee wee, and to wet my nappy. I was determined not to wet my nappy as I thought I would please Nanny by staying dry. Little did I know at the time, that she wanted me to give her a wet nappy.

When it was time to come out of the cot, Nanny and Auntie stripped the rubber suit off me, took my rubber baby pants and nappy off, and Nanny took me to the bathroom for a cold shower. Strong jets of icy water bit into my sweaty skin, until Nanny relented, and she changed it to a nice warm shower. To my amazement she did not let me do anything for myself. I was totally pampered as she dried me ALL over and powdered me dry. She then took hold of my hand and led me back to the nursery. Nanny knew that I liked corporal punishment, although I had not actually been spanked since I was a child. As a 'reward' for being a good girl, Nanny put on a red rubber apron and she ordered me to bend over her lap for a good spanking, which I enjoyed.

When the time came to leave, I felt absolutely wonderful, on top of the world, and had already booked my second visit 5 weeks later. To my utter amazement, Nanny had offered to take me to a local city on the train dressed as an adult schoolgirl, complete with my gymslip under my school gaberdine mackintosh. This had been a very long-standing fantasy of mine, and it was going to be realised - Wow! When the time came, I was slightly surprised that Nanny did not put me into a nappy for the days outing, but we all had a wonderful time with me being humiliated much of the time in public.

By my third visit, I was really trying hard to make sure that my image of a 1950's schoolgirl was as complete as possible, and I bought a pair of high heeled Mary Jane school shoes, a new girl's blazer, and even a blonde wig, which I made into twin plaits. My image of a schoolgirl was complete.

Nanny had been very pleased with the high chair and other nursery equipment that I had made for her, and I would always be fastened in the high chair to eat my sandwiches for lunch. However Nanny did not put a nappy on me again at that time. That all changed when I booked an overnight stay in the nursery, and I would say that this was really the turning point of Nanny converting me from an adult schoolgirl into an adult baby.

Of course being locked into the cot for 11 hours overnight with no means of getting out to go to the toilet necessitated Nanny putting very thick terry nappies on me. She changed them at midnight, but by 9.15 the next morning they were very wet indeed. It was also a very strange experience to be tucked into the cot with teddies to cuddle, and a rubber dummy to suck on, not forgetting the ankle length cream coloured nightie that Nanny put on me, which she told me used to belong to her own mother! This has long been my favourite nightie. I did not find it easy to wet my nappy lying down, but of course needs must - as I could only hold on for so long.

By the morning I felt really pleased that I had filled my terry nappy for Nanny. However it was lovely to get it off and to be given a shower by Nanny - nice and warm this time! I noticed from that time on Nanny began to talk to me more about the baby things in her nursery. She has a vast array of toys and a large selection of adult baby clothes, and she began to show me some of the pretty dresses and night wear that she had made for her adult babies. I commented that I thought that they were pretty, but really thought to myself that she wouldn't ever get ME to wear any of them! How wrong I was.

I always wore my full school uniform for my visits, which normally entailed a strict uniform inspection immediately on entering the nursery. I tried to deliberately incur penalties and so punishment, by leaving my blazer or gaberdine buttons undone. This was ended on one visit, when Auntie quickly snipped off the buttons that I had left undone, and I was made to sew them on again! I've never done that again since.

The next big step in my transformation into an adult baby came when I booked a daytime visit in conjunction with an overnight stay. In the daytime Nanny and Auntie took me to another local town on the bus, and Nanny put me in a disposable nappy, and a pair of pretty sissy plastic pants. I was then obliged to wet my nappy as going to a toilet was out of the question. To my amazement I found it absolutely delightful to be standing in a shop with Nanny and Auntie, and just relaxing and letting my warm wee wee fill my nappy, and ooze around my genitals.

Now I always find the first wetting is very pleasant, the second one not quite so nice, and by the third full bladder, I want to have a clean nappy on. However this time I had to keep the same nappy on until we got home - a good 4 hours. On this shopping trip we had lunch in Bakers Oven, and Auntie put a red rubber bib on me, which increased my humiliation. Of course I could not take my gaberdine off as it would have shown my girls school uniform and that would have been too much. I was also further humiliated by being permanently attached to Nanny or Auntie all the time by a leading rein from my wrist to one of their wrists. There was no chance of trying to get away, even if I wanted to, as I would not have got far as Nanny had the bus tickets, the money, and the keys to her house and access to my normal clothes and car keys.

