I was always a mischievous boy. I liked playing tricks on people. I often did things that made my teacher and some other women upset. One was my mother and another was my aunt Sally. My mother and her sister Sally had a close relationship and spent a lot of time together after my dad left us for another woman and moved to Texas. One of the things I did was hide peoples things. Often I would hide for some reason my mother's underwear. I never wore it, just hid it. Not long after my Dad left mother and I moved in with Aunt Sally. So I started hiding Aunt Sally's things also. Aunt Sally had one daughter Cindy.

One morning I woke to all of them shouting for me to come to the living room. They all were out of underpants and I said I had no idea where they were. Mother said when they found them I would be very sorry. I told her not to be such a B. She came at me and I took off running only stopping to grab my fishing pole since school was out I was free to do what I wanted to do. Mother nor Aunt Sally could get me to help out around the house not even mowing the grass of yard chores.

When I did come home Mother said I was to come into the house. I had forgotten the whole thing from that morning as I had caught a bunch of nice fish and was looking forward to her cooking them for supper. Mother and Aunt Sally and her stupid daughter Cindy were in the living room with a pile panties on the couch. It all came back from this morning and my mother saying I would be sorry. I turned to run when I was stopped by Cindy who was somewhat bigger and stronger than me I was grabbed and thrown to the floor with my arm behind my back and Cindy saying, say Uncle. I said get your f****** hands off of me you big cow. The arm went up harder and I began to cry out for relief but heard her command to surrender. I yelled uncle and she only let of a little. Mother got down on the floor and got into my face and said "say you want to be my little daughter" I said what the hell do you mean. She said say it, as Cindy pushed harder I said I want to be your little daughter. She said I want you to ask me to dress you in girls clothes and that you will be a good girl. Thinking I could run away when I got loose I said it.

Mother put a thing that looked like a dog collar around my neck. Cindy let me go and i rubbed my arm it hurt bad. Mother said get up Lucy. I looked around to see who she was talking about. She said I am talking to you Lucy. I said some cuss words and felt a shocking pain at the place where the collar was and began to cry out. Mother said again stand up Lucy. I stood up and she said take off all of your clothes sissy Lucy. I stood up and she said I am tired of your crap and you are going to help out around here and you will do as you are told or this will happen, about that time the shock hit me again. I said okay stop that I will be good. I started removing my clothes and was soon standing naked in front of them. Aunt Sally said now I see why he is such a little pain. She was referring to my small penis.

Before long I was wearing bright purple panties that had lace and bows on them. I remembered stealing them from Cindy's dresser. Then a bra and a ruffled petticoat with lots of layers of stuff that made it stand out. My mother slipped a pink dress over my head and zipped it up the back. They spent hours or so it seemed putting makeup on me. Aunt Sally said she was glad that I hated getting my hair cut and that the curlers would make it so pretty. I said you people are crazy I will just run away and you will be laughing out your butts. Again the shock came I said no I am sorry I won't run away.

After I was dressed they took me outside they walked me around the yard and suddenly I got another shock. Cindy told me to step back quickly. I stepped back and the shock stopped. They had installed a wire under the ground that would make the shock collar work. Cindy said you don't know where it is but if you cross get close or if you cross it you will be shocked until you get back inside the area. They all laughed and said now what is your name sissy. I hung my head and said Lucy. Mother said no dear it is Sissy Lucy. I said Sissy Lucy.

They started that day training me to wash out their panties and hanging them out on the line as I had saw them do before. I was told Mother would be called Mommy and Sally was Auntie Sally and Cindy were Mistress Cindy. I would be dressed as a girl for the whole summer and just about then I heard some voices and looked around to see some of my friends from school walking toward us and about the time I saw them one boy saw me and he thought I was a real girl he came over and talked to Mommy and said Mrs. Johnson who is this lovely young thing. Mommy said it was one of her nieces that was visiting for the summer. He said hi to me but I just looked not wanting him to know it was his friend Tommy. He said maybe we could take in a movie some time. Mommy said I am sorry but her mommy won't allow that. He said well that is bad cause I could go for a Cutie like you baby. Mommy sent him off. She asked if I would like to go to a movie with him I said hell no and the shock came again. Auntie said no cussing young lady do you understand that. I said yes and she said yes who I said yes Auntie Sally.

That day began my training to be a girl. I was taught how to walk in heels and dress and do make up and what ever else they wanted. I had to wash all of the dishes and do all the dusting. Of course I had to wash their panties but before I could wash a pair I had to kiss them and promise never to hide them again. I became Sissy Lucy ever summer until I was eighteen.

I am now married and yes she is Mistress Connie and she loves her sissy Lucy that cares for her every need. Mommy past away a few years ago and I miss her badly because she taught me to be who I really am. My Auntie lives a few blocks away and I go over once a week and do her household chores. Cindy and her husband Sara come over on Fridays and we serve our wives and often play cards with Cindy and Sara.

Sissy Lucy

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