This is a true story. I have been counseling with the couple and have their permission to use it. I have only changed the names to protect their identity.

Terry and Donna got married in 1965, Donna had always been a very dominate woman and met Terry in their freshman year of high school. Terry was some what of a loner and had often been bullied in school. About the second week of the new year of school some of the boys had Terry in the back of the school and not only pushing him around but calling him names like sissy and one guy said that maybe they needed to take his clothes off and see if he was a girl for real. About that time Donna and a couple of her friends who were also dominant came around the corner to see what was going on. The girls told the guys maybe they need to be striped and see what they had down there. One guy said that they needed to mind their own girl business and if they did not they would get their asses kicked along with this sissy boy. Before they could say another word Donna and her friends had them crying after kicking them between the legs and running them away. Donna came to Terry and ask if he was okay? Terry said yes and thanked her and her friends.

A few days later Donna was walking home from school and came upon Terry standing in his yard. She stopped to talk to him and not too many days later they were dating and everyone knew they were a couple. One day after school Donna invited Terry to come to her house so they could do home work together. With his mother at work and his dad long gone years ago, Terry said sure.

When they got to Donna's house Terry ask if her Mom were home and she told him her Dad and Mom owned a coffee shop and worked late. After a few hours of doing home work Terry and Donna got to talking. One of the things Terry felt Donna needed to know was that he was not much of a guy because he was raised by his Mom and her sister. He looked down at the floor and asked if she remembered that day behind the school, she said yes. Terry said if they would have took off his pants they would have seen he was wearing girls underwear. He then said if you don't want to date me any more i understand but I wanted you to know I am some what of a sissy.

He went on to tell her that his mom and aunt had always treated him like a girl and that they seemed to get enjoyment of making him do the house work and also humiliate him. Donna just listened as he told her these things. When he was done she kissed him hard on his lips and said you are just the right guy for me and my friends. She explained that they like to control boys. She exposed that all of her girl friends had boys who they make wear panties and do things for them and she was going to keep him as her sissy if he wanted. He did not even think about it for a minute and said I want to be your sissy.

The next week she told him to come to Karen's house and gave him the address. When he got there he saw five girls and four boys dresses as little girls. He looked at Donna and asked what was going on. She said today you will be come my pledged sissy. She told him to just do as she and the others said. After awhile he was wearing pink satin panties and a full petticoat and a little girl petticoat with socks that were white with lace around the top and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. His hair was adorned bows and ribbons. He was holding a bunch of flowers and one of the girls asked him if he would always be Donna's sissy slave and would he do every thing she tells him to do no matter what it was? He answered yes. They then said he must get the normal over the lap spanking by each of the real girls and then he was to go to each of the sissies and thank them for being his sisters for life. He was laid over Donna's lap first because she was his Mistress. Each girl after that spanked him. With his panties down to his knees he was then to walk to each sissy and tell them thanks for being his sisters. Then Dana said I now pronounce you Sissy Cindy Slave of Mistress Donna.

That was 49 years ago they both finished High School and then went to the same college and were in their Freshman year of college. As Donna put it they were made for each other. They own a Accounting Firm in the city where they live. Three of the other couples live in the same gated community that Cindy and Donna live in and they still meet every week for the purpose of dealing with any things that the slaves might have done wrong and also to just have girls night out as they call it.

All of the women love humiliating the sissies with verbal and corporal punishment as needed. I know there are some sissies out there that would love to be in a group like this and Donna would like to read there letters if they have the courage to write them.


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