During the evening I had some time on my own in the nursery, and this enabled me to look around more. Without Nanny knowing I was able to have a close look at her large rail of sissy baby clothes. I took the hangers off the rails and admired the pretty sissy patterns on the dresses, romper suits and knickers. I then felt a strong desire to want to try them on. When it came to bedtime, Nanny asked me if I wanted to wear the plain nightdress that I had worn last time, but I asked her if I could wear one of the other pretty nightdresses or pyjamas. She smiled a knowing smile at me, and she got out a very pretty 3-piece outfit of top, short-legged pyjamas, and a frilly, very sissy bonnet, which she did up under my chin. Thick terry nappies had to be worn of course, and two pairs of plastic pants. I cuddled up in the very cosy cot, sucking on my rubber dummy, and cuddling a teddy bear. Nanny always has a plastic cover on the mattress of course in case of any leaks, but I always choose to lay directly on the red rubber bed sheet and red rubber pillow that she has available for those people who like rubber. Nanny is trying to cater for the likes of as many people as possible with her large range of equipment and clothing.

It was about this time that I started searching on eBay for adult baby pants, and bought several pairs. My favourite are two pairs of pretty nursery print pants with a plastic lining and beautiful lacy frills around the legs. The leg elastic is very tight and when worn they make a deep and sometimes quite painful indentation in my skin. Another favourite are a pair of thick white rubber knickers. They are comfortable to wear for very long periods with no problems at all.

Just before Easter 2005 I told Nanny that I was having a long weekend holiday with a group of other people and would have a little freedom to do almost as I wished. It was my suggestion that she might consider making me wear nappies and plastic or rubber knickers some of the time. She instructed me to wear a nappy on each of the three nights that I would be on my own in the hotel. I also decided to wear one during the day as well on one occasion. It was also over this weekend that for the first time Nanny had me locked up in my chastity restrainer, thankfully only during the day. More of that some other time! Of course I slept on a red rubber sheet and sucked on my dummy most of the night. It was a most enjoyable weekend. Then on one of my next visits whilst travelling to see Nanny I had an accident in my car. The car was alright - the accident was on me - I did a wee wee in my navy blue school knickers. I then decided that from then on I must have a nappy to wear when travelling to see Nanny to prevent any more problems in my car.

My birthday is on the 12th of May, and I had arranged to visit Nanny for an overnight stay followed by a daytime visit. Of course this meant being put to bed in a large terry nappy and plastic pants, and Nanny dressed me in a very short nightie and a frilly bonnet. As before I enjoyed snuggling down in the comfortable cot, sucking on my rubber dummy and cuddling one of Nanny's teddies. It was on the morning of my birthday, after Nanny and I had sung happy birthday and enjoyed a piece of birthday cake, that Nanny sprung the birthday surprise on me. She had made a pink and white 'Little Bo Peep' outfit consisting of pantaloons, a very flouncy white petticoat to go under the long beautiful dress. I put my blonde wig on and white socks and at that moment I realised that I was in absolute heaven.

Nanny put a CD of nursery rhymes on and when Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush came on, I just had to dance to the music. It was so natural to dance in front of Nanny and I enjoyed it very much. I now call that dress my 'magic dress', as it makes me want to dance every time I wear it! I can honestly say that this was the best birthday treat of my whole life! It was also at around this time that Nanny revealed to me that I was in fact her very FIRST adult visitor to her nursery!

So now every time I see Nanny I have to wear a nappy and plastic or rubber knickers all the time. Sometimes I am an adult schoolgirl, and sometimes I am dressed as an adult sissy baby. Nanny has the choice of how she can treat me. I am sure that we will never get bored with each other when in the Aby Cuddles Nursery.

Please note that The Aby Cuddles Nursery closed down in 2010 and any such business with the same, or similar name, is not connected in ANY WAY.

Hopefully Auntie Helga will be publishing much more detailed accounts of my visits starting in 2004 and ending when the Wellingborough nursery closed in 2010 for you to enjoy over the coming months/years.
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